My Featured Day for My Favorite Quilt Block Blog Hop…

I’m so crazy, what in the heck was I thinking… right in the middle of a row along I signed up for this hop, knowing full well how busy I’d be. I did not create a project for this hop, I just didn’t have the time. I had an idea, but it just never came about. So, I decided to take this post in a different direction. It still fits in with the theme of this blog hop so that I can properly post, but I am sorry there is no finished project to show you other than past projects I’ve made.

As a seamstress who’s tried many many techniques to create projects and clothing over the years, moving into quilting was quite the experience. The first thing you have to really concentrate on is that switch from the 5/8-inch seam allowance to the 1/4-inch seam allowance and I never got that right until about my third quilt. I’d bought a Bernina by that time and the 1/4-inch foot and that truly made the difference for me. Why does this matter to my favorite block, because it’s part of my quilting experiences in the 27 years that I’ve now been quilting.

I realized pretty early on that I really loved creating quilts where the layout of your quilt didn’t have to be the same block in the same direction for the layout. It’s not that I don’t like quilts in this type of layout, I’ve seen some pretty stunning quilts, but it is not me.

I’ve always said that my favorite block is the Log Cabin block. It still is, but it’s not so much up there at #1 anymore. I can’t tell you my favorite block because for me it’s more about the layout. If I had to choose a block now I’d say a “picture” block. Such as what you get with applique, or pieced projects such as foundation piecing or pieced patterns where it creates a picture that isn’t foundation pieced.

Examples of this are:

The above go quickly to piece and there are rarely any pieces you have to match up other than the seams. These can also easily be done on the fusible grid method if you like that technique. Having just discovered it myself, I think it’s a very cool way especially for beginners to learn piecing and get those seams to accurately line up.

With blocks with different layouts, I’ve previously created these

These are Log Cabins I’ve either created or played around in Electric Quilt with.
The last 4 were played with in Electric Quilt for a challenge they use to offer each month.
The first six I have made. For me, the Log Cabin is by far the most versatile pieced block one can create with. There are literally 1000’s of layouts, or shapes you can form with Log Cabins.
This is why it will always be so dear to my heart. It’s the one quilt I’ve made more than any other type of design. I wish I had pictures of all of them, I just wasn’t smart enough to take pictures of them all.

Other Bloggers Paricipating Today Are:

I have a gift for you today for visiting. I hope you enjoy it. If your following the row along you’ll definitely need it down the road should you make the project. :p~

Animal Sampler 2019 - TigerFree Pattern Download Has Expired

and not quite last….

I forgot a botw this week on my post from Monday. I knew I was forgetting one, but for the life of me I just couldn’t figure out which one it was.

The Little Red Hen's Wooly MysteriesThe Little Red Hen’s Wooly Mysteries
You must be a member of the Facebook group (linked above on image and text links) to download the patterns.
There shop also has kits for sale, and entire packages for the wool and buttons if you wish to buy the supplies. Of course, you can use fabric from your stash and there is no rule that says you have to use felted wool either.
This block of the week has been added to my Around The Web Block Events page also.

Coming Soon

and last, In Rememberance, the day no one will ever forget.

911 - I will never forgetTo those we lost on this day 18 years ago, we will never forget this horrific day and we are here today stronger and united forever because of you. May you rest in peace.

Cya tomorrow for another fun day on the Once Upon A Story Row Along…


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34 thoughts on “My Featured Day for My Favorite Quilt Block Blog Hop…

  1. One of my favorite blocks also, Marian! Thanks for sharing your projects and for that cute tiger block!! Looking forward to seeing what else is coming!

  2. You are a busy lady, Marian! I’m happy you were able to share some of your previous blocks with us and remind us how many you have created yourself! My first Log Cabin blocks were just awful and so wonky, it was embarrassing. It was a great block for learning simple techniques. It has so many possibilities!

  3. Thank you for sharing your quilts and the inspiration for the log cabin block, especially. Thanks also for the cute pattern, and now I’m wondering what else is coming!

  4. I’ve never made a log cabin block, but I seem to be the only one after seeing so many posts about it. Thanks for the remembrance of 9/11. It was such a sad time that should never be forgotten.

  5. Now here’s a post packed with inspiration. I’ve never done a quilt using the grid method, but your photos really inspire me. I think I have some of that stuff in my stash somewhere. I am definitely going to have to find it now. Thanks for the adorable little tiger!

  6. Thank you Marian, Love following along on your aventures with you and other quilters.
    Thank you also for remembering 9/11.

  7. Oh, yes, the log cabin block is so versatile and I understand why it’s a favorite. Thanks for sharing your quilts, they so inspired. When you signed up I wondered if you were going to be ok with the craziness of your Row Along, but you handled it perfectly. Thank you for joining.

  8. Oh, I just love log cabin blocks also – it is the best. Thank you very much for your post and for the tiger pattern you are sharing Marian.

    1. I have never made a log cabin quilt, but saw one in a store back in the 90’s that I wish I had a picture of, because their colour choices made it one of the most stunning quilts I have ever seen. So, I can fully understand the attraction. Thank you for the adorable tiger! See you tomorrow for the RAL.

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