Once Upon A Story Day 02 Arrives…

Once Upon A Story Row AlongToday  is Day 02 of Once Upon A Story and I’m so happy your all enjoying the row along.

Its been fun seeing your comments about the row along and each day that goes by. Thank you for taking the time to comment on all the blogs.

Today we see thre more bloggers participating in the row along who have created amazing rows for you. You’ll need to signup for Renee’s giveaway here on this blog. So please see the giveaway inside for her giveaway.

Thursday, 9/5/2019
Made By Marney | Pretty Piney Quilts | Renee’s Quilting Addiction

Oops, I posted the wrong days earlier. I am so sorry to all, glad it got early.

Renee’s Giveaway is a wonderful Queen Size Bat from

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Renee’s giveaway is now on her blog also for you to enter at there.


From Made By Marney
a Northcott Fabric Bundle of 4 FQs
Value $20.00

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This giveaway is now on Mary’s blog also, so you can leave your comments and enter there.


Electric Quilt is offering a 20% off discount to anyone who’d like to purchase there products during the Row Along.


This is an awesome discount if your considering purchasing the upgrade or the full version, even just addons. The only thing you can not purchase is there EQ Classes. The coupon expires October 8, 2019

A Value of 239.95 and worth every penny of it, a digital download copy of EQ8.

Electric Quilt

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I hope you have a great weekend and we’ll see you next Tuesday

We’ll also start announcing winners next week to.

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68 Responses to Once Upon A Story Day 02 Arrives…

  1. AvatarEmily says:

    Great theme! I’m really enjoying this QAL! I’ve loved them all–3 little pigs, owl and the pussy cat, 5 little monkeys!

  2. Renee’s block is from the Wizard of Oz. I loved to follow the yellow brick road as a child and enjoy reading the stories with my grandkids and great grandkids now! 😄 Carol

  3. AvatarSusan says:

    And Renee’s them is Wizard of Oz, another favorite! Thanks so much to you and to the sponsor for the work of doing all this, and the chance to win great prizes.

  4. AvatarSusan says:

    Marney’s theme was Unicorns. Thank you for the chance to win, and thanks to the sponsor, too.

  5. AvatarSusan says:

    Thank you. I’m looking forward to seeing this day’s 3 blogs, too.

  6. AvatarLinda says:

    Wizard of Oz. It’s a beautiful picture.

  7. AvatarPamela Reim says:

    The Wizard of Oz..I read dozens of that series as a child.

  8. AvatarNicole Sender says:

    The Last Unicorn! Made by Marney

  9. AvatarNicole Sender says:

    My family’s favorite: The Wizard of Oz!

  10. AvatarDiane Cloyd says:

    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I love this story and I love this block.

  11. AvatarCathy B. says:

    We went to Grandma’s house to watch the Wizard of Oz on her NEW color TV in the 60’s, only to be confused when the opening scenes were in black & white anyways! We had only ever seen the whole thing in black & white up until then!

  12. AvatarSusan Garofalo says:

    The Wizard of Oz – so excited to make this one! Thank you for sharing this cute pattern.

  13. Avatarapple blossom says:

    The book was the Wizard of Oz

  14. Avatarapple blossom says:

    The Last Unicorn

  15. AvatarJennifer M Draper says:

    All of these patterns are awesome! I really like the give aways also. I am so happy Marian posted this to another FB site we are on together. I like that I can “catch” up on the weekend. Thank you to everyone!

  16. AvatarPhyllis Carlton says:

    The wizard of oz and the last unicorn are so cute

  17. AvatarEileen says:

    Love the unicorn, great for my granddaughter!!
    Thanks for your hard work putting all this together!!

  18. AvatarSobana Sundar says:

    Oh I love the wizard of Oz which is Renee ‘s story. I think I will make a wall hanging out of it.

    • AvatarSobana Sundar says:

      Thank you Marian for putting it all together. Someday please do share patterns for the bookworm, the unicorns and the stardust blowing girl. I love them all. You are really gifted in more ways than one.

  19. AvatarShelly R says:

    First time I saw the Wizard of Oz was when I had my first sleepover party, for my 6th birthday. It had since been shown annually on TV every February, making it a birthday tradition for me for several decades. Love it!

  20. AvatarNancy C says:

    The Wizrd ofOz. I used to watch it each year 🙂

  21. AvatarPaula Lacoe says:

    Marney’s was the last unicorn

  22. AvatarJennifer Standen says:

    Wizard of Oz! What a great bunch of designers you have again this year.

  23. AvatarJanet T says:

    Another great hop, as usual! Thanks for doing this for us!

  24. Avatarjudystolz says:

    T he Wizard of Oz

  25. AvatarJP says:

    Marney’s theme was The Last Unicorn & Renee’s was The Wizard of Oz. Fun patterns!

