Playing Catchup!!

Well I’ve been a bad bad girl. It’s not that I haven’t thought about posting. I’ve just been very busy doing many things and playing with EQ and Bernina’s Designer Plus software trying to learn both.  I have managed to do a few things in these few short months since I last posted and I will follow up with those posts here in a few moments.

I’ve also gained permission to post tips for the Viking machines from the site known previously as Sew Much For Retirement, originally created by Janice Hemming. I am currently working to get that area of the site up and running so people who loved her tips and tricks on using there Vikings can again enjoy those really helpful tips.

There may be a few problems on the site as I work thru having upgraded WordPress and while I will try to get them fixed, I will ask you if you would kindly let me know if you run across any errors, or bad links on the site. One can never know what will go wrong when you upgrade any type of script.

See ya soon,

Playing Catchup!!

Can You Say … Beginner Alert!!



Today I submitted my first Club EQ project and these are what I submitted for April 2013. I wanted to show you my boo boo on this project, submitted anyway, because it says on there page they will fix errors. LOL So I hope they will laugh when they see mine. It’s quite obvious, apparently somehow, somewhere along the way I ended up with this block like thing in my quilt, and for my lack of knowledge, I couldn’t figure out what I did, so I ended up with a block on the outside edge of my project. You can see it via the first image. No matter what I did, I couldn’t figure out how to remove it. I don’t even know what it is.

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Bea’s EQ Appliqued Animals Blog Hop Comes To An End..

Bea’s EQ Appliqued Animals Blog Hop Comes To An End..

It’s been an amazing week full of fun, learning and great times at each of the different sites for Bea’s EQ Applique’D Animals Blog Hop. For me, being a new blog site, I’ve learned not only about EQ itself, but taking care of my blog and how to do things I was not aware of prior to people coming to visit me. I wish to take a moment and thank each of you who visited, especially those of you who left comments, compliments and the wanting to learn. I hope you will take the time, or purchase EQ and realize that your dreams can come true in quilting.

The above image gallery is a beautiful reminder of the sites I’ve learned from this week and a wonderful opportunity for you to continue to visit.

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EQ Applique Animals – Spring 2013

EQ Applique Animals – Spring 2013Bea’s EQ Applique Animals – Spring 2013

Hosted by Beaquilter

April 22 to 26, 2013

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All sites are linked directly to the page for the day they participated. At any time, someone can change the link to their page and I won’t know it. I try to check links about once a year. Please contact me if you come across a 404 error page. I will try to get the link fixed quickly. – All links checked January 2014

Summer Stuff – Bea’s EQ Applique’D Animal Blog Hop – Butterfly

Summer Stuff – Bea’s EQ Applique’D Animal Blog Hop – ButterflyThis is my last block for Bea’s EQ Applique’D Animal Blog Hop, but is definitely not my last block to ever be made in EQ. This has been such a wonderful and a truly great learning experience for me. I’ve learned from the other bloggers who have also participated in this hop, and my deepest appreciation for your kind comments about the blocks I’ve done has been just really wonderful. Thank You so much. Thanks go to Bea for letting me join this Blog Hop, The tutorial at DoYouEQ called Tracing In PatchDraw, Electric Quilt who creates this software for us to play in. The Graphics Shoppe who’s images I used to create my blocks for this blog hop. Continue reading