Meet Sonya, From Any Pattern…

Tiger eyesLast month, I was wandering around Craftsy, doing a search, I forget now for what.. when I came upon some patterns that caught my eye.. So I took a look and discovered this pattern designer that I just absolutely fell in love with.

Turns out her name is Sonya, and she comes from a Stained Glass background, and is converting her patterns from stained glass to applique. She has some really amazing patterns. This one to the left is one of them.

I purchased a few of the ones I liked, and then I visited her website, where I found the ability to contact her and let her know how much I loved her patterns and that I would be back to buy some more of them. Sonya also sells her patterns on Craftsy, so if you prefer purchasing them their, you can find them their to. She has several free patterns you can have a look at also.

The cool thing about these patterns is that just because they have a stained glass look to them doesn’t mean you have to do them with a stained glass technique. I personally love the stained glass effect and have done several of them, but her patterns are written so you can choose to do them how you like.

We got to chatting and I asked her if she’d like to sometime giveaway some of her patterns during a blog hop event, and she said yes.. So she’s made the following patterns to giveaway during the Nuts About Blog Hop. 1 different one per day, and 2 additional ones for me to choose how to give away.. Cool Eh!!!

Aren’t these amazing and sew simple to do.. So please, go have a look at Sonya’s patterns at either Any or her Craftsy page and next month we’ll give 1 lucky recipient a different pattern away each day during the giveaways.

And because I don’t want you to miss a great sale at Craftsy this weekend, as an affiliate, they let us know about the good sales coming, so this one I think is pretty good and ya’ll know I don’t just post sales every day.. All NEW online classes will be 14.99 this weekend only January 16 to 18th. I’ll be picking a few up myself.. please don’t miss this price, it’s a very good price for classes.

Craftsy SaleClicking the above image to Craftsy will let me earn a little bit of money if you purchase a class, so please take advantage of this sale and have some fun learning some great new techniques.

I’ll see ya Monday with Sunbonnet Sam In Brazil..


6 thoughts on “Meet Sonya, From Any Pattern…

  1. Oh my gosh, these are stunning. I love the flowers and that Tiger… wooza! Marian, you are just the best. Another one that is going to be a must! 🙂

  2. Those are really pretty patterns. She does a lovely job on the flowers and that tiger is really amazing. I’ll have to take a look, thanks for the links.

    1. Yea I like the tiger also, along with her landscape patterns. I so wish I felt I could do them myself. I just can’t seem to bring in the detail that landscapes need.

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