Finally, My Post For Today Is Ready…

Once Upon A Story Row AlongWoW, can’t believe I came to finish this post this morning and everything I’d written was gone, just disappeared into the nothingness…. so… I’ve had to re-write everything..

We had quite a few issues this morning on the other blogs participating today, please see my other post for those issues that have been fixed.

Now, for the reason I am posting today…. Back when I started going about changes I wanted to make for the row along this year, I had decided to make the size change. I love how it has worked out and am very happy with all of the rows we’ve seen thus far and the rest to come. I had created some layouts and posted them to the designers group for them to mull over. After the theme was chosen, Paula at Mountain Meadow Designs wrote me and asked if she could do some filler rows in addition to her normal row. I said sure… As she was telling me her ideas, I got to thinking that one of her ideas would be wonderful also done in machine embroidery designs. I asked Paula if she minded if I did some of these for those of you with embroidery machine and she was fine with it. Thus, the reason you’ve come to my post today.

Today, my post is all about machine embroidery. If you don’t have an embroidery machine, you won’t find much value in my post and there is no download for you unless you own a sewing machine with an embroidery arm or an embroidery only machine.

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Once Upon A Story Row Along… Day 09

Once Upon A Story Row Along

WoW, just two more days and we’ll be done. It just goes by so quickly and where did 2019 go btw… I can’t believe we are in October already. It’s like it was January 1st yesterday and the 9 months of the year flew by in just 24 hours.

My hubby is away this week on a business trip and you’d think I’d be thrilled to have the time to myself. Once upon a time, that would have been the case. I am amazed at how I’ve grown over the years to value my time with him more and more. Just this past August we celebrated 35 years of marriage and I wonder where did all that time go to and yet I can remember each year with all the memories that come flooding in my brain at times. I was just reminding Frank this morning of a story I was thinking about when our niece was visiting us in  Italy. We were right in the middle of moving to the base from a city 40 miles from the base and a cow appeared in our back yard. Somehow the front gate of our house had opened and the cow managed to come thru the gate, walk down the very long drive way, and ended up in a back yard that was literally a hill. We normally took stairs to go into the back yard, but there was a hill also and we figure the cow must have walked down the hill. It took quite some coaxing to get that cow out of the backyard, but it finally happened. Either or, that’s not what your really here for…

Today’s Featured Designers Are:

Carole Andrews | Charlie’s Daughter at Just Let Me QuiltMountain Meadow Designs
Seams To Be Sew | Duck Creek Mountain Quilting

Please note Carole Andrews  giveaway entries can be entered here today also.

For Carole Andrews‘s pattern, is now available for download. Thank you for your patience today on this.

If you have issues commenting at Mountain Meadow Designs, please consider trying a different browser, I know for me in Firefox I couldn’t comment on her blog, but could in a chrome based browser. You can also leave your comment here to enter the giveaway also.

If you’ve been to Just Let Me Quilt earlier this morning, the Northcott giveaway is now on the post, please go back and enter.

Duck Creek Mountain Quilting has had some issues with the comment area on her post, she believes the issue is now fixed. If you tried to comment and couldn’t, please try again.

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Once Upon A Story Row Along… Day 08

Once Upon A Story Row AlongTime sure flys when your having fun and I suspect that ya’ll are having fun. We are in Day 08 of the row along and it just seems to have flown right by these past 7 days, even tho it’s been 23 days since the row along started.

Please note, that reports from others have it that my yahoo email address is being sent to spam/junk folders, please check those folders if you see your first name and your last initial to see if you are the winner. I only give winners 3 days to let me know they want there prize after this the prize is redrawn. This is clearly stated in the rules for giveaways also. I use my yahoo address because I’ve been having issues with my gmail address not sending properly.

