Quilt Block Mania September 2020 Starts Today

Quilt Block ManiaIt’s Quilt Block Mania once again for September 2020. This month’s theme is Halloween. Before we moved to Europe, I thought everyone celebrated Halloween. It was quite a surprise to buy all that candy the first year and then not have anyone at all come to our door. We found out the next day that Germany for the most part and with the exception of the military stationed there really doesn’t celebrate the day. So, thankfully, my hubby was not diabetic at the time and while it took him months to eat it all it was eventually gone. We learned over time that some parts of Europe celebrate it and others don’t. You definitely miss all the decoration that happens during the month of October for Halloween and it’s been great to be home again in the USA so I could see it again all over Colorado. It’s probably the one holiday I missed the most living in Europe.

So each year now I try to make the effort to decorate for Halloween and I get out all my little monster figurines, and quilted items I’ve made over the years and just have a ton of fun decorating for the holiday. I’ve never bought lawn ornaments, but if we’d had children I’d probably have those also.

Because I love monsters so much it’s one of the things I almost always design each year for Halloween and this year was no exception. I did it again. Thus, the cute little monster also has a family of monsters just waiting for the free pattern to join them.

This month’s theme used the fabric colors we should work with from this collection at Design Seeds.

10 31 2HalloweenHues Julienot really colors I’m used to working with, but workable none the less. Of course, I had to throw in some orange and some purple, that’s just me and Halloween is not Halloween without some orange.

The free pattern comes in a 12-inch size just as his other family members do also.

Monster-1Click the image to go to the download page
and download your pattern.

and the rest of the Monster Family can be seen below…

By clicking each image, they will take you to those product pages.
The full pattern is priced at a 4 block pattern pricing. Thus you still get block 01 free with the other blocks, it just also includes the full version of block 01 and all patterns include the SVG Cutting Files.

All blocks are 12-inch

The full pattern with 5 blocks is priced at 16.50 but this week only is introductory priced at 10% off. Please use the coupon code to get your discount.

The coupon code is: Monster2020

Care to see all my other Halloween patterns and Monsters, visit my cart here to see all the fabulous patterns from the past. Click Here.

Next Tuesday, the It’s A Garden Party Row Along starts, be sure to watch the rest of this week for all of the great giveaways we’ll be doing during the row along also.

It's A Garden Pary Row Along

Cya Tomorrow

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19 thoughts on “Quilt Block Mania September 2020 Starts Today

  1. Love your free Monster block will start following you on Instagram ❤️❤️ Thank you my grandson’s birthday is also Halloween

  2. What great monsters! I left Canada and moved on the UK for a number of years, and it was a similar experience to yours. They don’t seem to do much for New Year’s either – quite a culture shock. It’s nice to be back in Canada.
    Take good care Marian, and thank you for the pattern.

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