North Carolina Sue and Sam Released with Dilly Too… – Link Fixed

Dilly Donkey 1Today I have for you Sue and Sam in North Carolina. I love this set… I’ve always had a little thing for lighthouses and of course flying. Who doesn’t love to fly. 

For the third block in the commissioned piece I was hired to create, a cute little donkey for you. He has a real cowboy look to it. He’s just so cute!!!

Today’s release for Sue and Sam is the 33rd state release and Sue is the free block.

Clicking the images will take you to that pattern’s page.

Important Links for this block of the week…

Support Group on Facebook 
Pinterest Group For Sunbonnet Sue

The artwork for Sunbonnet Sue and Sam in the USA and Canada were commissioned for  exclusive use at Seams To Be Sew by Clipartopolis

These blocks are released at the moment as they are available. 

FlickR Deadlines:

Turn In Date For Sue Is August 23, 2020
Free Pattern Expiration is August 6, 2020

and here is Dilly the Donkey…

Dilly Donkey 1Isn’t Dilly just the most adorable little Donkey?

Dilly comes in a 12 and 15-inch sized pattern.
For one week only on Intro is 20% off for Dilly.. Use coupon code:

With special permission to create SVG files for the pattern by Trina Clark.
Artwork for Dilly is also inspired by the talented Trina Clark

All of my applique patterns are created in Electric Quilt

With this release comes a difference in the SVG files.

I have added a square around each SVG file. This allows me to not have to list the size of each SVG. Instead, they are all a 12-inch SVG square, or in the case of a 15-inch block, a 15-inch square.

I will be updating in the next week or so my tutorial on resizing SVGs so you can see the process in your SVG software, but I’ll give you a brief overview here below.

stbs resize MTC 001

When you open the SVG in Make The Cut, it will look like the above. 
In Sure Cuts Alot, it removes the color, so you to look at the layer list after you ungroup it to see the square in the #1 position. It is the same in Silhouette’s software. It’s also the same in Inkscape.

When you open the SVG, if you don’t need to ungroup, select all, go to your resize window in your software and be sure the square and all the shapes read as 12 x 12  (or 15 x 15)

If they do, you can then highlight just the square shape only (and this is very important that only the big square is highlighted) and press delete or right click and choose delete on your menu.

Your shapes are now the size they need to be to cut on your fusible or your freezer paper, print your layer placements and the embroidery shapes.

In all cases, for MTC, Sure Cuts Alot, and Silhouette DP, I did not have to resize at all. The SVG opened to the proper size. However in Inkscape, it was slightly larger than the 12 x 12 size and I did need to resize. Be sure you change from the px to the in (pixels to inches) in Inkscape prior to resizing.

If you own Cricut’s Design Space software, I’d sure like to hear how Design Space handles the SVGs. I do not know and don’t own the software and really don’t want to have to buy it, so would appreciate your help if you use this software.

I wish to thank Sarah Vedeler for her kind and generous nature to allow me permission to use her technique for my patterns that also offer SVG files. I’m taking a class with Sarah this year and I discovered this while working on my blocks in her class. I’ve tested this over the last 6 months and finally got the courage to ask her for permission to also use it as it’s just so much easier, not only for you, but for me also.

As I have time, I’ll add this to all my previous patterns, but for now it starts with this Sue/Sam release and has been added to Dilly, Henny, and Corky’s patterns. Those of you who’ve purchased Henny and Corky will receive an updated email from Payhip to re-download the files.

hmmm, I know I’m forgetting something… what could it be???

Oh yes, I know.. 🙂


Your probably wanting to slap me now… yes I did it on purpose… 🙂 So slap me… it’s ok 🙂

Sue In North Carolina 2Click the image to download your free pattern.
Link Fixed I am So So Sorry!!!

stbs-2018 sig

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17 thoughts on “North Carolina Sue and Sam Released with Dilly Too… – Link Fixed

  1. North Carolina is one of my favorite places to visit. Thank you so much for the stunning pattern, Marian.

  2. LOL that was a good one. You got me for sure. LOL Thanks for putting humor out there. Appreciated. That donkey is just adorable. Thank you for Sue

    1. I want to finish this botm up Sally, so I’m really trying to release one a week until September. Once the row along starts I won’t be able to release again until mid-October, but by then we should be at #40 and that means only 10 left to go… right now we are at 17 left to go. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much Marian. This was a very nice surprise for this morning. What a lovely way to get the day started!

  4. Sew excited to see that Mississippi will be coming soon. Although with all the others that I have you’d think I’d been sewing them all along–alas I seem to collect them more than stitch them. Maybe “one day” I”ll get to do the things in life I want to do instead of have to do! Or maybe I”ll learn to take time out and do things for myself for a change. I do love your patterns–all of them, just need to pace myself in being able to afford all I want. 🙂

  5. Hi Marion. Like how you put the link for the free Sue in North Carolina at the bottom of the post. Don’t want to slap you now, but when you click on Sue it takes you to the free Sam in Utah……….

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