  26. AvatarGail says:

    Marney’s block is based on “The Last Unicorn”

  27. AvatarGail says:

    Renee’s block is from the Wizard of Oz

  28. AvatarRonelle says:

    Marian, Thank you SO much for organizing another awesome row along. I always enjoy it very much and know it takes a lot of work. Thank you.

  29. AvatarJennifer Willard says:

    Marney’s theme was “The Last Unicorn“, written by Peter Beagle.

  30. AvatarThunder says:

    Becca did three little pigs.
    thank you for another great day.

  31. AvatarThunder says:

    Renee’s story is the wizard of Oz. I tried to post on her page , but word press kept timing out on me?

  32. AvatarThunder says:

    Marney’s theme was The Last Unicorn

  33. AvatarThunder says:

    The wizard of Oz, timeless classic. Love the emerald city block.

  34. AvatarTeri says:

    Marney’s theme was The Last Unicorn

  35. AvatarKathy E. says:

    Marney’s theme was The Last Unicorn…I love it!

    • AvatarRobin Klein says:

      Wasn’t sure where to leave the comments for the batting. Do I left it on their comment section and yours since the developer is here.
      1. The theme of the Wizard of Oz is “There’s no place like home”, where you have friends +repetitive who love you. For Market and the Unicorn the theme is to Never stop Dreaming, you never know if it will come true.

  36. AvatarKathy E. says:

    Wizard of Oz is the theme for her row! So sweet!

  37. AvatarMarsha says:

    Wizard of Oz. Great read and movie. Thank you to everyone for all the time and effort put in the blocks, especially to you Marion for everything.

  38. Avatarsandi says:

    My favorite show; The Wizard of Oz. I have a dvd and still watch it.

  39. AvatarSusan says:

    The Wizard of Oz. I remember watching it on TV every year when I was a kid back in the dark ages.

  40. AvatarConnie says:

    These are wonderful! I love looking at all the creativity and imagination and generosity of the quilting community…rare thing in this world! Thank you!

  41. AvatarChris says:

    The Wizard of Oz, what a fantastic pattern from Renee. All of the patterns are wonderful, and thank you Marian and all the creative ladies who offer these patterns for the Row Along this year.

  42. AvatarKaren McMahon says:

    An adorable Wizard of Oz!

  43. AvatarCarrie Miller says:

    Wizard of Oz was the theme.

  44. AvatarVivian Oaks says:

    Thanks so much for hosting another Row-a-long. As usual, you and your fellow bloggers are above and beyond in creativity and generosity. Everything you do is amazing, and to find so many others that are of your caliber to join you in giving away so many great patterns and so much cool “stuff” is just amazing!! “Thank you” doesn’t seem sufficient, but right now that’s all I’ve got…. so Thank You!!!

  45. AvatarChristi says:

    Wizard of Oz. I’m from Kansas so this is a favorite of mine.

  46. AvatarLori Smanski says:

    Thank you for hosting another amazing day

  47. AvatarSusan Earnhart says:

    I am truly amazed at the talent all you women have. It is such an honor to be given your patterns. Thank you again
    The Wizard of Oz brings back so many wonderful memories

  48. AvatarSusan Earnhart says:

    I am truly amazed at the talent all you women have. It is such an honor to be given your patterns. Thank you again

  49. AvatarSandy Wootten says:

    Thank you for hosting again this year

  50. AvatarRenee Chester says:

    thanks for hosting this once again..

  51. AvatarLorna says:

    Such beautiful blocks in this sew-a-long. Thank you to all of the designers. Wizzard of Oz.

  52. AvatarCarol O says:

    Thank you for another fun day!

  53. AvatarSharon Aurora says:

    Wonderful rows this week. A big thank you to the designers and especially to you, Marian.

  54. AvatarLori Morton says:

    Wizard of Oz!!! this is such a fun Hop!! 🙂

  55. AvatarNancy Paris says:

    Such talent by all our designers. Thank you so much

  56. AvatarVivian Oaks says:

    Wizard of Oz! I was amazed to see her 11 pages of a pattern!!! I can’t imagine how much work went into that block…just amazing!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win! Love your RAL’s.

  57. AvatarApril Nunally says:

    Wizzard of oz, thanks for the free pattern!!

  58. AvatarJoanne Maner says:

    Wizard of Oz. Wonderful story. A real classic

  59. AvatarMelany Newman says:

    Marian–Any idea why it won’t accept my click to enter the giveaways? Just says “we didn’t get your entry”. What am I doing wrong? No issues on Tuesday. Thanks for the Wonderful Row A Long

  60. AvatarMelany Newman says:

    Love the Wizard of Oz and Unicorns!

  61. AvatarJaney says:

    “The Wizard of Oz” Love it. Sing the music!

  62. AvatarDebbie Gruenbacher says:

    Wonderful to find!

  63. AvatarSandy Allen says:

    Renee used the Wizard of Oz, one of my favorites!

  64. AvatarAllison Evrard says:

    The Wizard of Oz. Always a favorite!

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