On the 10th Day of Christmas at the Christmas Caroling Row Along…

Christmas Caroling Row AlongThank you to everyone who has wished me well with my wrist. Some of you know I will have to have surgery, which is scheduled for tomorrow. I have no idea how I am going to do without coffee tomorrow morning, but in order to have surgery, I can’t eat or drink anytime past midnight… :/

Today is the last day for patterns from bloggers, and you do have one week to finish getting them downloaded before this event ends. Next Tuesday is Show and Tell day and this will give you an idea of different ideas you can do with your rows. I can’t finish my project, but what I will do instead is offer a tutorial on tricks and tips when using buttons, charms and making little things to hang on your projects… It’s a cool lesson I think you will enjoy.

I do not want to write a 2nd post today just for my second row, so I am going to condense it into this post. You will find my row and download inside this post with the giveaways.

Today’s Featured Bloggers Are:

Todays Giveaways are

Northcott Fabrics

A Fat Quarter bundle of 2 yards of fabric from the Collections you see being featured on each day’s blog. You can view all the collections here. Click the pictures and it will take you to each collection being shown and given away during this event.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Northcott‘s giveaway ends October 10, at midnight est.
Northcott will ship, and they will ship everywhere.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Calibre Art giveaway ends tomorrow for today,
The mat you will be able to purchase is the 12×18 Mat for this week.
Value $34.99 On Sale at $19.99 After Coupon $9.99
This is for the USA only unless you wish to follow the
guidelines on the description page.

Do NOT sign up for the Calibre Art giveaway if you’re not serious about purchasing the mat. Your defeating the purpose of this giveaway and denying someone who is willing to purchase the mat because you’re not replying back quickly enough to my emails and my emails go out quickly after this giveaway ends.

The other giveaways being given away today are: 

Anita Goodesign
The Fat Quarter Shop
Hoffman Fabrics
Amy Bradley Designs

You can enter these by visiting the different blogs featured today.
Don’t forget to download your pattern while you’re visiting.
Please leave a comment on the various blogs
and please consider a donation to your favorite charities as a way to say
Thank You for all the hard work that has gone into this event.

Giveaway Rules and Guidelines will be below my signature for the rest
of the days featuring this event.

Tuesday, October 10, Schedule

Quilt In Piece
Words & Stitches
Creatin’ in the Sticks
Patchwork Breeze
Masterpiece Quilting
Kathys Kwilts and More
Sew Incredibly Crazy
Upstairs Hobby Room
Seams To Be Sew (just below)

Here is my second row for Toyland

Northcott Fabrics generously supplied the fabrics for bloggers to use in their rows.

These were the fabrics I chose above.

Toyland Castle with clouds

Click Image Above To Purchase

Free Download has Expired

This is a 12 x 30-inch row pattern.

The cloud option is included in the pattern

SVG Cutting Files and Machine Embroidery Files are included with this pattern.

Toy Soldier Artwork Licensed by Cuddle Creek Graphics
All other artwork by Marian Pena

My giveaway for you today is from The Fat Quarter Shop

All books will go to 1 winner, a 198.00 value
The Fat Quarter Shop will ship internationally.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Important Note: Bloggers will only be keeping downloads for one week on their blogs and then they will expire. Some bloggers will keep their rows free so it is still worth a visit to each blog.

Pinterest Group

Enjoy this 10th day of the Christmas Caroling Row Along

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

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  1. Giveaways offered by sponsors are assigned to the various bloggers for their featured day.
  2. There are no prior announcements on who is doing which sponsor except to the sponsor themselves.
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  4. I will start announcing winners on September 12, 2017, and finish announcing winners on October 12, 2017 with the exception of the Calibre Art giveaway, those will be available after each featured day, starting September 06, 2017.
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89 Responses to On the 10th Day of Christmas at the Christmas Caroling Row Along…

  1. AvatarBunnye Botter says:

    Love the row, but couldn’t get the link to work. looked at my watch and it was only 11:39. Try to wait until later in the day so not to help clog up the lines but guess that is not the thing to do when the rows expire on the same day that they come available.

