Offline For A Few Days!!

dell 3000

Time for a new pc for me.. My hubby has been using an All In one type of pc, and lately his has been acting up, now it is so slow that even trying to open software takes quite some time, more time than even I would have the patience for and I can promise you when it comes to patience, my hubby has more than I do by a factor of 10 times… at least. Not that he doesn’t get a bit riled at times, but he just rarely shows it. Even his cdrom has stopped working, and that I can’t replace easily on a All in One pc.

In my home, he may be the network engineer, but I am the one who can build a pc from putting the motherboard in a tower to installing the software.. networking totally confuses me on the other hand. 🙂

My pc, while older, still runs very nicely, but last year I was having a few issues with it and we purchased a new Dell, from the store here on the base. It’s just been sitting here waiting to be used, box opened only to check that the contents were all their since that time, since I replaced the hard drive and reinstalled windows with my old desktop. So, no need to use the new pc, so we set it aside, knowing that one of them would stop working at some point.

Because it’s tax season and my hubby always waits to do taxes, I need to replace his pc by Thursday so he can take the day off to do the taxes. I tend to be earlier when I was doing them, but since we moved overseas, he has done them each year. His birthday is the same day as tax day in the USA, so I’m hoping he will do the taxes before his birthday. Sooooo in the meantime, I have my current desktop spread all across the floor, as I had to take out my hard drives to put in the new tower, and of course I have to transfer all the files on c drive to new desktop. It takes time to do this and I’ve already run into an issue I’m not happy about in that the c drive is only a 1 Terabyte drive, which means that I’ll have to replace that drive. In my old desktop, my c drive was a 2 Terabyte drive, and if I installed everything on new desktop and put back all my files to the c drive, I would not have enough room on the 1 Terabyte drive. This is not good, the other issue for me is the fact that I have to sign into a email address in order to login to windows, what the heck is with that, I don’t like that idea at all, that needs to go, I mean if your not online, or your internet goes down, and the power has been out for me (which happens often in the summer time here), then I won’t be able to even get into my pc. So that needs to get fixed fast, I really need to dig out my win 7 cd, because I really love win7, and while win8 is ok, that login for me is an issue.

So, I expect to be offline for the next few days, if you send me an email, please know it may take a few days for me to respond. I’ll be watching mail in the browser, but because I receive so much email, I may possibly miss some of my emails.

I need to resolve these issues, so I thought I would post a note to let you know, I’m here, but I’m not here this week.. 

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I hope you have a better week than I know mine will be.

Hugs to all,



3 thoughts on “Offline For A Few Days!!

  1. Sorry to hear you are having computer problems, especially during tax time. But between you and your hubby, I’m sure you’ll get them taken care of. I wish I had your PC hardware skills. I’m having to take my laptop into our PC technician as I’ve run all the hardware diagnostics I can think of and can’t figure out which part/cable is having the problem. Older laptop, but I recently had a new larger HD installed and I’d like to make this one last at least another year or more.


  2. Ugh, that sounds like no fun at all! I only use a laptop at this point, and I am happy not to have anything more. I don’t do all the things you do, and only use about 20% of my 500 GB. Hope everything works out well with taxes and with computers!

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