Little Treasures October 2014

2014-10LTWell she’s finally online and ready for you to download…

Little Treasures October 2014 was created by Marian Pena and the artwork was purchased at Graphics and Graphics.

She was drawn in Electric Quilt and the embroidery created in Bernina Designer Edition.

This is like all the others a 15-Inch block.

Their is a new .. well amended technique with this block. If you’ve tried the machine embroidery techniques in this block, you will be happy with this change as it’s now much easier to place your backgrounds onto the hoop. I’ve created a page here for you to read about this technique.

The bird on this design was done entirely by machine embroidery, however it can also be done by hand/machine blind stitch techniques. What’s cool about this bird is the stitches that went over the fabric, giving a feathered look to the bird. This is one of my most favorite way to do animals when I’ve created them before, but prior to now I’ve always did them with free motioning over the fur areas to achieve the technique. The balloon, and dress bows have been created in a dimensional effect also.

The following are some images created during the stitch out.

DSCN2012I know this picture of the bird isn’t very good, but I forgot to take a closeup, and every single one I’ve tried to take since just comes up really blurry, so I’ve chosen the best of the lot. What I really want you to see tho here is the feathery effect you get by stitching over the fabric. I added the fabric because I didn’t want the tan background to come thru I still wanted to see the birds color and I really do think it looks wonderful.


On this I’m showing parts of the embroidery

I did the hand also with machine embroidery. I always feel like I have such a hard time with getting the hand just right, I really need to practive my applique techniques more.

I look at my finished samples and realize now that the applique techniques need some work, I think I must have rushed these to much back in Nov/Dec when I was working on them. I hate that my shoes look so square.. :/ but the funny thing is when I look at the real one, I don’t see the mistakes as much as I do with a picture, it’s weird like that, doncha think.

Download Expired

This is a bit longer than I’d normally do, but I know you’ve all waited along time for these patterns and I want to be sure I give everyone enough time to check the site for the patterns. After that, no exceptions, they will go up for sale on Craftsy.



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