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Morning Coffee With BooIt was so not easy to do this row. I have many things that make me happy. In the end, I created six rows for this row along because I wanted to decide which would be the easiest for me to do and I am now glad I picked the one I did because it doesn’t have a lot of shapes to it, under 50 in fact, and because of my leg issues in July, I wasn’t going to get this stitched out until I could get back up the stairs again. I did only move back upstairs with my desktop this past weekend, got the printer hooked up Tuesday, and when I have been upstairs I have been working on my row. I didn’t finish it until just last Friday. I love how it turned out and I hope you will enjoy it to.

I’m keeping this post as short as possible today, but plan to write a tutorial for you on tips and tricks I used to create this row tomorrow. I just didn’t have the time to do it today and my internet has been on and off all day long even tonight it’s feeling a bit wonky, I had to wait to write this post also. This is why I’m already late.

So, the back story…I have said on my blog more than once that I love coffee. It’s not so much coffee that I love, but coffee with cream and sugar. If it doesn’t have that, I do not want it. I dislike the taste of coffee all by itself. I’d rather have tea if it came to that choice and I normally enjoy a cup of tea nightly before I go to bed. Because I also love my little Boo, I have incorporated my dashund into this row also.

You have three options when you make this row, if your not into pets, you can do it without the dog or the cat. If you are a cat person, you can use the cat option in the pattern instead of the dog. If your like me and a dog lover, you can use the dog. If you’d like a different dog or cat, write me, we’ll discuss it. There would be a small cost involved as I would have to create the dog pattern but it is quickly done.

If you’ve been following the row along, you already know that Northcott Fabrics supplied all of the bloggers up to 1 yard of fabrics to use in there rows. They have done this three times out of the four years this row along has been going on. A HUGE thank you to Northcott for there generosity.

I chose two fabrics this year

From the Banyon Batiks that I fell in love with earlier this year.

They are not prominent in the stitched out version of this row, but they show up nicely because of how they were used.

Morning Coffee With Boo (Stitched Version)The Northcott Fabrics in this row are the sleeves, belt, cup, purse closure and the socks.

All of the other fabric is fabric I had already in my home and it is from Island Batiks.

I didn’t do any of this row in the hoop. My embroidery machines are currently stacked up with papers and such as I’ve been moving things around in my sewing room also to make it a bit easier for me to cut and sew by just turning around 90 degrees in my chair. I stitched the lips on her face with the triple stitch on my sewing machine.

I did her hand, eyes and eyebrows by just drawing them on her face with a permanent marking pen.

I cut all the freezer paper shapes on my Brother SNC, and I also used it to create the layout for the pattern with doctors patient table paper. It tears off the easiest when your done and your not left with lots of little pieces to pick out.

I used a turned edge applique technique for the row, blind stitched most of the pattern onto the background and only the dog is ragged edge applique, because I like the idea that it may someday have some fraying around it.

This pattern was made from the beautiful artwork of Kind Goods Shop – Girl, The Dog, is from Arcs Multidesign, and the Cat is from The Silhouette Queen.
This pattern was created in Electric Quilt as all my patterns are.

You can imagine yesterday all the comments from my post, I bet your all having a good chuckle yourselves today. I loved all your comments and you totally made me smile with them.

So, now I’ll show you the other rows I created for the row along and I have a challenge for you.

Like I said, I have quite a few options to choose from, and I’ve decided to offer you a choice of these patterns if you turn in a row you’ve created from any of the designers in the row along. It does not need to be my row.

Simply use my contact form, and send me a picture of your finished row. It can not just be heat transferred on, it must be stitched. It must also be a large enough picture that I can see that it is finished. It does not need to be quilted just ready to the point where you’d be getting ready to add it to a project.. Like my stitched version above. Any embroidery in the pattern must also be done.

You have until December 31, 2018 to finish your row. You can turn in 1 row or 5 rows to get all 5 patterns. You will not get any free patterns prior to the end of the row along. I want you to have a chance to choose any of the designers and since we still have 20+ designers to go, take your time and choose a row or rows you want to create.

Your row must be from the designers this year who participated in the My Happy Place Row Along. You can mention in the form which row you’d like to have. Be sure that if you want the sewing room pattern, to mention whether it’s 1 or 2. I will not know otherwise.

The other Rowers rowing today are:

Clever Chameleon | Adventurous Applique and Quilting
Heleen Pinkster Quilt Design | Cynthia’s Creating Ark

Today we have some wonderful giveaways from you from

Electric Quilt and Anita Goodesign

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please see the rules for the giveaways here.
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If you’d like to download my pattern, I have included the machine embroidery files and SVG Cutting files in this pattern as an option for you to use.  The pattern can be made without them however.

Morning Coffee With Boo
This download will expire September 27, 2018
Because it is on Payhip, be sure you download on a non-mobile device.

