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stbs-fireworks 1Coming next week to the USA is the Fourth of July, one of my favorite holidays of the year. One of the biggest things I love about the day is spending it with family, the fireworks, and watching the Boston Pops play the Stars and Stripes one of the songs my mom passed on to me, she loved marching band music and especially liked John Phillip Sousa. As a flute player, I always wanted to play the piccolo part in the Stars and Stripes song. My father’s birthday is July 3rd, so we go from celebrating that to the next day where we celebrate with fireworks and fun. When I was growing up in Idaho Falls, Idaho, one of the very best things was being at the fireworks display that they held at the Snake River in downtown Idaho Falls. It was so amazing with the fireworks bouncing off the water into the air, so very beautiful. This pattern was created in Electric Quilt 7, it is available as a pdf download at Craftsy for you.

The artwork for this block is from Kristi W via Graphics n Bits with Commercial license #GNB734A323.

No cutting files are available for this block and will not be available due to the artists restrictions on the licensing.

So this year as my mind once again goes to my fathers upcoming birthday, and the fireworks that I truly miss I thought I’d share with you a fireworks block.

This is a 3×7-inch block size, perfect for a MugRug pattern.

It’s available for you on my page at Craftsy. Enjoy!!


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