Today’s Giveaways for the RowAlong Inspired LED, Aurifil, and Hobbs Batting…

My Happy Place RAL 2018The amazing giveaways for the row along come to you today from Inspired LED, Hobbs Batting, Aurifil.

Among all the great giveaways being offered for the row along, these are amongst my three favorite items. I have used Hobbs Batting for as long as I can remember as a quilter and the warmth it provides when I sleep under it. It always leaves me with that feeling like why do I want to get up into a cold room.. hehehe. I have always loved working with this batting also. I find it very easy to stitch thru. My first impression of the Inspired LED light came from a blog post a few years ago during a blog hop and I was definitely intrigued. We all have issues with lighting at the sewing machine and it just seems like the lighting the machine gives us is never enough or isn’t in the right spot. I really love the Inspired LED light, so much so I have one on all 4 of my sewing machines and 1 extra for the machine that doesn’t get a lot of use. I just haven’t used it, so it hasn’t been added yet. With Aurifil, well who doesn’t love this thread. I started collecting all the colors back when we lived in Italy, and while I never bought every single color I have a good enough selection of colors to help me select the right color for each project.

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Today’s Giveaways for the RowAlong from Michael Miller, C&T Publishing, and June Tailor

My Happy Place RAL 2018Well, today we are just 8 days from the Row Along starting. I have read all your comments over the last week and I can tell many of you are also ready for it to get started. 

I would like to point out that the giveaway previews I am posting last week and this week are to be given away during the row along once it starts. I do this so you know what’s coming and what will be given away. Please note that most of these giveaways will be offered at the blogs of the designers on their featured day. The only announcement on what will be given away that week is on this blogs post on each Tuesday and Thursday of the Row Along event in September and October.

Today I am featuring Michael Miller FabricsC&T Publishing, and 
June Tailor.

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Fabulous Freebees… A Small Project With A Cool Look…

MooseStash Fabulous Freebies

So, today is my day on the Fabulous Freebees blog hop, hosted by my friend Joan at MooseStash Quilting. You’d never guess this was the first hop she’s hosted, she’s been great at getting it organized and keeping us all apprised of the happenings of the hop. Thanks, Joan for hosting this very fun hop.

Free patterns are really everywhere on the web. I’ve heard more than once that we are inundated with them. Frankly, who doesn’t love a free pattern? I can’t tell you I don’t, because I do.  I’ve even been known to offer a few free patterns myself every now and again. 🙂 I have no problem buying a pattern I like, but free ones are always nice also.

I didn’t create one of my own patterns, as I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while. 

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Hoffman, Anita Goodesign, and Nancy Scott Featured Giveaways Today…

My Happy Place RAL 2018I didn’t get a post created yesterday. I was so busy trying to finish up Sam and Sam for a release that I simply forgot to get the post written, so today I’ll do three of the giveaways and do another three tomorrow or Saturday…

In the meantime, some silly chitchat on website stuff… I have now secured my site to an https address. Please check the address and see if it will open for you in an https environment. I want everyone to be able to view my blog, so it was a necessary change that I’ve been putting off doing for quite some time. Thank you to Pat for writing me about the error she was receiving. It made me get off my duff and make the switch. You can actually view the blog without the https environment, but if you want the security that https brings, you might like to make the switch yourself.

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My Happy Place Row Along – Barbara Dieges, & Kimberbell Giveaways…

My Happy Place RAL 2018Just as quilters who use bloggers have their headaches sometimes with Blogger, WordPress users experience the same issues. WordPress decides to make a change that is so massive in its change it can and most likely will affect your entire site. Normally because of some plugins I use, my site runs a bit slow, but recently, WordPress has decided to change the editor system that we use to create our posts in. Suffice it to say, I am old and set in my ways and I do not like it… Heck, I didn’t even survive 2 minutes trying it out I found it so confusing. So I went back to my old editor not really realizing that still having that newish editor that I’m sure they will force upon us at some point was slowing my site down to a turtle’s crawl. I’ve spent days now trying to figure out why the site was so slow and it turned out that not only the editor but one of the older galleries I had installed was making it creep along also. The site is faster now, but still not as fast as what I’d like so I’m working to try and find the issues involved. So I do apologize for any delays you may have experienced in loading pages.

Today I am featuring the giveaways from Barbara Dieges and Kimberbell patterns. These will be given away during the My Happy Place Row Along next month and in October.

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My Happy Place Row Along – Northcott Fabrics & The Fat Quartershop Giveaways…

My Happy Place RAL 2018As many of you know, coming on September 4, 2018 just two weeks and a day away is the My Happy Place Row Along. The Row Along itself will be 4 years old, each year it has had a different theme, but the Row Along part of the name has continued to exist. Each year, giveaways from sponsors have been offered and both Northcott and The Fat Quartershop are just a few of the great companies who have given us great products every year of this row along.

I do have some other news at the bottom of this post, so be sure you read the entire post, please… 

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Cupcake Of The Month Released… Winners Announced…

August CCIt’s been a very odd time for me this past month or so… First I’d like to thank all of you who wished me well on my road to my recovery with my leg. I am up and around now and can get up and down those stairs.

My husband has been away on a business trip this week and it has thrown me into a headspace that I just haven’t been able to seem to get out of. Normally, I am pretty independent but for some reason these past few days I have just been wonky in the head, not really feeling like I’m all here. Perhaps its the anticipation of 34 years next week, our anniversary is coming up and while we don’t really have any major plans it’s always a wonderful time just realizing that we’ve been together for that long. Believe me when I say, when I first walked into this marriage all those years ago, I wasn’t sure I’d still be here all these years later. I didn’t grow up feeling like my own parent’s marriage was strong, so I never felt anyone could love me for as long as Frank has stuck by me. I guess I was wrong. He did say to me, I don’t believe in divorce and I always took him for his word. 🙂

We are two and a half weeks from the row along starting and it’s a really busy time for all of us. So I’m going to try and keep this a short post today and next week I’ll be posting all the giveaways the sponsors have for you.

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