Putting A Little Bit of Love with Hearts Galore…

Put A Little Love In Your Quilt

Yesterday, I told you about the wedding we attended this past weekend. It was simple and elegant and quite fun. It’s always nice to see family and even tho I only saw them in December with my niece’s wedding, we didn’t get much time to really spend it together as things were much busier and hectic during that wedding.

Part of my gift for this wedding is part of the projects I created for this blog hop. We always give money for gifts, but being a quilter, everyone knows I am going to make something, so it’s somewhat expected that they will receive something I’ve made. You might ask how I know this… When I was accepting the invitation to the bridal luncheon in December, the person who wrote me back said, awww your the quilter, aren’t you. LOL, talk about a dead giveaway… LOL Someone’s been talking about me. 

We headed off to the wedding last Thursday, gifts in hand, money already sent, and had a great time… Come home to find I had one eensy teensy tiny little problem… I’d forgotten to take pictures of my projects… I got home and realized the pictures weren’t on my camera, now this is somewhat normal for me as I don’t take pictures to often of the things I make. Usually, only for stuff, I post on my blog. I thought about writing my nephew and his wife in an email, but they left on their honeymoon for Peru on Sunday so that idea is out for the moment. So, Tuesday, I got started again on making some of the projects I made for this hop also. Thus, I don’t have everything as I can’t make everything in two days time, it’s just impossible and a lot of it was practicing the FMQ on my sewing machine last week.

This year’s project puts Valentine’s Day with the love of two people who are getting married. I created two Continuous Line Designs specifically for Sean and Liz to make the quilting in my projects stand out just a tad more. I must tell you, while I had tried the Bernina Stitch regulator when I first got my new Bernie a few years ago, I hadn’t really done much with it until last week when I was making these projects and quilting on them and I am in love with this wonderful little addon for our machines. If your sewing machine company offers a stitch regulator for FMQ, I highly recommend them. In the 1990’s, I never would have attempted FMQ in a major way because getting nice even stitches was near impossible for me, but now, I am over the moon at how wonderful it is and I can see myself doing far more quilting via FMQ. I wish I could show you those original samples as they go from beginner to more experienced and definitely got better as I gained more confidence. I’ll try it again sometime this summer when I have a bit more time on my hands, right now I’m just still trying to play catch up with all my obligations.

So here is what I created with Island Batik Fabrics

Continuous Line All Projects

Using the following fabrics

Cotton Jelly is currently available at Fabric.com. and Sunflower Serenade is currently in the shipping phase at Island Batik, so it’s a soon to come fabric. I will definitely be buying more of it when it comes out as I love love love this blender print and it went so well with the Cotton Jelly blender that I may just add to this and create more projects for the next wedding to come along. I still have 4 nieces who have yet to get married… so there are at least 4 more weddings in my future.

I also used Aurifil Cotton Thread Baby Pink #2423 for the quilting lines.

Aurifil Baby Pink #2423
Aurifil Baby Pink #2423

All projects included Insul-Brite from The Warm Company.


Insul-Brite is an amazing product, it reflects hot or cold items, helping you protect your tables, counters, post, pans, etc from getting burned or stained. It’s also great for cup holders because it helps keep the heat of say coffee in a cup from making your hands hot, and vice versa with ice in a cup, it keeps your ice cool and at the same time, your hands won’t freeze. I have used this product for years, in fact, I buy it by the bolt just to save a bit of money.

The cool thing about these projects is that they are reversible, you can use both sides nicely. That’s what I love the most about quilting, you’re not just making 1 quilt, your really making two of them. 🙂

I also mentioned that I created two continuous line designs for these projects, I released one of them yesterday but didn’t release the whole pattern because I’m still debating about how to release it. I’ll try to explain as I show each individual project.

The first is called A Fun Little Heart, the inspiration for these came about when I was doing the continuous line designs by Roy Reed at Dottoo Dots.

However, to create them, I simply used the shape in Electric Quilt for the heart and did a play on the heart with the additional lines. This is a cool design because of how it flows. If you start at the #1 position in the pattern it gives a totally different effect than if you start with the #2 position in the pattern. Using the #1 position gives a more puffy look to the quilting pattern, versus #2 which just makes it lay flat.

The pattern comes in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12-inch sizes for hand/FMQ.
For machine embroiderers, it comes in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9-inch.
You can purchase these patterns by clicking the individual images

For visiting today, I am giving away the 4-inch pattern in each technique, see the link and coupon code at the bottom of this post.

