Polls Fixed – and New Previews of Sue and Sam..

Sue and Sam Travel The World BOTM

Today I have some new previews for you… some you may have seen in the layout images yesterday, but I’m going to show you a closer more detailed image than what you saw in the layouts… If you missed the previous previews of Sue and Sam that I posted a few weeks ago, they are located near the bottom of this page.

First I would like to note that the poll options from yesterday have been fixed, thank goodness … If you tried to vote yesterday and didn’t see a “results” show up for your vote, please try again. You can vote once daily on each of the polls. There are two polls, one for February’s release, and one for the layout of the quilt itself. Please take the time to vote, it’s anonymous, and it helps me to know you are interested in this block of the month.

I’ve also updated the Block of the Month‘s page that I posted a few weeks ago with new BOTMs, for you to follow, but their is nothing new added that Susan also hasn’t covered on her blog in the last week or so. She’s very fast. 🙂

Here are the other previews of what’s coming. Germany was just finished today, so it’s not shown in the layout images from yesterday.

Aren’t these just turning out great..

I’m really excited about this Block Of The Month for 2016.

Please remember to vote

Please take the time to read the Guidelines and Features for this Block of the month.

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11 thoughts on “Polls Fixed – and New Previews of Sue and Sam..

  1. WOWZER, they are all adorable! You are really talented, Thanks so much for doing this BOM! I LOVE SBS and SBS, these are going to make a fantastic quilt!

  2. Just love them all can’t wait to get started, you do such lovely work and I think your site is the best I have ever found.

  3. Oh, yes, love the ones from Germany. These are just so adorable! Thank you for all the work you are doing *free*! I know I’ll be getting them all eventually, though.

    1. I finished Ireland today, and they to are just adorable… I’ll post a preview in a day or so of those.. I would love to see what you do with them.

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