Oh Holy Night – Week 4

Oh Holy Night Week 4This weeks Oh Holy Night’s patterns are the buildings. The Shed and The Inn.

Artwork for The Shed is from Ange Wenke.

When I originally chose this artwork for Oh Holy Night, their were some things in the artwork that I thought were missing. Like the trees of Week 3‘s patterns and the Landscape of Week 1 and 2. I have always said I can’t draw, and really I can’t, but I can doodle.

With Electric Quilt, I drew The Inn completely using the shapes in Electric Quilt to create it. When I draw, their are no drawings made on paper, it all comes from my head or ideas I’ve seen elsewhere and I just draw it on my own. I’ve seen many buildings in the background for nativities and I’m sure that I probably got the idea of it from those, but I really wanted to have a building based on the bible story of Jesus’s birth, so I added The Inn to this project.

The following is a video I made of drawing with shapes in Electric Quilt. There are several other sources for using shapes in Electric Quilt bouncing around, but this one is specific to drawing The Inn for this wallhanging.

This video runs for 30 minutes. 

Choosing Fabrics

How choosing a novelty print could help save you some time.


This is the image originally drawn in Electric Quilt

stbs-OHN-W4-04These are my fabric choices for The Inn.

I love how the brick fabric gives it such a realistic look to the “old” Inn, and I also like how the sand fabric creates the outer effect that I have seen in buildings like this in pictures I’ve seen.

With the Shed, I thought I’d show you how fabric can affect the choice of fabric and the shape.

The shed was originally drawn with various shapes (rocks) added to the two poles holding up the roof


as you can see below in the drawn image from Electric Quilt.

I didn’t use the rocks, but I thought I’d show the above to you in fabric.

stbs-OHN-W4-01As you can see above, I started out with a “wood grain” print fabric,

stbs-OHN-W4-02and using 3 different prints I added the rocks over the poles.

This reflects the pattern I drew in Electric Quilt.

stbs-OHN-W4-03But this is the shed building I am going to use. Call me lazy, I just didn’t want to put all those rocks on the poles when I know that it’s going to already see alot of other layers with trees, perhaps the foot of an animal, Mary, and Jesus.

So I opted for a fabric that already has rocks as part of the print.

I love the fabric I chose for the hay on the top of the shed. In my original wallhanging that I already made, I had chosen a fabric that had wheat, but then I couldn’t find it to use it, so I chose this one instead and I’m happier with it than the original I chose.

On the leaves which you can see in the image with the rocks on the shed, I am not turning the edges under on the fabric, but instead I added a little bit extra for a seam allowance (about 1/8-inch instead of the traditional 1/4-inch) and I plan to cut slits around the stems of the leaves. When I add these to the landscape area, instead of blindstitching them on, I will stitch inside on the leaf area and then cut the rest so that the leaves will bit a bit dimensional give a bit of a raggy appearance like wild grass when viewed.

So their you go,

I hope you enjoyed today’s pattern.

Click on each image to download the blocks.

You can purchase the EQ Project File for these for 4.00

The Inn and The Shed will expire August 28, 2015

The Star and The Angel will be available August 28, 2015

Cya Soon,



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  1. That was so interesting to see the differences in fabric choices. Thanks for sharing that. I don’t use EQ (or any others), but I’ll bet this will come in handy for if I ever do. Thanks twice!

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