Welcome To International Craft Month

stbs-TM-00Welcome To International Craft Month.

Today is March 1, and it’s going to be a month of celebrations and fun. With new and different show casings of crafts.

It’s pretty obvious, I am a quilter, but, before I was a quilter, I was also into a sewing, and crafts. I have even taught classes in sewing and crafting when we lived in Cumberland, MD at So-Fro Fabrics. I really loved it. My first experience with crafting was when I was a young teen, and went to a 4-H meeting where they were doing pottery on the wheel. From that day, and to this, I still love pottery. While I’ve never purchased a potters wheel and kiln, I’ve had the opportunity to dabble with them over the years. Many crafts are done with fabric, and this is where a quilter draws on that knowledge. Probably the first “craft” type items we have seen were done in quilting are Crazy Quilts. Crazy Quilts are the epitomy of a craft type item, which also happens to be a quilt. With Crazy Quilts, you can use charms, buttons, embroidery, cross stitch, netting, lace, just about any type of texture and embellishment and have so much fun with it. As time passed, it also came into more of the “art” type quilts we see today along with wearables. Terial Magic is perfect for these types of projects.

Terial Magic essentially speaking is a fabric stiffener. It’s main purpose is to stiffen fabric so you can shape it into various shapes. It’s not really meant for you to wash the fabric afterwards, but it is washable and when washed it removes the stiffener. You can see some of the amazing projects that Terial Magic is meant to do here.

Terial Magic was never meant to do turn edge applique, but someone came along and tried it, and to some degree it does work well. In other ways, not so well. This tutorial isn’t about what it doesn’t do well tho, although I’ll show you examples below of why it doesn’t do well below. This is about how to use the product, and trying it for yourself. What Terial Magic does do well is if your doing raggy applique, rag edge applique, reverse applique, anywhere that you don’t have to turn your fabric to the other side, or inside out.

Essentially, it replaces the idea of using Heat-N-Bond, but it’s not a replacement for Heat-N-Bond, the two products are not the same, even tho they are both fabric stiffeners. Terial Magic doesn’t have the glue-like properties in it like you expect Heat-N-Bond to have.

When I was researching, and am still researching a perfect way to cut fabric on a cutting machine, Terial Magic was brought to my attention by Kari in the Bernina Designer Plus v7 Yahoo Group. So I ordered some and gave it a try.

This tutorial is for those of you who use cutting machines. It doesn’t matter which cutting machine you use other than die cutting machines such as Accuquilt, If you own KNK, Silhouette, Brother SNC or the Cricut or any of the various others on the market, then finding a way to cut your fabric without a Heat-N-Bond type product is not an easy thing to find.

Terial Magic comes in a liquid spray bottle, it is of course liquid, but somewhat sticky in it’s touch, and has a lovely clean smell to it. I don’t think their is one without the slight fragrance, so if you have issues with something like Best Press, you might have issues also with Terial Magic.

It use to be shipped with the pump already attached to the bottle, but in 2014, they changed this shipping method so that the pump is now separated when shipping and it has a separate cap with a seal on the bottle so that no liquid can possibly escape during shipping. They also sell a refill bottle.

The following is how to use Terial Magic.

The simple idea is to gather your fabrics in the sizes that you need.

stbs-TM-01You’ll need a bowl (preferably metal so any greasy residue holding in a plastic bowl won’t end up on your fabric)

stbs-TM-03Several pieces of plastic (one for each of the fabrics your spraying), I used an old plastic freezer bags, your iron, some dishwashing gloves if you don’t like your hands to get sticky and Terial Magic.

stbs-TM-04Place a scrap of fabric into a metal bowl,

stbs-TM-05spray some liquid on it, start with a few bursts and add more as needed. You do NOT need a lot of the spray even for large pieces of fabric.

stbs-TM-06You do not need to fully wet the piece with the spray, (if you do, you’ve oversprayed), as you scrunch the fabric in your hands, the liquid will flow thorough the rest of the cloth. You do need the entire piece of cloth to be fully wet, but it doesn’t need to be wet like dripping wet, just enough to see that it’s wet.

