My Qwazy Place To Be… A Sewing Room Just For Me…

Stbs-My Sewing Space 2017-1Over the years of sewing my own sewing spaces, one of the best was in Woodstock, VA when we lived there. It was in the basement, and it was a huge space that really let me spread out. I loved it there. Sadly, like all things in life, jobs were lost, and we ended up moving to San Diego, where I stopped sewing for quite a few years.

Today, my new sewing space in this house is in the Master Bedroom. I would have gladly gone to the basement, but there are a few issues with the basement.. First… Absolutely no bathroom at all exists in the basement… Second.. Two outlets in the entire space of the basement other than the laundry room.. A seamstress/quilter obviously needs more than two outlets. So, my hubby suggested I use the Master Bedroom. Other than no ceiling light in the room, it’s actually quite perfect for me. We are currently using the basement more for fabric storage… hehee…

So, this is how my room looks when you first walk into it:

Stbs-My Sewing Space 2017-3

Straight ahead of the door are shelving units, one that is currently being put together the others are done. To the right, the closed door is the bathroom.

Stbs-My Sewing Space 2017-4I’ve said before how much I love coffee, what sewing room is
complete without Coffee Central…

Stbs-My Sewing Space 2017-5If I were to walk into the shelving area, this is how it would look. I keep my embroidery hoops on a ruler hanger, and on shelf hooks. The hooks hold the hoops I use the most, the ruler hanger hangs the hoops I use the least. Most of the items in the bins in these shelves are all batiks, and landscape prints. The red baskets hold mostly UFO type projects, and supplies such as freezer paper, garbage bags, computer supplies and scrap bags of fabric.

Stbs-My Sewing Space 2017-8When you slightly turn left into the room, you’ll see the cutting area, the closet, the ironing area, and my big drawers.  The drawers contain stabilizers for machine embroidery.

I have rulers underneath the table laying in a magazine rack, with miniature ironing boards, and my cutting machine mats. I also have on the table, next to the Ott lite, a napkin holder that holds smaller rulers. The drawers next to the iron are all sewing machine supplies, needles, scissors, feet, etc..

Stbs-My Sewing Space 2017-9On one side of the closet are fabrics that are separated by color, and not batiks. There are some other miscellaneous things here but really only scraps stuff.

Stbs-My Sewing Space 2017-10The other side of the closet has all the bins with craft supplies in them, larger hoops that don’t fit on the hangers, fleece, and other odd items that need to be on a shelf.

Stbs-My Sewing Space 2017-13Look Up and You’ll find all the batting

Stbs-My Sewing Space 2017-15and the polyfill to the left…

Stbs-My Sewing Space 2017-11and this shows the heart of my sewing room… computer, desktop, machines.. I like them all to be close to me, so I can literally turn and sew. My Bernie is a little farther away now, but I love that I have it on my L-shaped table again with a rotary mat and supplies right there to work while I sew.  All my threads hang out in the drawer units under the tables with the machines.

Stbs-My Sewing Space 2017-12and this is how it looks when I’m sitting in my chair.

The only reason this space is clean is because it’s been getting unpacked. It is unlikely it will ever be this clean again.. hehee

So, I mentioned fabric storage, and your probably thinking everything in this room is what all I have… but… nope..

Down in the basement, what came from San Diego is here…

Stbs-My Sewing Space 2017-2127 bins of beautiful cotton fabrics just waiting for me to come and visit them again…

All of these fabrics were bought in the 1990’s. Pretty Amazing.. eh!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of my sewing spaces and I hope if you didn’t participate on this blog hop, that perhaps one day you to will share your sewing space even if you just email pictures, it’s the one thing I truly love to do, and that is peek at other quilters sewing spaces.

Have a great day!!

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40 thoughts on “My Qwazy Place To Be… A Sewing Room Just For Me…

  1. All I can say is you have a great space and don’t give up your quilting again. If you are like me you will miss it terribly. Enjoy your creativity and fun!

