Oh Holy Night Week 8 – The Sheep & Sheepherder

2015 NativityHere we are in week 8 and close to finishing up.. This week is the Shepherd Boy, and the two sheep. These are very very easy to applique. While the boy does have more shapes than the sheep do, it’s still an easy shape to put together.

No tutorials this week, just straight downloads to your shapes of the week.

I’m not going to apologize for being a day late this week, I remembered when I was putting everything together that I had wanted to redesign the shepherd boy from the first time I put it together. So I needed to take a few hours and redesign the shepherd boy, which means I had to also remake the pattern. That is why you had to wait an extra day for release this week.

Click on the images to download.

These downloads are free until the release of the donkey.

You can always read the guidelines for Oh Holy Night BOTW here.

Artwork For The Shepherd Boy and Standing Lamb is by Ange Wenke

Artwork for the Sitting Lamb is by Trina Clark

All patterns created by Marian Pena of Seams To Be Sew

in Electric Quilt 7 and Bernina Designer Plus v7

Please note, the donkey may be released on thursday Nov 15, or saturday Nov 17

Friday is the start of Halloween Haunts and I may be to busy to release the donkey that day.

Cya Next Week



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