    • AvatarMarian says:

      you don’t say which link isn’t working, perhaps that’s where you should start. Not every blogger is expiring her links either. I suppose it’s not possible a blogger could make a mistake with her link either and just not have realized it’s not working. I look forward to your perfect blog someday… Excuse my rudeness or sarcasm, but you should have written me privately about this so I could get it straightened out, as it was your comment went to the spam folder and I didn’t see it until today.

  2. AvatarWendy says:

    This is a very cute row! I have enjoyed the row along and have been impressed by all the many talented designers of the rows. Thank you so much for all the work you have done to make this a fun event!

  3. AvatarRenee says:

    What an adorable row! Thank you so much! And thank you for all of the work you put in behind the scenes to make this such a successful event.

  4. AvatarJayne P says:

    This has been a wonderful blog hop. Thank you for all your hard work

  5. AvatarEdith Gorzo says:

    This has been such a fun RAL. Thanks Marian. The creativity of everyone’s rows has been fabulous. Your row is so cute.

  6. AvatarThunder says:

    thanks sew very much for this row a long, I am enjoying it. The designers have done a fabulous job.

  7. AvatarMichele cais says:

    Very nice! Thank you for being you.

  8. AvatarPam says:

    Oh my goodness a row with .SVG files. I have been wanting to try that out! Great row, thank you 🙂

  9. AvatarRebecca Smith says:

    I am so glad I found this row along. We have to be frugal this year for Christmas and the rows make perfect gifts!

  10. AvatarBarbara says:

    Such a cute row!

  11. AvatarMoeWest says:

    Thanks for the row! I hope your surgery went well.

  12. AvatarMary Furber says:

    Thank you for the second (!) row pattern, Marian. You do such a great job with these events.

  13. AvatarNancy A says:

    This Row Along has been such fun. Love your block.

  14. AvatarDelaine says:

    I am really enjoying this Christmas row along. Thank you Marion!

  15. AvatarMonica R says:

    Such a cute row, thanks for sharing as always.

  16. AvatarSusan says:

    Thank you for hosting this row along and getting sponsors. That was a lot of work. I will pray your wrist surgery goes well and you heal quickly.

  17. AvatarKathy Campbell says:

    Thank you for the cute Toyland row. It has been so fun collecting the rows. You must have spent alot of time with this years row by row. Its been amazing.

  18. AvatarMaryBeth says:

    Such a cute little toy soldier. thanks for the giveaway.

  19. AvatarMelody Lutz says:

    I look forward to this event…it is SEW much fun and all of you put ever so much work into it. Thank you all for sharing your creativity and inspiration with us.

  20. AvatarSandi says:

    I’ve enjoyed your Blog hop and love the Christmas carol theme. Thank you to all you designers for the wonderful rows!

  21. AvatarEileen says:

    This has been a wonderful row along. Thank you for all your hard work and time that you put in to offering it to us. Best wishes for a speddy recovery from your surgery.

  22. AvatarRonelle says:

    Thank you for the fantastic Christmas Caroling Row Along you hosted and the awesome row you are giving to us. I am truly spoilt with all the wonderful patterns. Thank you.

  23. AvatarSilvana Lanza says:

    La tua riga è bellissima ma non riesco ad aprirla mi da errore…. è la prima volta che succede…..AIUTO!!!!!

  24. AvatarDebra Kay Neiman says:

    Really cute. Thanks for these designs. crystalbluern at tds dot net

  25. AvatarPaula Gilmore says:

    Love your row and the song and video!

  26. AvatarVivian Oaks says:

    You have really gone above and beyond for this row-along! I’ve loved all the rows, and can’t wait till I have time to work on them. Thanks so much!! Vivian wvoaks at comcast dot net

  27. AvatarAngela J Short says:

    Very cool row! Thank you for sharing! Enjoy your day! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  28. AvatarKathy E. says:

    The Toyland song always reminds me when I was 7 or 8 years old. I had heard this song a few times and realized how sad it was to think of growing up and I started crying! My poor mom just couldn’t make me feel better. Your row is a great representation of the song, even if it is sentimental to me!

