Pumpkin Pumpkin, Who’s Got The Pumpkin…

Pick A PumpkinToday is my day on this very fun blog hop which Carla from Creatin In The Sticks has hosted. It’s been full of fun and creative ideas and I have been awed and inspired these last few days with all the great projects that have been shown from the other bloggers. Thus the reason I love blog hops, we are each all so different, loving the same hobby, but we come together all wanting to do that person’s projects once you see it live. I love that about blogging and quilting.

I have created my own project for this hop, having made tons of these while we lived overseas. It was so easy for me to join this hop and create these pumpkins I could have made hundreds, to be honest. They are fun, easy and a quick project to boot… Tiny, but so fun… and so many cool things can be done with them. They also make a fun gift for someone who loves to decorate for fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween.. etc… I’ve made this up into a pattern and have a giveaway inside for those of you who might like to have the pattern.

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My First Block Of The Month… Do You Remember It?

Little Treasures BOM

It seems funny to me that it’s been four years now since I offered what was my first block of the month. They were these very cute dolls from Graphics and Graphics. It was called Little Treasures. I’ll show you some of the patterns in that set in this post for those of you not aware of it…

I’ve often said how much I love seeing the patterns created, part of the reason I do my block of the months the way I do now is so that I can see them be done. I don’t like forcing people to do them, but they are an amazing amount of work and time to create so I went that route so that my time would also pay off in seeing how you created the pattern into fabric and decoration. Hopefully into a beautiful quilt that will be treasured.

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The Purple People Eater… Art With Fabric Blog Hop…

Art With Fabric

So there I was, debating what to create for this blog hop, and the only thing on my mind was Halloween and what to do with that blog hop… My mind was on the Purple People Eater… not that I ever saw the movie that this saying was made famous in, but to me, a people eater is like a monster that is purple… Ya’ll know I love monsters, so there ya have it, as my mind considered the Purple People Eater, Halloween approached and my project got done, time to move on to Art With Fabric’s project… but I still couldn’t get the Purple People Eater off my mind. So, instead, I did Snowflakes… 🙂 Purple in fact.

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And My Project for Peek A Who…

Peek A Who Halloween BlogHopI had originally created a set of Owl Placemats. However, they were a commissioned item for someone at Frank’s work. He took the placemats to work with him Tuesday without realizing I hadn’t taken the pictures yet. These were for a birthday gift for his boss, and the woman who was adding them with his other gifts was pestering him to bring the placemats to work, so thinking they were done and they were … he took them to work.. I looked everywhere on Wednesday for those placemats, realizing I should have left them in the sewing room as Frank wouldn’t have touched them if they’d been up here. So, I’ve spent the entire day doing something else, and I love the result, I think more than the Owl placemats… I wish I had a better picture of the end result, but I’ll do that later today and post it here when I have it

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And It’s the Last Day of Peek A Who…

Peek A Who Halloween BlogHopIt’s always sad when a fun event such as any blog hop we venture into ends. All the creativity and inspiration tho still goes on by each of these bloggers each time they post. Blogging is a very popular way to inform people of what you’re up to… One does not need to be famous to run a blog, some of the best bloggers I know are not famous and they are full of inspiration and creativity. Having events such as this one help to bring us all together since the one thing we love most is this hobby known as quilting. It’s always my hope that during a new blog hop or row along you will find some fun new friends along the way by finding a new blog you hadn’t known about beforehand. It’s always fun also to have new blogs join in on the fun. As the year comes to an end, I wish to thank everyone who participated in this hop this week, your amazing projects have filled my mind with wonderful new ideas for the future and I can honestly see myself creating some of these projects also.

Today’s Schedule:

Friday, October 26, 2018

Kathys Kwilts and More | Quilted Delights
Seams To Be Sew | Bumbleberry Style

The Fat Quartershop and Timeless Treasures giveaways are not being drawn until Monday morning. This allows weekend visitors a chance to enter the giveaways.

I will also draw the Calibre Art winner on Monday the 29th.

Enter The Giveaways by opening the post, and don’t forget to grab your free pattern today.

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On This The 4th Day of Peek A Who…

Peek A Who Halloween BlogHopWe again have some very talented bloggers who will be showing off their wonderful projects. Yesterday we saw some outrageously fun projects that I know inspired me to get busy and finish a quilt… I was really hoping to do more of that this year but time just passes so quickly it seems and sometimes real life has to come first over my lonely Bernie who is waiting patiently for me to use him again… I have done some sewing this year, but my concentration is more on Christmas and my new grand nephew coming to us in the New Year. I hope you to have found some inspiration and will find some more today.

Today’s Schedule

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Just Because Quilts | Elizabeth Coughlin Designs
Patchwork Breeze | Life in the Scrapatch
Seams To Be Sew

The rest of the schedule can be found here.

The Timeless Treasures and The Fat Quartershop giveaways run all week long.

Enter The Giveaways by opening the post, and don’t forget to grab your free pattern of the day each day.

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And We Venture Into the 3rd Day of Peek A Who…

Peek A Who Halloween BlogHopDid you see the projects featured yesterday… OMGosh, weren’t they wonderful. My mind is boggled with all the great ideas and creativity we’ve seen so far these past few days… I’m so excited about what’s to come.

PLEASE READ!!  Those of you not familiar with my pattern a day during blog hops… I need to explain a little issue I keep receiving in my email… The pattern of the day that I’m offering this week is only available for 24 hours and then it is deleted. Once my next day post goes live, that’s it, the pattern comes down and the new one goes up. I’ve clearly stated this on each day below the picture of the pattern. If you can figure out how to download the pattern, you can certainly read that it’s only available for 24 hours. I don’t like being like this, but, I will NOT send you the pattern via email ever. Please do not ask me to. You will get this same response in your email. The patterns go up for sale after the pattern is no longer available for free. Payhip doesn’t allow for mobile device downloads, so you need to use a desktop or a laptop to download with. You will receive an email with the download link, be sure you get it downloaded via a desktop or laptop prior to midnight est every night. Any time after that I will not guarantee that the pattern is still available for download. Those patterns are deleted off the server once I click to delete the product from the cart.  This is how the 12 Days of Event also in Nov/Dec also works.

Let’s now get on to the schedule…

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

MooseStashQuilting | Hand Stitched Treasure
DesertSky Quilting | Adventurous Applique and Quilting
Seams To Be Sew

The rest of the schedule can be found here.

The Timeless Treasures and The Fat Quartershop giveaways run all week long.

Enter The Giveaways by opening the post, and don’t forget to grab your free pattern of the day each day.

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