  2. I also got the largest room in the house as my sewing studio. It also has a separate entrance through an enclosed front porch. My husband also suggested I take this room as my own.

  3. Wow! And I thought I had a big stash, Look at all those lovely bins of fabric!! You have a great space to sew. Love the handy bathroom and coffee maker. Have fun unpacking and finding the perfect use for your pretty fabrics into your new home. Thanks for inviting me in today … 🙂 Pat

  4. I have totes like that full of fabric, too. Just don’t have that many! It doesn’t matter to me when fabric is made as long as it is good quality. I’ll make it work!

  5. If you add a mini fridge and a microwave you almost wouldn’t have to leave the room and could stay and create for hours on end. What a wonderful husband you have, to give you the master bedroom to do what you love. Well with all that great space I look forward to seeing what you create in the future. Thank you for such a great hop, it was nice to see everyone’s sewing rooms. Your time and effort are very much appreciated, have a wonderful day!!! Bobbie P

    1. lol I thought about a microwave.. there is actually a mini cooler/fridge on the 2nd shelf of the cart, it keeps my cream cool for me as I drink coffee with cream. 🙂

  6. Loved seeing your very organized, clean sewing space. When my sewing room grows up, it wants to be just like yours!

  7. Wow, that’s some organized stash you have there! I’d love to have that kind of space for mine. I have it here and there in vintage containers and old dressers. Thank you for coordinating this hop, it was fun!

  8. Very very nice room! I think it’s sew cool that you have alot of fabric from the 90s! Good luck to everyone in the giveaways!! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  9. Wow! How lucky you are to have a whole master bedroom for your sewing space…just delightful! Thanks for sharing .

  10. Your room is Amazing!! even Coffee Central!! 😀 You are full of creativity & know there are many happy sewing hours ahead!! Thank you for this Hop..and for allll your Work & Sharing with all of us!! Ohio Hugs!! 🙂

    1. thanks.. I have never had the coffee area in my sewing room before but got the idea to add it when I was trying to think of something to do for the Island Batik Galentines Day last month.. I never got the project finished, but I did get the coffee upstairs.. LOL

  11. WOW! Really impressed with your sewing room-what glorious stuff to behold! Thank you for sharing, Susan

  12. Wow Marian how much of that do you have to move when you came back to the states last year? It’s amazing how organized you are. I don’t know how you stay on top of so many things with all the projects you have. Thanks for sharing and coordinating another successful blog hop!

    1. Most of the sewing room came from Italy with me, there are a few things from San Deigo, but most of San Diego’s storage is still all in the basement with the bins…

  13. Wow Marian! You will enjoy going through those tubs of fabric bringing back memories! I am going through a couple I have with fabric from when I first attempted quilting 20 years ago…I found lovely quilt kits/books that will keep me very busy! Its like shopping in your own home! 🙂

    1. I am looking forward to going thru them, have that planned as my Summer project, but I’m also at a point where I might actually think about reducing the stash, since I’ve been able to do without them all these years, I’m trying to justify keeping them.. I suppose it will depend on how much I get sewn before that time and how many times I hit the basement to look for some fabric.

    1. I do feel lucky as I know many of my sewing friends don’t have anywhere near that kind of space. When we were in Italy, I had my dining room and that was it, it was very crowded, so I totally get having to work in a small space.

  14. Wow. Great space. I asked for the master bedroom when we moved here and got a hysterical laugh. LOL. Your stash is amazing. Impressive playland!

  15. Love your space!!! Your batting storage is highly desirable – nice!!!! And the coffee corner is inspired!!!

  16. WOW!!! Marian, I am sooo jealous of your fabric stash. You are so fortunate to have all of that. I love your sewing area, too. You have a really big space and you make great use of all the areas. Thank you for sharing it today.

  17. Wow, you have a lot of fabric. I clearly need more. My local friends have been asking questions so I’m going to do another post about stash today. Thanks for sharing your space. I take away an idea from each post on this hop.

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