Opposites Attract Blog Hop Coming June 01

stbs-Opposites_AttractI like it when people give me ideas for a bloghop… This fun hop comes from an idea that Darlene from QuiltShop Gal gave me earlier in the year.

I hope you will join us for this fun blog hop in which we are going to work with opposite colors that just seem to pop out at us.

I remember back in the 1990’s when I saw my first two-color quilt. It was amazing, like a puzzle in many respects it was filled with wonder and many turns. I don’t recall the pattern now, I stood looking at that quilt as if I was in a maze.

I have tried with no success creating two-colored quilt projects, but I just can’t seem to get the knack of it. So I’m not going to limit you to two colors, but I am going to limit you to three colors on this project.

I’d also like to see you keep this project small. My idea of small and your idea of small are two very different things tho, so lets say, keep your project under 35×50. It doesn’t have to be 35×50 mind you, it can be a purse, a mixer cover, hotpads, mugrugs, placemats, anything you’d like to try doing.

Please vote in the poll at bottom of this post… I’m needing to know if I should run a hop during the summer months? Thank You!!

Requirements To This Hop:

You can not use more than three colors in your project.

Keep it small, under 35 x 50.

Signups end April 22, 2015.

This Blog Hop starts June 01, End date TBA.

Download the logo and linking text here..

The Following is the requirement for all of my hops:

  • As long as it’s made with fabric or is sewn in some way (hand or machine), you can create anything you like. Technique doesn’t matter, it’s your choice.
  • You do not need to run your own blog to enter, Your participation can be hosted and I will help guide you thru writing your post for your day.
  • If your interested in joining, there are now two ways to join us; Click here, fill out the form and send it, or send an email to: stbsbloghops@gmail.com, include your name, your blog name, your url, and if you need a certain scheduled day in the blog hop dates. I like knowing this, you might think it’s a bit more work for me, but I’d rather schedule you where you want to be versus where I want you to be. (Schedules are done on a first come, first given basis.. some dates are more popular, so you may want to give me a second option if you choose the first or last day of the hop).
  • You must be willing to add the logo to your own blogs if you run a blog. A downloadable text file with the logo will be provided for you to download the logo text to link to.
  • If you end up not being able to show on your featured day, please write me, I’ll either work something out with you or cancel your featured day. This is important because I don’t want to visit then find out you were a no show. If you are a no show without a notification to me, you may not be able to enter future blog hops. Please know, I know emergencies do happen, I am pretty understanding about those types of things.

Thanks to The Fat Quarter Shop, they are generously sponsoring this hop.

Fat Quarter Shop

1 $25.00 Gift Certificate from FQS for each day of the hop

Vote Here Please
Poll ends April 22, 2016

The other in the poll, lets me know your thoughts, please tell me your thoughts. You could even just tell me when in the summer might be a good time for you.

I look forward to your projects, seeing your blogs and the overall intrigue that each hop always seems to bring.


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4 Responses to Opposites Attract Blog Hop Coming June 01

  1. Avatarsusan says:

    Okay, I’m in. =)

  2. AvatarJulia Lensi says:

    Just a thank you, love your work.

  3. AvatarYanicka says:

    Sent you an email 🙂

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