stbs-TM-08Scrunch your fabric, it’s ok.. really 🙂 and work the liquid thru so it gets your fabric fully wet.

stbs-TM-09This shows you how wet it should be. This is wet, but not dripping wet.

stbs-TM-11This was a very large piece of fabric that I sprayed.

stbs-TM-12When you get to the last piece, clean up your bowl with your fabric, your still going to have to wash your bowl, but Terial Magic is not inexpensive, in fact it’s quite expensive, so feel free to clean up your bowl before you spray to get those last lingering very expensive droplets onto your cloth.

Call me silly, but I don’t like wasting stuff when it is very expensive.

stbs-TM-10Do one piece at a time, laying each piece of fabric between the plastic sheets.

stbs-TM-13If you’ve allowed your first piece of plastic to overlap a bit, pull it to the top, and grab both sides, so your emcompassing all the fabric between the layers of plastic.

stbs-TM-14Then head on over to your clothes line.

stbs-TM-15Lay it in place

stbs-TM-17Then just start hanging your pieces.

stbs-TM-18Most pieces of fabric will only need 1 clothespin, but if it’s large, use 2.

stbs-TM-20You want it to be semi-dry, not damp, but semi-dry. You should be able to hold it in your hand and it seems stiff.

stbs-TM-34Lay your fabric unlike me on a clean flat surface, such as your ironing board. I did place a white towel at some point on my mat to iron on a clean surface, I just took these pictures at the wrong time.

stbs-TM-36Using your iron with no steam in it, iron over the fabrics just slightly pressing in place.

As it fully dries, you’ll see the stiffness happening.

stbs-TM-40Once it’s fully stiff, you can see, it would literally stand on it’s own.

I’m going to add here that I’ve read about people putting their fabric into the oven to dry, they’ve used their dryers, but I would never use my oven in particular to dry fabric in. I have a gas oven, it would only take a small scrap to fall into the bottom and I’d have a fire on my hands. Terial Magic is not recommended for the dryer, I do not know why. I always hang mine on a small clothing rack I have.

It dries very quickly outside, and I haven’t had to waste precious gas resources.

Cutting With Your Cutting Machine
and Terial Magic as the medium for your fabric.

In the cutting machine, Terial Magic is like gold, it cuts your fabric like cutting butter, “slices”/cuts without issue. Perfect, with no additional mediums needed in order to cut it.


This is a cut I did with Terial Magic on the fabric with my Brother SNC.


This is a cut with the Terial Magic on the fabric with my Silhouette Cameo.

Turn Edge Under Applique

So, let me show you why Terial Magic is not meant for this technique, it’s not that it won’t work, but it does have some issues in that regard.

Let me note, I absolutely love this product, even with turned edge applique it can work. For the most part, even with curves, it works very well for turn edge under applique. But it does have some issues. Let me show you what I mean..


In normal turn edge applique, even these types of areas can be an issue, so it’s not like Terial Magic is the problem here, but it sure doesn’t help it either.

When I was doing Little Treasures in 2014, I learned about Terial Magic in about April/May or so that year and immediately ordered some. Once I got it, I really loved it and for the most part I was quite satisfied with the results.


Now let me state, I am not a perfectionist when it comes to quilting, I try to do my best, but I’m not going to be go crazy over being perfect either. I’m usually pretty happy with things a judge at a quilt show would turn her nose up at… I’m simply not bothered.

DSCN1467-2But these turns do bother me. I really think I am better at turning points, curves and edges better than the above images show. At least I like to think that way anyway.

I’m hoping that by showing these pictures, you can see the “squared” bottom, and the non points on the curls of these dolls.

I will note that when doing Turn Edge applique, if you slightly wet the edge that’s free from freezer paper, it does help turn those edges under, but you do have to be careful about getting the freezer paper itself wet. When the freezer paper gets wet, it loses it’s ability to help you turn the edge to where you want it to be.

