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Once Upon A Story Row AlongCan you believe it… It’s the event each year I look most forward to and this year is five years in a row. (pun intended) 🙂

Coming September 3, 2019, we’ll start this six-week event again running on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s each week until it’s over.

We have some changes this year which I’ll address inside the blog post.

Today is your chance to sign up for this event. You can be a blogger or a quilter who’d like to become known as a pattern designer. This event is a great way to gain followers for your patterns, for your blog, and for your business.

You do not need to sign up for this event if you are planning to just visit to download the patterns each day of the event. 

This year’s changes are mainly with sizes. We will be offering three sizes this year for the Row Along. a 30×30, a 12×30 and a 9×18 row. These rows can also be 30×12 and 18×9 depending on if you go horizontal or vertical.

Added: February 25, 2019 – Please note: You are making 1 row pattern in the size of your choice. You do not need to make all the sizes.

You do not need to be a blogger or have a website to participate. Your pattern will be posted on one of the bloggers who are participating in the event. It does help if you do have a site, but it’s not a requirement. If your thinking about opening a blog or website tho, this is the time to get started with that. This event will generate for you new followers and friends.

Signups will be taken until April 15, 2019. 

You must be able to produce a .pdf or .doc type of a draft of your pattern by June 10, 2019, which is sent to me. This does not need to be a finished pattern, just a draft of the pattern itself. This is a strict deadline date, if you can’t meet the deadline, you need to email me with a date you can meet, and if you still don’t meet it, I’m sorry to say it, but you will be removed from participating. Bloggers who have previously participated are given some latitude, but the reason these patterns are turned in is to give the other participating bloggers a chance to create your row for the show and tell day at the end of this event.

You must be able to stitch your row out so it can be showcased on your featured day. You have the entire summer to get this done.

This year’s theme is Once Upon A Story. Your row should contain a pattern that represents a Nursery Rhyme or a Fairytale story. Most of these are in the public domain and you can easily check to see if your chosen theme is in the public domain. Please do not copy Disney for your patterns. These are copyrighted and you will find yourself in big trouble if you do. As a for instance, if you choose to do Cinderella, you can create your pattern in your idea of what Cinderella looks like, but you can’t copy what Disney produced as Cinderella.

One of the best things about participating in this event is that Northcott Fabrics has sponsored this event every year I’ve held it. Every year they give each blogger fabric to help create their rows. The same goes for this year. Every participating blogger will receive fabric from Northcott fabrics.  Your row does not need to contain only Northcott Fabrics, but the fabrics you do choose from them do need to be included in your row. This will be discussed fully in the Facebook group you’ll be asked to join once you sign up. You do not need to be a member of Facebook, but it will also help if you are as we post previews of our rows, seek advice, get to chat with other participating bloggers, and you pretty much know what’s going on before everyone else does. You will be notified of important things in email if your not in the Facebook group.

You don’t need to be a pattern designer, but you do need enough knowledge to help you write a pattern you’ve designed yourself. If you wish to participate, but can’t create a pdf pattern, send me a scan of your drawings, your EQ (pj7 or pj8) file, or your Quiltpro file, and I will create your pattern for you, but you need to have everything written out or typed up, and all images zipped, so it’s easy for me to put the pattern together easily.

You are free to use any technique you like, whether it’s applique, embroidery, paper pieced, or normal pieced techniques via cutting shapes with either strip piecing or freezer paper.

The logo and linking text file can be downloaded here.

There are three logos this year for the Row Along… You’ll find all three logos in the zip file along with a text for links if you need them.

The Pinterest wall for this Row Along is located here

It is my job to try and find giveaways, and sponsors for this event, if you would like to sponsor a giveaway, please contact me, everything and anything quilting related is welcome. Even if it’s a crock pot or coffee…tea… I’m open to anything that makes me spend time in my sewing room and life outside it easier. 🙂

All giveaways will have a code provided by me to the bloggers for them to post on the day they are being featured. This event is too large for bloggers to create their own and try to get the info to me with varied giveaways either coming to my home or sent by the sponsor, it is easier for me to provide you with the code. Your site does not need rafflecopter to have a giveaway on your post, but it does make it easier if it does. 

You can check these urls for public domain nursery rhymes and fairy tales.


I hope we see you for the row along this year. I have some fun things planned for our 5th Anniversary and you won’t want to miss out on them. 

Our Sponsors Thus Far

Please sign up below:

if you have no blog, note no blog as the name.
Please provide an alternate method to reach you.
This helps me schedule for a day that's easier for you. Answer should be Tuesday or Thursday
Some of you have planned events each month, this will help me schedule during your free areas during the month.
If so, please list your urls in the boxes below.
I will be adding you to the secret group for the Row Along, I'll send you a friend request which you can later delete if you'd like. We just need to be friends so I can add you to the group. Noone has access to this info except me and group members once your in the group.
If you have a pattern shop, place that url here, if more than 1 url, please add them in the comments box below.
I ask this because it will help to keep track of who is doing which stories.
Is there a chance you will create something to show on Show and Tell Day? This needs to be a finished project using any of the participating rows in the Row Along including your own.

I look forward to your email joining us this year for this really fun event.

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