OttLite Comes To The Road Home.. and a new RBR link..

Ott LiteI am very excited to announce the latest sponsor for The Road Home Row Along starting in just under 3 short weeks now.

OttLite has offered one of their amazing lamps as a giveaway during the event.

I only just purchased my own OttLite a few short months ago, and I see what all the buzz is about now. I’m sure you might remember when I showed you the lighting differences with my Bernie and how adding additional lighting affects your overall display area, it’s the same with their lighting also. It gives you a broader area in which it concentrates the lighting and allows you to see as you should instead of straining to see what you might not be able to see. OttLite are not expensive lamps, they cost less than an ordinary desk lamp does when you consider how many times you probably change a regular light bulb. OttLite lamps use LED lighting to help enhance the lasting ability of the bulb and LED is energy efficient. I would encourage you to visit their website to see all the various lamps they offer and read about the great features that come in every lamp they sell.

OttliteI think this is a great lamp, can you imagine all the fun you’ll have wheeling it around your work area with you, what a cool idea.

OttLite will be giving one of these lamps away, the total value of this lamp is $159.99
This giveaway does have a shipping restriction to the USA and Canada excluding Quebec.

I also added the Learning Landscapes DVD image for Kathy McNeil’s giveaway for The Road Home Row Along.

In today’s other news 🙂

Judy left a note this morning that PineTree Quilt Shop has their 2014 Row By Row pattern available in their Free Patterns section of their website. You do need to run it thru the cart, once your are finished, just click the links to download the pattern. To get to the Free pattern, “Hover” over the Shop menu and click on Free patterns. It is currently on the first page and is the 2nd row.

Their 2015 Row by Row pattern is available also for a very small fee. I am guessing it is also available for download. The page doesn’t say whether it is or isn’t, so I do not know for sure.

I have updated the RBR page also.

I will be back tomorrow, with another sponsor for The Road Home Row Along, and another link for you, along with hopefully a little surprise that I hope you will enjoy.

Cya then,


6 thoughts on “OttLite Comes To The Road Home.. and a new RBR link..

  1. I have used OTT lights for years. But I was a little disappointed when we needed to replace a part that broke. The part was a broken power plug that goes into the wall. They wanted $20 for the part and $10 for shipping. I can understand the cost of the plug, but $10 to ship a small piece of plastic? The real kicker is, they are located in my town, and they won’t let me pick it up 🙁

    1. You could probably take it to a specialty shop to repair it for less than what even the part would cost. I totally understand about having things happen, but for that 30.00, you could almost just buy a new one.

    1. and see, I didn’t know you had an Ottlite, I’m so glad your enjoying yours, I am looking forward to many years of great use with mine also. I really wish I’d bought mine along time ago now. I am enjoying it tho it’s really great for right around my desktop and cutting area which is where I have it at.

  2. What a great lamp. I’d love to win that myself. I have a stationary floor lamp in the living room where I do my handwork, and a portable in the bedroom where I read, but I’d love to have a wheeled one I could take into the sewing room and put where I wanted to. I could sew at night! In Phoenix, I had great lighting and it was no problem, but I feel like this house is dark all the time – farther north has something to do with it, house facing the wrong way. LOL

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