  29. AvatarNancy says:

    Best wishes for a successful surgery. Thoughts and prayers are with you! Love your row. Thanks so much for all you did for the row along. Very fun, and lots of great patterns.

  30. Avatarrosemarie says:

    thank you for a wonderful row along. I found row 2 of your toyland, but didn’t see row 1. what am I not paying attention to? thank you and good luck w/the surgery.

  31. AvatarTu-Na Quilts says:

    Thanks for the pattern. I hope all goes well tomorrow, Marian. Thanks for a great Christmas Carol Row Along. I found many rows I want to make and found a couple of new blogs to follow.

  32. AvatarDenise Pierce says:

    I love your row! Thank you for your pattern and organizing this sew along!

  33. AvatarMelany says:

    Marian I love your 2nd row too! Thank you for all your work.

  34. AvatarLisa Marie says:

    Your row is just adorable! Thanks for all your hard work in organizing this event, I have seen so many gorgeous things!

  35. AvatarKelley says:

    I love the kid in you! Your patterns are always so cute!!

  36. AvatarNancy says:

    Thank you for the wonderful RAL. Love all the designs! Will be a challenge to decide how to do each one.

  37. AvatarMaria McGilloway says:

    Love, love this row! Thank you!

  38. AvatarMary says:

    That is super cute. I love the whimsical look on the soldier’s face.

  39. AvatarLois W says:

    Thank you for adorable rows and all the time you have spent putting this together. Praying for your quick healing.

  40. AvatarJan N. says:

    Your rows are adorable! Love the cute little faces on the soldiers. Good luck with your surgery and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  41. AvatarSusan says:

    I can’t believe it’s the end! This has been the best yet. I love Row Alongs. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done. Best of luck with the surgery, and fast healing. I can’t believe ALL those books are in one prize! Lucky person who wins that. Thanks to Fat Quarter Shop and all the sponsors who’ve been with us all the way through the RAL. So when’s the next one? LOL Just kidding. Rest up and heal first.

  42. AvatarKaren McMahon says:

    This Christmas row by row has been so much fun. There are so many beautiful rows, I don’t know where to start. Thank you for organizing and sharing!

  43. AvatarSue Raymond says:

    That is so cute!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  44. Another batch of beautiful rows to finish off the Row Along. I look forward to next week’s show and tell.

  45. AvatarMichele-Marie says:

    Best for last 🙂 Thank you Marian, your row is beautiful! 🙂
    Keeping you in our thoughts during surgery and a speedy recovery.

  46. AvatarSusan Spiers says:

    Love your row – and thank you for all your hard work – so much fun! Good luck with your surgery tomorrow – all will be well – enjoy your coffee when you finally get to have some!

  47. AvatarBeth T. says:

    I’ll be thinking of you during surgery and recovery. Let’s hope the caffeine withdrawal is the worst of it!

  48. AvatarKJH says:

    What a great row. Thanks for putting this hop together. There have been some pretty fabulous rows.

  49. AvatarCindy says:

    Thank you for the beautiful row!!

  50. AvatarMoira says:

    Very cute row! Thanks.

  51. AvatarRosemary says:

    You row is so very adorable … Thank you for everything you do and know that we will all be thinking of you and sending good thoughts and prayers your way!!

  52. AvatarL Long says:

    Marian, Your row is adorable. Thank you very much for all you have done for us. Be well on your surgery tomorrow. I hope you will be well soon thereafter and will be able to update us on your progress of healing. Prayers and positive energy being sent your way!

  53. AvatarShirley Clark says:

    This has been so much fun! You did a great job as usual!

  54. AvatarJanet T says:

    Your toy soldier is so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  55. AvatarMaryellen McAuliffe says:

    Great row. I love the use of the striped fabric. Thanks again for the fun hop.

