Once Upon A Story Row Along… Day 09

Once Upon A Story Row Along

WoW, just two more days and we’ll be done. It just goes by so quickly and where did 2019 go btw… I can’t believe we are in October already. It’s like it was January 1st yesterday and the 9 months of the year flew by in just 24 hours.

My hubby is away this week on a business trip and you’d think I’d be thrilled to have the time to myself. Once upon a time, that would have been the case. I am amazed at how I’ve grown over the years to value my time with him more and more. Just this past August we celebrated 35 years of marriage and I wonder where did all that time go to and yet I can remember each year with all the memories that come flooding in my brain at times. I was just reminding Frank this morning of a story I was thinking about when our niece was visiting us in  Italy. We were right in the middle of moving to the base from a city 40 miles from the base and a cow appeared in our back yard. Somehow the front gate of our house had opened and the cow managed to come thru the gate, walk down the very long drive way, and ended up in a back yard that was literally a hill. We normally took stairs to go into the back yard, but there was a hill also and we figure the cow must have walked down the hill. It took quite some coaxing to get that cow out of the backyard, but it finally happened. Either or, that’s not what your really here for…

Today’s Featured Designers Are:

Carole Andrews | Charlie’s Daughter at Just Let Me QuiltMountain Meadow Designs
Seams To Be Sew | Duck Creek Mountain Quilting

Please note Carole Andrews  giveaway entries can be entered here today also.

For Carole Andrews‘s pattern, is now available for download. Thank you for your patience today on this.

If you have issues commenting at Mountain Meadow Designs, please consider trying a different browser, I know for me in Firefox I couldn’t comment on her blog, but could in a chrome based browser. You can also leave your comment here to enter the giveaway also.

If you’ve been to Just Let Me Quilt earlier this morning, the Northcott giveaway is now on the post, please go back and enter.

Duck Creek Mountain Quilting has had some issues with the comment area on her post, she believes the issue is now fixed. If you tried to comment and couldn’t, please try again.

My post is now online here.

Winners For September 19, 2019 Are:

Northcott Fabrics FQ Bundle – Sandi S
Inspired LED Lighting Kit – Nancy C
Aurifil Darlene Zimmerman Watercolors – Robin K

All winners have been notified and all prizes have been shipped as of September 30, 2019

Please be sure you at least comment on Carole Andrews blog to enter.

As of September 19, 2019’s giveaways that were drawn and sent out, the total amount of giveaways over the last 5 years is at 225 people receiving prizes during the row along. Isn’t that AWESOME!!!

From Inspired LED
The most amazing
Sewing Maching Lighting Kit
Value $30.00

Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kita Rafflecopter giveaway

Electric Quilt is offering a 20% off discount to anyone who’d like to purchase there products during the Row Along.


This is an awesome discount if your considering purchasing the upgrade or the full version, even just addons. The only thing you can not purchase is there EQ Classes. The coupon expires October 8, 2019

A Value of 239.95 and worth every penny of it, a digital download copy of EQ8.

Electric Quilt

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you have a great weekend and we’ll see you Thursday

Links For The Row Along
Row Along Gallery

Rules For Giveaways (bottom of page)

btw… today is the start of the Wooly Block Event…

Wooly Block 2019-Holiday CelebrationClick the above image to visit the Row By Row Wooly Block page.
You can download a list of the participating shops on this page also.

This year’s theme is Holiday Celebrations and from all the pictures on the FB wall, there are some amazing patterns you won’t want to miss.

You can also watch the Wooly Block Facebook page or join the Wooly Block Neighborhood FB group to keep up today.. Remember, ever two days new patterns will appear to download and you can visit the online shops to buy kits. From what I can tell there are 50 shops participating this year.

stbs-2018 sig

I am an affiliate of the above companies when you click one of these links and purchase something, I earn a little bit of a commission with it. I use this money to help maintain my website and offer my free patterns to you. Every little bit helps, thank you so much for clicking and for your support. I don’t just offer up these brands to you I actually use their products and shop at these places. I would never partner with someone whose products I didn’t use.

Please remember it takes 2 minutes to comment, please say Thank You, whether you downloaded a free pattern, read a tutorial, or just learned something new. It takes time for people to write a post, take pictures, make a project or even write a pattern.
Let them know you appreciate it.

If your comment doesn’t show up after you post it, it’s most likely gone to the spam folder. I will see it and approve it, unfortunately, it just means something about your email address caught my spam filter’s eye.

I am in no way affiliated with the Row By Row Experience. I’m just a fan of this event as I love the idea that we get to support our local shops. The logo has been approved for use on this blog by Janet Lutz founder of the Row By Row Experience.


35 thoughts on “Once Upon A Story Row Along… Day 09

  1. I have enjoyed all the blocks for this RAL. I cant wait to get started making a quilt with these designs.

  2. I couldn’t find the comment form at Mountain Meadow Designs but I sent a message. I like the filler blocks and the idea of embroidering the words on some of the blocks.

  3. Wow, 225 people received prizes over the last 5 years already! That is awesome, Marian. Thank you for organizing the RAL every year. I so enjoy it and appreciate all your hard work for running it.

  4. I’ve really enjoyed this row along. Thanks so much to you for doing this and all of you designers for your wonderful designs.

  5. I hope you will be able to get around to your post for today.. I am interested in machine embroidery (not to mention your give-away) and I look forward to what you have to say.

  6. Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair, yet another great block! Thanks for all your organizing/work of this project.

  7. Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair, another great block! Thanks for all you do in organizing & fixing things for us.

  8. Rapunzel is adorable and since I have two granddaughters with golden hair, I think I need to make this for them!!!

  9. I want to say thanks for Duck Creek Mountain’s Jack Be Nimble. There was no comment section on the site and I have only a Firefox browser.

  10. Your block theme is the Nutcracker (which I love cos collect nutcrackers); Carol’s nursery theme was Rapunzel; Carol Swift’s theme is Hickory, Dickory, Dock; Duck Creek Mountain Quiltings theme is Humpty Dumpty.

    Thanks for all that you do Marian!!

  11. Jack be nimble is a wonderful block. Really liked here other renditions as well. Will they be available at some point?

  12. I am doing the row along. the pattern from Carol Schmidt does not download it is for the Rapunzel block

    1. If you use google drive, you can send the doc file to your google drive, then go to your drive folder, right-click and choose download. It will download the file to where you want to save it. I’m trying to get her to fix it, but in the meantime, that is a workaround.

  13. I can’t for the life of me find the place to leave a comment on
    Duck Creek Mountain Quiltings post, but I love seeing how her mind works. The humpty dumpty with a mustache just cracks me up and Jack be Nimble is too cute!

    1. yep, I had that issue to Joan, I changed browsers and was able to comment. Thanks for letting me know, I did make a note of it on the top of this post also. 🙂

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