No Reply Bloggers, Commenting & Some ChitChat..

Commenting 101

By no means and I going to sit here and tell you that I know everything there is to know about No Reply Bloggers.. Frankly, I don’t..

And now, I find myself doing the one type of post I said to myself I’d never do.. 

By nature, or just general all around being me… I am not big on commenting at blogs. I tend to be to honest, to opinionated, and generally if I love it, I really love it and that’s when you’ll get a comment from me.. It’s when my opinion is different that gets me in to trouble.. but that’s for another day.. Generally I rarely comment unless I found something useful to say about the post. I’m not a shy person by any means, I just prefer to not comment if I can’t think of something to say, and generally if I don’t like it, I absolutely do not say the opposite.. I just move on and forget about that post. As I think all should.. so I’m not big on commenting. I love getting them and I try to reply to most of the ones I get on my own blog. I don’t reply to every comment tho and not that there are generally a lot of comments, but how do you respond to a “That’s so cute, I love it” other than Thank You… it’s a question to me of .. should I say thank your or not…  When it’s a question, I’ve always replied.

Their in lies the krutch tho.. as a WordPress user, People have to put their emails into the box to make a comment. Thus, they become a commenter I can reply to. What I don’t know is if they use a real email address, but if your asking a question on anyone’s blog, lets hope that you’ve given an email address one can reply to.

Commenting 102

When someone leaves a comment on a WordPress blog, it shows you their blog/website address if they have filled in the url box in the comment form. I love this, I can’t tell you how many sites I’ve visited because the blogs address is right their for me to visit.

2015-0902-2223 Image 001

However, on a WordPress blog, when they haven’t filled in the url, the name is not linked to anything. However, this does not mean they are a no reply blogger.

Commenting 103

If you look in the admin section of your WordPress site, under the commenters, you can see their email addresses here. I have chosen to protect the addresses but you can see that they are indeed email addresses.

That allows me to reply and for them to receive the email.

As the administrator, I also receive an email in my inbox for every comment that is received on this blog/website.

Thus I can reply easier than if I come to my own site and reply.. this is how I usually reply. I only paste the comment reply in the blog if I feel the answer needs to be seen publicly or if I’m already logged into my own site.

I’m not the biggest fan of commenting especially on WordPress sites, because for some reason I always have to log in to a url prior to having my comment be approved and I’m guessing that has something to do with the blogger using over

I love commenting on blogger sites however, and that’s because it’s just so simple. I’m almost always logged into my google profile so commenting is easy.

Commenting 104

When you are not logged in, it looks like the above.

Commenting 101

When you are logged in, it shows your google profile name.

Commenting 105

When you post, if your a no reply blogger, their is no link on your name.


Commenting 106

When you have a blogger profile, your link to your profile is shown when clicking over the name on the comment.

I don’t know if this is a good thing or not to be honest, because when someone visits your blogger profile, they can see the sites you visit, have access to your email address, and your blog url, plus any blogs that you also help to administer.

Commenting 107

This is a small look at my blogger profile.

If you click on the Edit Profile button it will take you to your personal settings.

Commenting 108

This is where you either become a no reply blogger or a reply blogger.

When you create a blogger profile, by default, the email address is checked. (at least it was for me when I created a test one today to see what happens)

You have to manually go in and uncheck the email address in order for your email address to now be shown, thus making you a true no reply blogger.

You can check/uncheck other options here also, but the biggest one most bloggers get frustrated with is the email address. If they have no way to access even your profile, they have no way to answer a question you may have asked on your blog.

I do not know how it looks in the Admin Blogger Profile for the comments, I have no comments on my blogger page for that site, but I am guessing it’s probably about the same where they also have access to your email address.

You can say to yourself, oh, I better go and block that on my profile, but by blocking it you turn off every ability for people to contact you. If people use commenting to do giveaways, and you want to enter, you won’t win, if you ask for them to contact you, they can’t, if you ask a question about the post you’ve just read, they can’t reply unless they put it on there own post and then you may not see it because you may forget you asked it in the first place.

It’s not like your exposing your email address to spam/junk mail. That’s all over the web like it or not, we can’t protect it. Everywhere that you leave an email address, is the possible potential that people will sell those addresses, get there databases hacked, or possibly they would give them away also.

It’s better to just leave it on. By turning it off you become the dreaded phrase amongst bloggers as a “No Reply Blogger”.

If nothing else, I get why people get frustrated over No Reply Bloggers, but at the same time, I understand the reason for wanting to protect your email address.

My good friend QuiltShopGal
wrote an excellent post on No Reply Bloggers, it’s so worth a look

Wanted – Quilters That Never Win A Giveaway

Taking this a little further, these are some articles I’ve found on Commenting Etiquette..

Whatever you decide to do towards being a No Reply blogger, keep in mind that bloggers do enjoy your comments, they like hearing your thoughts, and even tips you might do differently. Your supporting that blogger just by making a simple comment, because your telling them hey.. I like it.. keep it coming.. 

Have a great day, and thank you for looking at my post today.


2 thoughts on “No Reply Bloggers, Commenting & Some ChitChat..

  1. Interesting post. I’m pretty new to your blog. I have enjoyed your recent posts, even though I don’t have the design system you are using. I love comments, but am frustrated by no reply commenters. I almost always reply to a comment, even the “so cute” comments, unless they are from friends that I have established a blog relationship with. I’m going to read those links to blog etiquette to see if I am using blogging properly, 🙂 I love the connection I have with my readers that leave comments.

    Thank you for blogging and sharing your skill and creativity.

    1. I have replied via email, but I will add that when I was writing this post, I wondered how people comment using the other options available when commenting, or even how it works out if they are logged into there google profiles, but I’m guessing when I say that I think they can be logged into there google profile, and still use the google profile to make the comment, the profile just doesn’t send the reply to the bloggers comment section or perhaps also the admin section, thus you can’t reply to them. I suppose and I wish I would have thought to test a comment on my blogger blog, but I didn’t and perhaps when I have a bit of time I will try that as I’d like to see how people get no reply bloggers.

      I do appreciate your thoughts, and will consider them, I also appreciate that you took a few moments to comment on this today. You’ve brought in a perspective that I hadn’t given much thought to

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