On another note, I am sorry, but as I noted on the first day of this row along, designers are only obligated to keep there patterns free for one week after there featured day. After this day they are free to do what they like with there patterns, put them up for sale, remove them or continue to offer them on there site freely.  This rule was changed 2 years ago in 2017, it was unfair to ask designers who started the event to keep there patterns free for the whole event when designers who ended the event only had to do it for a week, so the rule was changed so that it is fair to all designers. It is up to you, to visit the sites each week to download the patterns.

Today’s Featured Designers

Thursday, 9/26/2019
From My Carolina Home | Words & StitchesTuning My Heart Quilts
Words & Stitches download link has been fixed.

Tuesday September 17th Winners

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Once Upon A Story Day 07….

Hard to believe how fast the weeks go by with each Tuesday and Thursday that passes.

We’ve seen some great row patterns over the past few weeks and I hope we get to see your creations from those in the next few months.

Due to a scheduling change for my personal life, I’ve had to move my post from today to next Thursday.  Today we have two designers featuring there rows and Thursday there are three… Next week will be slightly heavier as we’ve added some additional help to your projects for next Tuesday and the following Thursday we’ll do 4 designers.

Today’s Designers Are:

Tuesday, 9/24/2019
Pumpkin Patch BC | Stitchin at Home

No Winner Announcements Today, they were made last Thursday

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Once Upon A Story Row Along … Day 06

Once Upon A Story Row Along

Today is day 06 of the Once Upon A Story Row Along and we are at the half way point in the row along. I have truly enjoyed all of your comments, your stories, and seeing the progression of how each day just rows on by. 😉

A huge thank you for your kind comments about The Nutcracker row. I’ve enjoyed reading your stories you’ve left in your comments.

Today we have three designers for you all of whom have participated in previous row alongs.

Thursday, 9/19/2019
Duck Creek Mountain Quilting | Cynthia’s Creating Ark | Elizabeth Coughlin Designs
Rafflecopter seems to be fixed now and all giveaways seem to be working just fine.

I believe your really going to love today’s patterns from the above designers.

Winners For September 10th are:

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Once Upon A Story… Day 05

Once Upon A Story Row AlongThe other day, I was sending a notice to someone about how they’d won a giveaway. She asked me how come I name the days the way I do for the row along. I said it’s because it’s how the days fall with this event. She thought it was interesting, but odd, and I said, well if I said Day 05 was actually Day 14, wouldn’t you wonder where the other 9 days of the event were? She laughed and said yea I guess I would. I thought it was a funny enough story to let you all in on why I name the days of the event the way that I do.

Today is Day 05 of the Once Upon A Story Row Along, we have 6 days left over the next 3 weeks. Today are another three designers are here to show you some fun rows and hope that you enjoy them. We’d love to see you make something with the rows, I can promise you, I know of no designer wo doesn’t love seeing what people make with there patterns. I know for me, I love seeing what happens to my patterns and what people do with them or how they incorporate them into there projects.

Here is today’s schedule:

Tuesday, 9/17/2019
Barbara Dieges | Miss P Designs USA | Seams To Be Sew
(yes I have a row pattern today, click the link to go to my post)

Go On, Go and Have A Peek… you know you want to…

Our winners for September 5, 2019 are:

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Once Upon A Story Row Along… My First Row…

The Nutcracker - (Hans)Ok, I’ve spilled the beans, yep, I have at least two rows for the row along this year. This one was created quite by accident. I was trying to think of what to do for my yearly gift for my sisters birthday this year and I happened upon this idea. Her favorite story is my first row for the row along this year. I had already created my first row which I’ll feature next week, so this one is a kind of bonus row.

My sisters favorite story is The Nutcracker and low and behold I found out that it is considered a fairy tale. So it occurred to me that I could create a row for the row along with it and at the same time my sister gets a birthday gift out of it. ssshhhh tho, she knows nothing about it and lucky me, she doesn’t follow my blog. I do not even think she’s ever even visited it, even tho she clearly knows it exists.

Before I send you inside the post to download this row, be sure to enter the giveaways and let me know what you think of this design.

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