Cya Tomorrow

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47 thoughts on “My Happy Place Is…

  1. Such fun and I’m glad you included a kitty. She’s beautiful and reminds me of my Ginger and many others before her. Thanks for sharing your time and talent with us! Hugs,

  2. I am a coffee lover too…but mine is always piping hot black! I got used to drinking it this way in college to keep myself awake while studying (didn’t want the extra calories from sugar & cream) and still love it this way 35 years later! A sweet dog is always perfect in a row, too….I’ve got 2 of them at home!

  3. Thanks so much for all your hard work on getting this Row-Along going! Your designs are always superb, an I generally find several new bloggers to me! Great fun! I don’t sign up to win the Anita Goodesign since I don’t have an embroidery machine, but I dream about it and hope one day to have one!
    I’ve had my coffee black since before spending 3 years in the U.S. Army – it was just easier that way. I still drink it that way to this day and that was over 40 years ago….
    Again, thanks so much for all your work on this Row-Along…I love it!!!

  4. Love your lady and especially love her purse! Your bonus rows are also fabulous, and I really like your challenge idea of completing rows to earn a bonus pattern. I’ve been enjoying this blog hop, thanks for all that has gone into putting it together!

  5. I’m like you, I have to have both cream and sugar to drink coffee. I like tea and dogs. Thanks for making these things available in your row. Thanks for all your hard work.

  6. I am a tea drinker, but either way, the first couple sips in the morning helps to get you on your way. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I left a comment earlier, but it disappeared!! Your row is great. And I love the row with the girl and sewing machine!

    I too am a coffee drinker – but I love mine with just heavy cream. I never used much sugar, but did used to use artificial sweetener. Now if I ever use anything it’s just a drop or two of liquid stevia! I love tea too, but coffee is my fave!!

  8. Great row, Marian. And I really love the row with the little girl stitching!!

    Like you, I love my coffee – but with just heavy cream in it – no sugar. I managed to break myself of sugar and artificial sugars as well! If I ever use anything it’s a drop of liquid stevia.

    Thanks so much for hosting this great row along!

  9. Great row Marion! I am inclined to think you are a bit of an over achiever. {LOL} Am I right? I love all your patterns. You amaze me with all that you do and accomplish! Thank you!

  10. I love your puppy! You captured a doxie’s lust perfectly . . . mine always looks at me lovingly like that when I have something he wants!!!! Thank you for this blog hop, and for this cute row.

  11. Great row. I also like the one from the drivers seat. You are so talented! Thanks for all you do with this blog hop. I know it’s a lot of work. Much appreciated!

  12. Marian! You are so generous. Each of your rows would have been a treat. I really like the western row, of course, so I’ll be aiming to get that one, for sure. Thank you so much for a cute girl and row. What marvelous patterns each and every day of this hop!

  13. I love coffee! In fact, I am about to make a French press from Tanazea Peaverry coffee that adore. Thank you for the pattern. Love her and plan to use the cat. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs for a year now and enjoy your tips.

  14. Coffee…Did someone say coffee??? I love coffee! I love this row! Was I the model? hahahaha Thanks for a fabulously fun row…my guess of a banana peel was completely off yesterday wasn’t it? LOL!! What a fun challenge too. Looks like I better get busy working on these rows now! After I have my cuppa, that is. Thanks Marian for a fun row along!

  15. Thanks Marian for a wonderful RAL! I hope that you are doing better.
    I love your row. The coffee and dog are perfect accents. I used to drink my coffee with cream, but I now drink it black. Trying to save calories, although I won’t refuse a piece of cake! 🙂
    Thank you again for everything!

  16. Thank you for your row. I do love coffee with creamer but if I need to I can drink it black. And, although I like dogs, cats are my go-to so thank you for being so thoughtful as to give a choice!

  17. Your row sums up what someone needs to be in a happy place; coffee (or tea in my case) and a dog! Sadly, we just lost our dog this summer, but seeing the dog in your row made me smile and think of her.

  18. Oh, I can relate to coffee making you happy. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful pattern with us, Marian.

    This truly is an awesome Row Along – thank you VERY much for organizing it, both with the bloggers and the awesome sponsors. Thank you.

  19. Hi marian I hope you are well now, after all these things that happend. This row is great. Looks like me in my younger years, running away for a dog (when I was about 3 years old they were fighting and running over me) but still grabbing my coffee (more like how I am now) *Ü*. Hope you have a great ‘My Happy Place’day today.


    Hugs Heleen Pinkster

    1. Payhip will send you a download link in email, so if you can get it downloaded with out the 0 byte problem, you won’t have a problem viewing them on smaller devices, especially if you can already view pdfs.

      1. Thanks Marian. I used a laptop and got the pattern. couple of other sites are having issues. Heleen Pinkster does not have a post for this and adventures in applique has some issues in downloading the pattern. I thought you might like to know.

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