Washing Your Project

If your worried that Terial Magic will leave anything in your project, put your mind to rest. Terial Magic completely washes out the very first time.


This tutorial has been in “the writing” stages since 2014. Parts of the lesson include the Little Treasures Block Of The Month from that year. The main reason I never released it, is because I was hoping to find something that would cut fabric better, but the reality is, it is still difficult to cut fabric with any type of medium other than Heat-N-Bond.

Recently however, I saw a video on youtube, where people are “sandwiching” fabric between two pieces of freezer paper to cut the fabric. This will work, but the biggest headache I see here is lifting that paper off of the mat after the cut. If you’ve ever cleaned especially freezer paper (not the waxy side) off of the mat, you know how difficult it is to get clean. You wouldn’t want to use a brand new, sticky mat to do it.

Another way to cut fabric is to use a medium weight woven iron on stabilizer. Yes, the kind you use in clothing as interfacing. While your still ironing one side of the stabilizer to the fabric, it’s at least not ironing both sides once your ready to do your applique. You also get a little extra “stiffness” on those applique turns and points that you don’t get if you just use freezer paper. Interfacing used in clothing is for allowing the areas like collars, waistbands, and belts to stand up, so cutting points into it, or working with curves is perfect for interfacings, since they are made for this purpose in the first place.

Currently, I use the medium weight woven iron stabilizer to cut my fabric.

I am trying something new I read about the other day with something called Transfer paper for Vinyls, which has the potential to work perfectly. I’ve ordered some and will report on it once I know more.

This tutorial was finished to celebrate International Crafting Month

I am participating in a blog tour with QuiltShopGal and other bloggers today.
Huge Thanks to QuiltShopGal for putting this all together.

March 01, 2016

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on Cutting Fabric with Terial Magic on Cutting Machines



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  1. That looks like a great product to use for some of my projects. I will have to see if my closest store carries it. Thank you for showing it to us.

  2. I’ve ordered a bottle of Terial Magic from Amazon and will be picking up my new Scan ‘n Cut CM650W from my local quilt shop next week. I’m really looking forward to trying both!

    1. The SNC is a nice machine Mary, in the two and a half years since the first machine was released it has grown very much in popularity along with the Silhouette. I believe you will really enjoy your new machine especially since the newer machines have better features, that wifi option is certainly attractive so someone like me, but I am sticking with the SNC I have because I ordered a KNK machine last October and I am hoping it lives up to it’s reputation. 🙂

  3. I don’t use a cutter much but I’m always open to new techniques and ideas on how to get easier yet true cuts. Thanks, very involved but you answered all the questions.

  4. I don’t have a fabric cutter, but that would be nice. Cutting pieces is probably my least favorite part of quilting. Stabilizing fabric, though, is important, I’ve discovered.

  5. I love reading about new products in the craft arena. this is one I hadn’t heard of and am interested in trying! Thank you for the review!

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  10. Very interesting product. Thank you for posting. I might have to try it with my scan n cut. Presently I use an art brayer to roll and press the fabric to the mat and that is working well.

  11. interesting product, I’m not lucky enough to have a cutting machine, but it sounds like more work 🙂

  12. I have a bottle of Terial Magic sitting on my desk right now. Thanks for all the very helpful hints and photos.

    1. It depends on your project Jennifer, if your using Terial Magic for it’s intended purpose, then yes, you need it for every fabric in your project.

      However, if your just making a normal pieced quilt, no, don’t use it, their is no need to use it.

      People have found that Terial Magic helps them with applique and to a degree it does, but that’s not the intended purpose of Terial Magic and my post was meant to show why it doesn’t really work for Turn Edge Under Applique, but Terial Magic is still a really good product for it’s intended purpose. 🙂

  13. I consider myself part crafter, part quilter. I haven’t seen this product used before but it could be just the right solution for some projects.

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  15. I’d never heard of Terial but am interested in trying this for other uses as well, such as machine embroidery.

