Quilt Block Mania October 2020

Quilt Block ManiaToday is another fun block for you with a theme of family. I kinda strayed a bit on this one, I wanted to do a fall type theme and at the same time keep the family theme. One of my favorite things about fall is of course the colors. I can so remember the time in my life as a nanny in New York where the family took us to Killington, Vermont to there lodge there and the colors on the road to Killington totally made me fall in love with Vermont. I can even remember this big huge like cabbage in a window in the town, it had me so intrigued, I had never seen anything like it. Like the big huge HUGE avocados in New York when I first got there. I couldn’t believe avocados could grow so large, as here on the west coast we always get these really small avocados. I loved that time in my life, being a nanny was one of the best things I decided to do and it was a truly great experience. I not only got to see New York City itself and all the wonderful sites, but experienced looking down from the Twin Towers, and even lying down on the sidewalk and looking up… WoW… it was truly an exciting time. A year later I would be  getting married so I am happy I took that time to do it when I did.

These were the colors for this month… Aren’t they fabulous?

10 23 ColorSeason anna-medium

and this is my block

Scarecrow-1bmIsn’t he just adorable
Click the above image to download the free pattern.
This block will remain free until November 3, 2020, when the next the planned release for
Quilt Block Mania November is released.

and this is his family


Happy Scarecrows are inspired by the artwork of Happy Frog Cliparts
You can find the full set here.
The full set release will be done by October 9, 2020, because I couldn’t get it fully finished, I’m offering a 25% intro discount, Should you purchase it before the prior to the full release, after it the intro discount goes to my normal 15% off.
Individual blocks will be sold at a cost of 6.00 each so the full set purchase is still a great deal on its own. Should you purchase before Friday you will receive an email on the update of the pattern in your email to download all 6 blocks.

Coupon Code: HappyScarecrowsIntro
Good Until Tuesday, October 13, 2020

I’ve had so many issues this last month that I didn’t have the time yesterday to create the gallery that I normally do for this month’s post. I hope to get it done later this week. I’ll replace it in this post when I do, but the following are the sites participating this month.


Warming by the Fire
Paper Chain Family at Slice of Pi Quilts
Family is Love
Family Quote Pineapple Block by Blockofthemodotcom
Family Pumpkin Pickin’ Day
Family Crest at Always Expect Moore
Old Rocking Chair at Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
Love@Home at Stash Bandit
Sisterhood by Michelle Renee Hiatt
Glimpse of Home at Scrapdash
We Are Family by Heidi Pridemore
Family Trees at Pretty Piney Quilts
Family is the Heart of Home by QuiltFabrication
Gathering by Blue Bear Quilts
Sister’s Choice at Perkins Dry Goods
Every Family Has One at Patti’s Patchwork
Orange Blossom Quilt
Wonky Nesting Hearts
Family Photo Block
Celtic Trinity Knot by Appliqués Quilts and More
Scarecrow at Seams To Be Sew
Family Ring at Devoted Quilter
Tartan Block at True Blue Quilts
Flying Geese Family by Tacy Gray
Family Heart by Amarar Cracions





Don’t forget the It’s A Garden Party Row Along is currently going on also, great designers, great patterns, and great sponsors…

stbs-2018 sig

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17 thoughts on “Quilt Block Mania October 2020

  1. His family is great! Even alone, he reminds me of all the little raggedy dolls out there, being loved by someone. Thank you!

  2. The Scarecrow is wonderful – the facial expression is brilliant. Thank you so much, Marian. Take care and stay healthy!

  3. Thanks for the free pattern. Love the scarecrows ordered the pattern. Think I will be making table runners.

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