Opposites Attract.. Yesterday’s Winner and Thank You’s


Opposites Attract is over now, and it always leaves me with a feeling of longing when a blog hop ends. Today is no different.

We saw some amazing projects in this blog hop, many of which will leave lasting impressions. I am always inspired after a blog hop, with lots of new and fun creative ideas. Blog hops for me, are like a mini quilt show, we get to “show off” what we’ve done, and hopefully we get some feedback for it with comments from our visitors, our friends. I don’t even mind hearing negative feedback when it’s warranted. 

I’d like to first thank the Bloggers, without your participation and your willingness to participate, we couldn’t do these events. You are what make these events successful.

Our visitors… I prefer to call you my friends, you come to our blogs, you look around, and hopefully enjoy what we’ve posted for you today. Thank you for taking a moment or two of your time to visit each of the blogs, it makes our day when we see your comments, and hear your feedback.

To our sponsors for Opposites Attract, The Fat Quarter Shop, and DJ Inkers, I am truly honored and grateful for your generosity in helping us bring visitors to our blogs, I personally shop at The Fat Quarter Shop, and at DJ Inkers, and I love bringing giveaways from places I personally use myself.


to “Lisa Marie” June 07’s winner of The Fat Quarter Shop $25.00 gift certificate with her comment at “Sew Many Yarns“.

stbs-FQS June07-winner 003 2016-0608

Congratulations to “Joan K” you’ve won the DJ Inkers Kids All Year CD, with her entry of Chocolate and Popcorn on June 3rd.

DJInkers Winner JoanK

They were asked What Goes Together? I didn’t elaborate on this, and their were all kinds of fun answers, with a cool common answer of fabric and thread, needle and thread… etc.. 🙂

The Fat Quarter Shop and DJ Inkers have been notified and you will hear from them soon. If you don’t hear from them, please feel free to write me and let me know, mistakes do happen.

The Pinterest Board for this blog hop is located here. The great thing about having Pinterest boards is that you can see all of the projects all at once, and visit that site to read more about that project even when this blog hop becomes one year old or older. That’s what I love about Pinterest.

When you visit this site, Opposites Attract will be listed in the menu until at least this same time in 2017, and always on my Events page. 

Each days post of this page offers the direct links to the page of the hop for the day. 

Coming Events

Perfect Pairs Block Of The Week

Perfect Pairs, my mini-Block of the Week for 2016
You’ve enjoyed the patterns each day of this hop, now, Coming
Every Wednesday for the next ten weeks, a new perfect pair.

Summer Sensations

While we won’t have as many blogs participating in a normal hop, it’s still going to be fun to see those who are and their sweet Summer Sensations.

stbs-Road Home tall banner

and 2016’s Biggest Event
The Road Home
Row Along

Six Weeks
 Two Days a Week

You will be totally AMAZED at what the bloggers have come up with for this one.
Stunning Rows of Their Roads Home.

With the closing of Opposites Attract,

I’ll wish you a fabulous summer, full of fun in the sun, the oceans breeze, Poolside drinks, and plenty of wonderful wonderful Ice-Cream, slushies, funnel cakes (I sew sew miss these), rides at the fair, tending to the gardens, playing in the pool, and all the wonderful things that Summer brings, and remember, before you know it, Fall will be here and Summer will be a breeze in the past.. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Opposites Attract.. Yesterday’s Winner and Thank You’s

  1. It’s okay with me if summer runs past at a gallop. It’s already hot! Thanks so much for organizing a great hop. I enjoyed doing it, and look forward to just playing with the next ones, because I didn’t sign up. But I’ll be back for another one later, if you keep doing them. =)

    1. LOL.. well I have no plans to stop, I love them, so I’ll continue to do them as long as there is an interest.

  2. Thanks so much Marian. This has been great fun and we are all so pleased you have taken on this challenge to keep our hops going!

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