    1. It would work very nicely with machine embroidery, even machine applique. If your not wanting the stiffness that HNB creates, you can use Terial Magic instead and simply a little bit of glue stick to hold it in place until you get the basting stitch around the shape. Because TM will wash out in the first wash, you’ll end up with the softness that applique should be in the first place. 🙂

  16. Thanks for the review. I do love your comment about not being a perfectionist you do your best and are pretty happy with the results.

  17. How interesting that is! So does it help with hand-cutting, do you suppose? Or what if you dabbed just a bit on the edges to be turned under, the way we used to do rubber cement? Just thinking about it. I don’t get to do much applique any more and I don’t have a cutting machine of any kind – just scissors and rotary cutters. =)

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  19. Well who knew. I learned something new today! Thank you for this tutorial. I also love seeing that your name is the same as my mum’s and spelled the same!

  20. Great tutorial. I’ve fallen in love with Terial Magic. Definitely makes cutting on electronic cutters easier and also helpful for cuts on a die cutting machine. But I recently began using it when I’m cutting fabric with acryllic templates, where I find even a light application of Terial Magic helps to eliminate fabric slippage under the template. Of course, perfect for 3D fabric flowers too!

    Thank you for sharing and helping to kick off our Celebration of International Craft Month. I couldn’t do this without your help.


    1. I agree, I love love love love how it cuts fabric, but turning those edges can turn into a nightmare. I have 10 bottles of this stuff tho, so I need to find a use for it. 🙂

  21. wow I just bought that from Amazon to do a wallhanging tree. I needed that info thanks for sharing

  22. Very informative. I’ll have to remember this product if I invest in a fabric cutting machine.

  23. I have used Terial Magic, but haven’t tried it on the cutting machine yet. I like the stiffness of the fabric but will be looking for it to get washed out eventually. I am looking forward to the Transfer Paper for vinyls. revue…!

    1. Terial Magic will completely wash out the first time you wash the project. This I have tested, I will add it to the tutorial. Thank you for the reminder.

  24. This is interesting. I’ve never heard of the product before, and admittedly am not a huge applique fan, but I can definitely see other applications for it with crafting. It’s always good information if you can add it to your personal tool box. Thank you.

    1. I’ve bought all the flower patterns they offer, looked at the instructions and I want to make them..I’m just one of those people where I’ll start something and my focus is placed on something else and then I forget to go back and finish.. I would love to finish my flower tho, I’ve always been intrigued by doing 3D projects with fabric.

    1. It really isn’t, I like to take a lot of pictures so people see how it works, but the whole process takes less than really a minute or so to do each piece of fabric. About 10-30 minutes to dry depending on if it’s summer or winter 🙂 and it’s done. Yes, Heat-n-bond is much faster, but if you don’t want the stiffness that is permanently set in hnb, Terial Magic is a nice alternative.

  25. That is awesome stuff! I wonder if you could use it for printing? I have bought the printer fabric before and it is pretty spendy. Thanks for the giveaways and great article!

    1. Pam, you might have better luck with Heat Transfer Papers, there are less expensive versions out there that you can buy on a roll or sheets. One learns a lot when they research stuff for something entirely different. I’ve watched a lot of videos on transfer papers on youtube over the last couple of weeks, especially when I was stuck without internet about a week or so ago and had to wait for a new modem. I learned a lot about transfer paper, so then I had to order some.. just waiting for it to arrive now, but I do tend to think you’d be better looking for heat transfer paper than you would with Terial Magic. I am not sure what would happen after you wash your fabric to remove the Terial Magic and whether the ink from the printer would stay in place.

    1. I can’t blame you Carolyn, while I don’t do much fusible applique, I am warming to the idea, especially since I have so much I want to finish at this point and I know I’ll never get it done otherwise.

  26. I’d never heard of this product before. Is it easy to ‘hand needle’ instead of machine needling? I’m not much of an appliquer.

  27. Great tutorial Marian. I have never heard of this product so it was very interesting learning about it.

    1. Well like I noted Joyce, I wouldn’t recommend it for turn edge applique, nor for hand applique. The fabric just becomes to stiff.

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