Oh Holy Night – Week 3

So, we are in Week 3 of the Oh Holy Night BOW.. Today, we’ll be covering the Tree patterns, and adding the borders. Oops!! I messed up the Palm Tree download, if you downloaded this before, it was a jpg file and should have been a pdf file. Please redownload it. Unfortunately, due to my image loss on the flash card last week, it’s put me in a tailspin to get caught up. I simply can’t do it and meet a weekly post. Sooo… I’ve rescheduled the BOW to a post every two weeks. I’m sorry, until EQ Seasons is over, I won’t have the time to dedicate to creating new images for Oh Holy Night. While I’ve scheduled this to end at the end of November, their is a good chance that I can get caught up and will double up on the posts in October so it can still finish in October for those of you wanting to finish your own wallhanging by Christmas. From this point on, all patterns will be at my Payhip site. They will be free for two weeks instead of one week and then they will be go up for sale.


You will need to cut your border strips

In the image above, the following shows what needs to be cut for your borders. You don’t have to follow my colors, I’ve placed them their to show as the example in the image.

Purple First Border:

  • Cut 4 strips 1 1/2-inch wide
  • 2 strips at 35 1/2-inches 2 strips at 48 1/2-inches
  • Corner Squares = 4 squares 1 1/2-inches

Goldish Brown Middle Border:

  • 2 strips at 2 1/2 x 37 1/2-inches
  • 2 strips at 2 1/2 x 50 1/2-inches
  • Corner Squares = 4 squares at 2 1/2-inches

Green / Olive Last Border:

  • 2 strips at 3 1/2 x 41 1/2
  • 2 strips at 2 1/2 x 54 1/2-inches
  • Corner Squares = 4 squares at 3 1/2-inches

I firmly believe in doing borders properly. Borders help when you go to square your quilt or your wallhanging. If they are not placed in the proper way, your borders will also seem “wobbly”. That doesn’t help when you go to quilt because you then have to work in the wobble of the fabric and that can become difficult to deal with especially if your machine quilting.

I found many good tutorials on the web that will help you add borders properly. I had planned to add my own border tutorial, but losing my images has changed that, so I’m going to just post some tutorials for those of you not aware of how to properly add borders.

The first is a video, she explains this very well and in a matter of just 10 minutes.

Other Great Tutorials

Craftsy Article


and Bonnie Hunters – What Not To Do *****

and if you want to take a Craftsy Class

This is an excellent class (I have taken this class)

Finishing School - Better Borders / Winnie Fleming
Finishing School – Better Borders / Winnie Fleming

You can wait to add the last border until your wallhanging is done, but if you plan to have your trees and star extending into the border, you’ll need to add the first two borders prior to adding your trees.

Coconut & Palm Trees

The trees come in various sizes and all of the patterns are offered in a mirrored format as well as a non-mirrored (Reversed) format.

This allows you to have your trees both ways if you care to do so.

This tip today isn’t so much on how to applique, it’s more on storing your parts until you are ready to permanently add them to your wallhanging.

I like to get mine to the point where they are ready to add to my project.

So I use a bit of freezer paper, tracing paper, or a washaway or tearaway stabilizer, whichever is easiest to grab at the time I need it.

The cool thing about this trick is that the freezer paper can be ironed waxes together and it’s not a permanent hold, it is still temporary, so you can easily place objects inside the freezer paper and it will hold them together until you peel them apart.


These are parts of the single tree separated, before I turned under the edges of the shapes for the applique.

stbs-OHN-W3-03I then took a piece of scrap freezer paper, and ironed on a piece of really old tearaway stabilizer I have hanging around. It’s very old, over ten years I’ve had it and never used it, so now I just want to get rid of the roll.

I ironed the tearaway to one piece of the freezer paper, ideally, you want some of the freezer paper to be larger than your tearaway piece is, so as an example:

If your shape measures 8×11

Cut 2 pieces of freezer paper at 10×13 Cut 1 piece of tearaway, or tracing paper at 9×12

Iron the two pieces together leaving a hang over of the freezer paper outside of the tearaway or tracing paper.

stbs-OHN-W3-04Using glue stick, apply the shapes onto the tracing paper/tearaway. Glue the backside of your shape to the paper.

stbs-OHN-W3-05Continue gluing them on until all the pieces are in place.

stbs-OHN-W3-06Apply the other piece of freezer paper, wax side to the shape,

stbs-OHN-W3-07then iron it in place

stbs-OHN-W3-08Make sure you iron it well all over the paper

Label on the freezer paper the item as to what it is such as Single Tree 8×11 (no image)

then place in a projects bin or storage bag until your ready to add your parts.

stbs-OHN-W3-09Once you are ready to add your shapes, simply lift off the freezer paper on front

stbs-OHN-W3-10and back sides of the shape.

You can now apply it permanently to your project.

Here are your downloads:

Click each image to download that tree. They are free until August 14, 2015

Individual Patterns are 2.00 each Buy all 3 for 5.00 You can also purchase the EQ Pattern for all 3 trees for 5.00

Artwork For Tree Patterns:

Single Coconut Tree by Kristi W Double Coconut Tree by Kristi W Palm Tree by JW Illustrations

If you’d like to review the schedule, you can view it here.

In our next lesson, we’ll cover the shed, and buildings

That lesson will be August 14, 2015

Cya Soon,


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  1. Thank you for the wonderful information regarding the measuring of the Quilt here looks lovely and so smooth as you stated there I see what you meant. hugs Jeanne Marie

    1. Thanks for letting me know that Sandra, I had tested the download, but I admit, I didn’t check to see if it was a pdf or not.

      It is fixed now.

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