With this pattern also, I again added to it, but I haven’t released an updated version.
I added an echo on the heart pattern.

This is how they look when stitched out. I think these would look just as nice in diagonal straight lines going across the outside of the heart also and that’s why I’m toying with how to release it with the echoing.

The other pattern I designed has not been released yet as I still need to write it up in a pattern and thought I’d wait. It kind of looks like Heart Scribbles 

from Dottoo Dots but is different because the hearts take on a scribbling effect but both are done in different sizes of hearts.

This is my test stitchout of the design and can be seen in the hotpad, and
the table mat for pots.

All of the patterns except the glove hotpad are just basic squares and rectangles to make the projects. When I made the original ones, they were done with the inside out turn method, yesterday I decided to try a zigzag on those, I like it, but wish I could have gotten a wider zigzag stitch.

The glove hotpad pattern is from the Kitchen Things Set at Embroidery Garden.

I must admit that of all the gloved potholders I’ve ever made, this one at Embroidery Garden was by far and away the nicest one to stitch out. Easy instruction, but it also turns out very professional looking. I’ve done many in the hoop type projects and was never more impressed with how this one turned out.

The original pattern uses doodles for the quilting lines, I did replace them with my
All Over Hearts pattern.

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44 thoughts on “Putting A Little Bit of Love with Hearts Galore…

  1. I’m late getting to the party, but I love the things you made. Any young bride would be happy to start with those in her kitchen! A honeymoon to Peru? Wow! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the quilting of these. I had a look at the blue scribbles and couldn’t resist tracing it out with my eyes. I really like it, and may decide to try it!

  2. Cute hotpads, but I really like your oven mitts. You are like the 3 or 4 person who has used an embroidery machine during this hop. I caved and bought an inexpensive one. Thanks for the free pattern. LOL

  3. Cute hotpads and gloves! I love the fabrics you used and the FMQ. Thanks for sharing AFLHeart with us–I am very likely to use that in an upcoming project–and thanks for sharing the entire post.

  4. Thank you for the great quilting patterns! Love seeing what you created and I totally get the forgetting to take pictures before you give it away!!

  5. LOL What a lovely story…love gone wild. You reputation goes before you! So nice of you to tackle more – just to make us all happy. Thanks, too, for the free patterns. I see that your ‘bee’ design was used today in a project – neat. Happy Heart Day.

  6. That is a lovely touch to give something handmade as a wedding gift. I recently made pot holders with my young student sewing class and they loved it! I also enjoyed working with the insulbright. I don’t know if everyone uses it, but why take a chance on a burn when there’s a product made for this. Especially with a child-made pot holder, you can never be too careful. I love that you’re known as the quilter!!! What a great reputation you’ve built!!

  7. Marian,
    I can’t wait to see what you decide to do with the All over Hearts and the Heart Scribble patterns. They are delightful and I certainly would use them! Thank you for the heart patterns today-going to find a way to use them on a project!

  8. Hi Marian,
    What a wonderful gift for the newlyweds! I am sorry we don’t get to see their gifts but you certainly gave us a good idea of how they looked. I do not have a stitch regulator but think it would be just the boon I need for my feeble attempts at FMQ. Thank you so much for offering the free downloads today. I have an embroidery machine that I use occasionally (like on tomorrow’s quilt) but would really use the FMQ template most. ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Life does get crazy when wedding happen. I refer to it as “wedding brain” LOL!!!
    I’m guess your couple loved what you did for them. Cute cute embroideries, and so many fun ways to use them!

  10. The oven mitt really looks beautiful with the quilting on it and the continuous hearts are perfect. Thank you, Marian, for playing along in this blog hop and sharing the patterns for the quilting! :O)

  11. Great projects Marion. You did a wonderful job on the quilting. I know the wedding presents were very much appreciated. Thank you for sharing today.

  12. Nice gifts you made for your wedding recipients. Thanks for sharing the continuous line heart design. I made a Valentines wall hanging for my mom’s room in the nursing home and wanted to quilt hearts all over. I could not draw a continuous heart for the life of me so ended up tracing a heart and then sewing it.

  13. Thank you so much for the hearts! I would love to have a stitch regulator on my machine. It looks so much nicer to have the stitches consistently even, doesn’t it?

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