Nancy’s Christmas Collection…. A tale of Moving to…

This is a beautiful book of wonderful Christmas projects. When Nancy at Masterpiece Quilting invited me to participate in this Blog hop for her new book Masterpiece Quilting’s Christmas Collection, finding a project wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I could have chosen at least 5 of the projects in this book to feature on this hop. Alas, I had to narrow it down to just one. It was not easy, but in the end, I went with something that I’ve always loved and actually collect. I do not normally fall in love with books of Christmas projects simply because they are normally made up of basic blocks with simple fabrics. However, Nancy’s book fills you with joy just by looking thru the pages of it.

Nancy was kind enough to let me run late today, and I thank you for that Nancy.

In the midst of creating this project, we knew that we’d be moving, so I got on top of this right away, so unlike me of course, I tend to be someone who starts a project a week prior to a blog hop… It is not normal for me to start two months ahead of time unless I already was working on something in the first place. So, I went looking for Christmas fabrics, I wanted to use something new for this project to highlight this years Christmas Fabrics.  Fabrics I chose for my project are:

Hovering over the images will tell you brand and line, clicking will take you to the sites where you can purchase if you’d like.

This project also used only Aurifil Cotton thread.

Once I found my project, I realized I was lacking a few things. I’d printed out my pattern  and was ready to put it together, only to realize I’d packed a few to many things already. I didn’t have my cutting machines, my fabric folding pen, or my appliquick tools, no rulers, no rotary cutter, and even my cutting mats were already packed. So  it was back to basics. I haven’t done anything literally by hand in nearly four years, but I had glue stick, and freezer paper, and so it was off to the land of doing it by hand. I did find this fun little tool in a small bin I keep by my desktop… So I used it, it’s actually like a mini appliquick tool, one end is pointed, the other end is bevelled and it did come in handy doing those points and turns.

It came in a pack of about 100 of these little special toothpick like items, but they are thicker than a toothpick is. They are actually pretty sturdy, the thing that makes them a little more difficult to sue is the size of them, they are very short, where the appliquick tool is very tall, now I know why. I always wondered. 🙂

No marking pens, so I used a sharpie pen to draw on my freezer paper with. I then cut my shapes and used glue stick to turn the edges. Yes, I did turn edge applique on this project and I am so happy I did. It was back to the basics with glue stick, fabric cutting scissors, and freezer paper.

I gotta admit, I am pretty happy with the turned edges, my shapes are nearly perfect which has never happened for me. I think I should start doing projects much earlier for this reason alone. 🙂 Maybe it was the glue stick…. but hmmm I dunno, I stopped using glue stick because I found it somewhat awkward and difficult to reshape should I need to do so, thus the reason I like the starch method better now, along with my Fabric Folding Pen technique.

Mine isn’t as pretty as Nancy’s, but I am still happy with how it turned out….

I am currently auditioning borders for this project… I thought the red was really going to please me, and it kinda does, it wouldn’t be bad or awful, but it turned out I really like the green…

which do you prefer, the red or the green?

and the hazards of not having a ruler…. very bad mistake on this project, but I worked around it…

The ends are not lined up, you can see here how off they are.

I worked around it by making the very left and middle bells longer then the right one is, thus it does look more even. I loved Nancy’s idea of not placing the bells so that they all look the same, so each of my bells is slightly different, and my middle bow is the opposite bow of the left and right bells. I use the angled ladder stitch for each part of the shapes, with the exception of the circular area of the bow where I zigzaged the left and right side, and straight stitched the middle… just for fun and to do something different.

I would have fixed the swag, but I couldn’t find a seam ripper to tear the swag out, so there ya go… the reason it didn’t get fixed.

During the sewing of this project, I broke two needles on my machine… no needles either, but fortunately I remembered that Bernina always gives a sample kit of needles in there stuff you get when you buy a new machine, thus, I was able to replace my needles.

Lighting was also a factor in this project, I had to stitch it during the day. This is so NOT normal for me. I love LOVE love to sew at night, thus I use lamps to help me with lighting, and I didn’t have those either. When I did stitch on this at night, the only thing going for me was the desktop and the sewing machine lights on my machine.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tale of the moving project today… I thought it would be fun to tell it because it’s so funny to sit back and think about. I do not recommend it, but at the same time it was fun getting back to the basics, makes me think of how wonderful it is that we have such great and creative minds today that bring us those little things we’ve come to take for granted… Something as simple as the knee lift for my machine, went without that also for the first 3/4’s of the project, the flatbed part of the machine that allows you to layout your project around your machine better, I also went without that… It’s not easy to stitch applique on just the arm alone. I do wish I’d had my cutting machine, but then I’d have needed knives, and mats to use it with and all of that was already packed. I’m more appreciative today of the things that make our sewing and quilting lives easier.

I’ll see you in August with the catch up of Cupcake of the Month, TTNBC, and Sue/Sam USA blocks, I’ll also be chatting a lot about the coming Row Along in September, Nifty Novelties which was held off till late August, and the coming Halloween hop this year. August will be a busy month for me. Perhaps I’ll even show you some previews of the row I’m doing for the row along this year.

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Please visit Nancy’s blog each day this week and last week to see the other projects in this book. I can’t express to you how wonderful the projects in this book are, I really loved them for myself, I do believe you will to.

Cya Soon

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12 thoughts on “Nancy’s Christmas Collection…. A tale of Moving to…

  1. Marion, both the red and green borders are gorgeous but I’m partial to the green right now.

    Thanks for Sharing your gorgeous work with us!

  2. I absolutely LOVE your bells Marian. Thank you for sharing and well done on doing the block without your normal tools.
    Personally, I would have put a narrow red border and then end with the green border.

  3. Why don’t you just use starch instead of the marking pen? Or perhaps this was a requirement for this group project? Thanks for sharing. Your tips are better than Clovers! 🙂

  4. Oh, so you’re a procrastinator. lol
    Your project is beautiful. I like it better with the green border.

    1. You piece looks fine.
      You will be unpacking your sewing supplies soon I think. I’m surprised you didn’t go back to needle turn applique. That’s how I first learned. You can use the side of the book to straight edge the piece. Many quilters still don’t have all the fancy new gadgets that you or others have.

    1. You piece looks fine.
      You will be unpacking your sewing supplies soon I think. I’m surprised you didn’t go back to needle turn applique. That’s how I first learned. You can use the side of the book to straight edge the piece. Many quilters still don’t have all the fancy new gadgets that you or others have.

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