  56. AvatarDeborah says:

    loce the row. thanks for doing this

  57. AvatarNina Ennis says:

    What a cute row! Thank you for all of your work on your patterns and on organizing this row along. I hope everything goes well during your surgery tomorrow.

  58. AvatarAli says:

    Hope you heal quickly – take your meds!!!

  59. AvatarCamille says:

    I have enjoyed this blog hop. Everyone has been so creative. Great inspiration. Heal well!

  60. AvatarJoan says:

    Leave it to you, to come up with something this adorable. I’m really torn right now…do I should put my Halloween projects aside and start this row…darn you!!!!! hahahahaha You know we all love you Marian! Good luck with surgery tomorrow. Yes, I feel your pain about no coffee in the AM. That was the worst part of surgery for me! 🙂 I survived though and I’m pulling for you! 😉

  61. AvatarCecilia says:

    Cute row! Thank you for all of your work on organizing this row along. I hope everything goes well during your surgery tomorrow.

  62. AvatarSusan Green says:

    I love your row! Thank you.

  63. AvatarJacob says:

    I love the toy soldier idea! Very cute, great job!

  64. AvatarApril C Olive says:

    Thank you for the Christmas Row Along! Such beautiful rows! And thank you for all the hard work in putting this row together, I love it!

  65. AvatarJackie Hale says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful row along! It’s been fun! Thank you for your lovely row.

  66. AvatarChristi says:

    Such a sweet row. I really like it.

  67. AvatarJoan says:

    This is such a cute row, thank you for the row and all your hard work!

  68. AvatarElaine says:

    Love this RAL, thanks for all your time to put it together.

  69. AvatarLaura K. says:

    I love your work. This row is a delight. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  70. AvatarReeze says:

    I love this row. The castle is so clever. Thanks Marian for all your wonderful creativity.

  71. AvatarJean B says:

    I love this row Marian! Thank You For All You Do. Wishing you all the best with your wrist.

  72. AvatarCathy B. says:

    Thank you so much for hosting this blog hop. Had a wonderful time in this my first year around. Get better soon!

  73. AvatarMargaret Handlin says:

    This row pattern is so cute and you have s0 many fabulous patterns. Love your Halloween series.. Thank you!

  74. AvatarCarol W says:

    Your row is very fun, and nice that you provide the files.

  75. AvatarSandy Wootten says:

    So sorry to hear about your wrist. You work so hard for us all the time. Please put yourself first and take the time to heal. Warm regards Sandy

  76. AvatarSue Parks says:

    Love this row along and I so love the whimsical Amy Bradley patterns. The campers and trucks make you smile.
    Good luck on your surgery and healing.
    Smiles, Sue

  77. AvatarDarlene Poirier says:

    this row along is so fun, so many fabulous patterns. Thank you for doing this. I hope your wrist heals successfully.

  78. AvatarCarol Nelms says:

    Very pretty, thanks for sharing and the great giveaways!

  79. AvatarElizabeth says:

    Wonderful row! Thanks for all of your hard work bringing us this hop, and best of luck with your surgery.

  80. AvatarNancy says:

    Thank you so much for a great hop. Hope your surgery goes well.

  81. AvatarSusan L. says:

    Love your Toyland row! Thanks so much!

  82. AvatarAllison Evrard says:

    Thank you for all the work you put into this hop and your row. Toyland is so cute!

  83. AvatarLiz Horgan says:

    Such a fun row!
    Thanks for putting all of this together for us!

  84. AvatarChelsea says:

    It’s been a lovely Row-Along. Thank you for the invite and all your hard work.

  85. AvatarBarb says:

    Thank you sew much for all that you do and have done for us quilters! It is fantastic and I know a tremendous amount of work! Take care and let your wrist heal! Thank you again! Beautiful row–love nutcrackers!

  86. AvatarSally says:

    Having so much fun following this row a long. What a great idea

  87. AvatarSusan Earnhart says:

    I love ❤️ nutcrackers, at one time I had a large collection, this block takes me back there. Thank you

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