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stbs-quilt-layout-lesson-pngTalk about flopping… this is the biggest one yet… I just didn’t finish, period, end of story, so instead I created tutorials to help you with your layouts. Yesterday I posted the lesson for Electric Quilt here, and today I’ve posted one for those of you who may not own any quilting software. Yes, we have all the old-fashioned ways to do things, but once in awhile those of us who have learned how to use our PC’s may like to play and have some fun on our PC’s by creating a quilt layout.

This lesson uses Inkscape to help you create your layout.

Panels in this lesson were from Northcott Fabrics, they are either due to being released or were just released.

Border Stripes in this lesson were from Windham Fabrics and Wilmington Fabrics.

Rows used in this video were from Tweety Loves Quilting, Creatin In The Sticks, Just Let Me Quilt, Heleen Pinkster, and Seacoast Quilter.

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28 Responses to My Show and Tell…

  1. AvatarFran Wiest says:

    Thanks for introducing me to a whole new idea!

  2. AvatarLori Morton says:

    This has been such an AWESOME Tour!! Have loved visiting the different places & seeing the Rows! Great lessons on areas * projects! ALL the Participants were Amazing!! Thank you for all the sharing! 🙂

  3. AvatarLaurie Weimar says:

    Nice layout and tutorial. Thanks for hosting the whole thing Marian!

  4. AvatarPam says:

    Your design is delightful! Thanks for the wonderful blog hop!

  5. AvatarLois W says:

    Thank you for a fun vacation to so many new places.

  6. Thanks for the ideas, I’m getting ready to work on my row by rows.

  7. AvatarNancy Myers says:

    I like your tutorials. I must try the Inkscapes soon. Loved this Row Along. Thanks.

  8. AvatarSusan Spiers says:

    This whole experience has been great fun-there are so many talented quilters! Already looking forward to the next one!

  9. AvatarMarti M says:

    The row by row hop has been fantastic. Thank you!

  10. Avatarsusan says:

    To be fair, you do have, and have had, a lot on your plate the last few months. I can’t believe that you could be back here in less than two weeks, can you?

  11. AvatarLiz Horgan says:

    Thanks so much for putting this together! We learned so much about different parts of the world and saw such beautiful rows!

  12. AvatarBarb Colvin says:

    Your layout tutorial for EQ7 is greatly appreciated!

  13. Thanks for such a fantastic job organizing the row by row!

  14. AvatarMarcia Fette says:

    Great job on this row by row. Thank you.

  15. AvatarLauren says:

    This is an excellent tutorial on layouts – so often we have ideas but can’t get them all together into a cohesive design. Thanks for everything – it’s been such a great learning time!

  16. AvatarMary Furber says:

    Very helpful for non-EQ users. Thanks for including my row!

  17. AvatarJoyce Carter says:

    Great lay.out Marian. It really looks awesome. Thanks for having a wonderful hop

  18. AvatarCarol S. says:

    Great layout and a fun way to put the rows together. I need to play with Inkscape! Moving is so much work, but I’m sure you’ll be so happy once it is all over with. Thanks for the fun blog hop!

  19. AvatarJoan says:

    What a great way to play with layouts! Thanks for everything throughout the hop. Your a wealth of knowledge and a fabulous organizer. I appreciate all the hours you’ve put in for all of us!

  20. AvatarDebra Kay Neiman says:

    Thank you for your hard work. This was so much fun. crystalbluern at tds dot net

  21. AvatarDeonn says:

    I watched your video – thanks for all the great tips!

  22. Avatarcarol n says:

    Fun, as always. Thanks for all the work you do.

  23. AvatarLori Smanski says:

    this has been such a fun and informative row along. thanks. I really like what you have done with your rows.

  24. Avataranna brown says:

    Well ty for the row hop ..There was so many ideas and i really love the help on the lay outs….

  25. AvatarMonica says:

    I don’t know how you do it all. You are amazing and you do amazing work. Thanks for sponsoring this Row Along. I had great fun.

  26. Thanks for all of your tutorials and tips, they are appreciated!

  27. AvatarBetsy says:

    Marian, I love the possibilities, your hops are always the best. Thank you for taking the time to host again

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