My Newest Project and the First for Island Batik…

Kennel QuiltsAs a quilter, I feel fairly secure at just thinking about simple designs and being able to stitch them out without a pattern whatsoever. I don’t know if this comes from experience, or my mind just being able to put things together…

I think when it comes to working with simply projects we all can probably think in terms of a simple design and just wing it… That’s what I did with February’s project for Island Batik. The project was to be making a kennel quilt and then giving it to your local shelter or a shelter listed at TQPM magazine. I’m just going to take mine to the local shelter, but I’m hoping to make a few more before I get there.

Island Batik Kennel Quilts

I wasn’t trying to be late with this project, but when I selected to become an ambassador, I didn’t even have my sewing room fully unpacked yet, no sewing machine up on a table, or furniture even in place. It took working daily on my new sewing room to even have it finished this past weekend. While it’s not totally finished, I can at least sit in my sewing room at a sewing machine, sitting on a sewing table. A few boxes and bins still need to be put away, but for the most part, I now have a sewing room that is unpacked. Unfortunately, I hurt my back sometime this weekend and it’s put a damper on getting any sewing done, so I only finished 2 kennel quilts just this evening. I started to notice the problem yesterday while sitting in a class to learn about my new Pfaff machine which I bought last October when we first got here. It’s just a used machine but works for me since all I wanted was a larger hoop size in the first place, my back started to hurt, but I thought it was from just sitting so long in the same position, but when I got up this morning and could barely walk, I then knew I’d really hurt it, but I needed to finish these kennel quilts, so I just worked on them a little at a time during the day and was able to finish these two.

Like I said, I just put my brain to work and did a play on strip piecing by just forming some strips on the fleece, and then stitched them out. They are very simple, but quite pretty with the various colors that Island Batik provided in my box that was sent earlier this month.

Originally tho, I had drawn these two patterns:

If you’d like to test the Catfish and Da Dog Bone pattern out, I’ve added them as a free pattern for you on Craftsy. If you make them, please upload them to Flickr or send me a picture in email, I’d love to see what you have done.

Please note, both the Catfish and the Dog Bone are in the same pdf file.

Enjoy more info bout Kennel Quilts and their purpose: #islandbatikfurever #kennelquilts #tqpmkennelquilt #pieceforshelterpets #islandbatik

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Have a great day and enjoy the pattern.


8 thoughts on “My Newest Project and the First for Island Batik…

  1. Please let me know where I can find the template for the bone. The pattern only has the eye for the fish. Not finding the templates it says to print for the bone. I have cut out the pieces and would love to get it made before Christmas. I think it is darling and would love to get it made for my special Granddog. Thank you for your help.

  2. Sorry to hear about your back Marian. I certainly know how that feels. I hope you are feeling much better today and are able to get around. Take care!

  3. They are two very pretty ones! It’s just good to have something to show, isn’t it? I hope your back eases up quickly. Chiropractor trip?

  4. Very pretty kennel quilts. Oh, I do hope your back is better soon. I totally know how you feel, as I deal with back pain constantly

  5. Such fun kennel quilts and I do love your designs you have come up with for them. Hope your back gets better soon.

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