My 7th Anniversary … Sue-Sam Release… New QAL…

Sue and Sam In New JerseyIt’s a busy day here in the Pena household… I’ve been planning to release Sue/Sam in New Jersey for several days, but so many things kept getting in my way. Then today, I was writing an email to someone when I had to give her my blog address and I realized today is my 7th year blog anniversary. I’ve owned this domain for 18 years, but as I’ve noted before in various posts that the first 11 years of this domain were related to being a web developer. The last 7 now as a blog.

Its been a really great experience being a blogger, I can still remember the day where I thought blogging was silly back when I was developing websites for others, but I saw how much fun my customers were having and when I decided to get back into quilting it was an easy choice to open a blog and see where it went. I never thought I’d enjoy the experience as much as I have, nor that I’d make such wonderful friends along the way. I know this blog is the reason I’ve made such wonderful friends.

Today I have for you a new Quilt Along and I promise you this isn’t an event you will want to miss, I also have for you, Sue and Sam In New Jersey being released… Sue is the free block in this set for New Jersey.

Clicking the images will also take you to there pages

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam In New Jersey

Sue and Sam In New JerseySam In New JerseySam In NJSue In New Jersey (Full Pattern)

Sue In New Jersey b 300x300 1The free pattern is Sue In New Jersey, she is available as the free pattern here.
Free patterns do not come with SVG Cutting or machine embroidery files. They also do not include the fabric to key charts and the embroidery layout templates.

Important Links for this block of the week…

Support Group on Facebook
Pinterest Group For Sunbonnet Sue
Rewards Request Form

The artwork for Sunbonnet Sue and Sam in the USA and Canada were commissioned for exclusive use at Seams To Be Sew by Clipartopolis

These blocks are released at the moment as they are available. 

Reward Deadline to turn Sue in for Sam is May 09, 2020

Please remember these patterns can not be just ironed on to your block, they must also be stitched on your blocks to get the free reward pattern.

Coming Soon…

Sue and Sam In Oregon

Sue and Sue In Oregon

Next… A Wonderful Quilt Along is about to start on Facebook and Youtube.

Flower Power QALHelen Godden is a quilt designer who mixes paints with applique and Free Motion Quilting and comes up with the most stunning projects and quilts. Each year, for instance, she has an event on her FaceBook page at Christmas that allows the ability for us to create a wonderful project. This year just back from Canada she has created a new Quilt Along that will run during April on the even days of the month. You’ll want to check her Facebook page each day, the patterns will be available via the Photos section of her page and also on the front page with her posts, and the videos will be on her Youtube Channel to view.

The Flower Power QAL starts Easter Day, April 12, 2020

This is more info about her Quilt AlongFlower Power InfoAs someone who has taken two of Helen’s block of the month, I have great admiration for her and truly love the talent that she is. This year I am doing her Midnight Magic botm and two years ago I did her Quirky Collections botm. I’m hoping to do Curiouser and Curiouser down the road. I’ve also done several of the other free projects she’s offered through the years. I hope I’ll see you on her page next week following along… I’ll definitely be there.

I have added Helen’s Flower Power QAL on my page for all botms also, Helen does tend to leave her free projects up for you to enjoy later and while I don’t know is she will do the same this time I will leave it there just the same until I know for sure.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more news, Cya Friday

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18 thoughts on “My 7th Anniversary … Sue-Sam Release… New QAL…

  1. Happy Anniversary! I am glad you decided to start blogging. You have been a blessing to the quilting community.

    Thank you for the pattern. I do have a question. I always see you writing: “RewardDeadline:…” on some of your releases, I have long wondered what that meant. I know I’m missing something. Would you explain what that means?

  2. Congratulations! And here’s to many more years blogging.
    Thank you for Sue, Keep safe, and stay healthy.

  3. Thank your for Sue in New Jersey block but I have a question. What is the white thing that looks like a tooth? I use to live in NJ and I don’t understand. Marion, I hope you have a wonderful Easter and continue to stay healthy.

    1. New Jersey has the largest tooth monument which is located in Trenton. I am not sure why the artist chose to do that with the Sue but that’s what he went with. It’s definitely different from all the other Sue/Sams. 🙂

      1. Thank you for explaining the tooth… I have lived in NJ
        for about 60 years and never knew we had a tooth monument! Something to add to my bucket list…go see the tooth monument. Learn something new every day.
        Thank you!

  4. Congratulations on the anniversary. I, for one, am glad you started blogging. Thanks for sharing your skills.

  5. Once again you are very generous with your patters. I have enjoyed your blog for about 4 years now, just sorry I missed your first few years. Thank you

  6. thank you for Sue. hope you and yours have a wonderful Easter. As much as possible right now. stay safe and healthy

    1. I hope you have a lovely Easter also Lori.. won’t be an easy one this year… The best thing I can always remember about Easter was the Egg Hungs as a child… so much fun and I love boiled eggs, so it’s disappointing to think that kids won’t get to enjoy that this year.

  7. Congratulations on the anniversary of your constant artistic generosity! Thank you for all the patterns you have shared, all the creativity you have sparked!

  8. First, let me say a big THANK YOU for the sweet patterns. And I also want to wish you a very happy Blogiversary. I have been following you for a while and I am so happy that I found you. You share so much with us. Your patterns are always as cute as can be. I really appreciate you and all you do. I hope to see you around many, many more years to come.

    1. Thanks, Joyce, you are one of the people that I can remember as being one of my longest followers almost from the very beginning.. I know you were here for Little Treasures, and that started during my first year as a blogger. 🙂 You are just one of the reasons I keep doing this. 🙂 Hugs

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