My First Test Project for TQPM…

TQPM SeptemberHave you ever tested a project for a magazine before? I hadn’t and then circumstances changed at the first of the year, and the European Union made it difficult for me to pay for my subscription to The Quilt Pattern Magazine. I like this little magazine that arrives in my email every month. It’s an online magazine for quilters and covers many subjects, including lessons on Electric Quilt each month. My friend Reeze Hansen does some articles for them as well as one of my favorite applique designers from FatCat Patterns.

With the changes in the vat, many companies had to stop selling to people living in Europe. TQPM isn’t the only one I’ve run across since this change happened, but they have a nice little way to earn issues and that is to do some pattern testing for them. You can earn 1 to 3 months worth of your subscription by doing some pattern testing. I see this as win win.. 

I had just gotten Bertie at the time my subscription was also expiring, so it was a good way for me to work on learning the ins and outs of Bertie’s features and how it worked.

I wrote when I wasn’t able to get my subscription to pay at Paypal, and that’s when Cindy told me about testing patterns for them. You can’t show your test project until they publish the pattern which makes sense to me, so I’m now showing you my first test project with them.

The pattern is called “Scary” and was created by Jo Moury, it starts on page 28 of the September 2015 issue.


You can still see my placement paper still in place, but I think it’s a very cute fall project and overall I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

My next test project should be out probably around Christmas, so I’ll show that off when the time arrives then.

Cya Soon,


6 thoughts on “My First Test Project for TQPM…

    1. The Quilt Pattern Magazine is awesome! I subscribed in 2013 and after I saw the quality and quantity of patterns in every issue, I ordered all of the back issues. This is TQPM’s 5th year. They are always coming up with something new for their readers. There are free patterns with their newsletter, a virtual quilt retreat in conjunction with a real retreat, patterns available only through going to live chat sessions, … The list goes on. I love mystery quilts and there is usually one going on. In addition there are both pieced and appliqué BOMs that range from simple to complex. There is something for everyone. Right now I’m doing my first English paper piecing project. It is a five-month project and so far I love it. Everyone ghouls at least sign up for their newsletter and check them out.

      1. I agree with you, it’s a great little magazine and I to have enjoyed it. My first subscription was also in 2013 and I quicly purchased all the back issues also, so many great things they had in those first few years. I’m not a fan of mystery quilts, in fact, I’m not even likely to take a chance on one, I like to know what I’m matching my fabrics to.. I don’t like going into things blindly. I won’t risk that I’ve put all that hard work into something and then up with something I totally hate.. fabric is just to expensive to waste on something I won’t like.

    2. I forget if they do a trial issue, but they certainly do offer alot for the non-subscriber also. The price is pretty reasonable tho for a monthly magazine, certainly better than a bi-monthly magazine, although I like the bi-monthly’s also.

    1. Thank you.. Well … a peek preview might be stretching it a bit. I actually stitched that Scarecrow all the way back in May, but the christmas project I only fished about 2 months ago… so yes, in a way it does, but in another it doesn’t. To me, it’s a good way to earn the issues as I really do enjoy the magazine itself, but by no means do I think we get to see everything coming as testers either.

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