Quilt Qwazy Queens – March 21

Quilt Qwazy Queens

Last friday we saw our first featured bloggers tell us their wonderful, and amazing stories of inspiration and tales of what continues to make them quilt today.

Today is a continuation of that celebration of International Quilting Day which was this past Saturday March 19th. Today, four more bloggers will tell us what inspires them, and keeps them going with their quilting experiences.

This blog hop isn’t about creating new projects, it’s all about celebrating International Quilting Day, which is traditionally on March 19, but it’s hard to see and visit 30 blogs all in a day, so, we are celebrating for the next week. Bloggers were asked to show us their love of quilting, by telling us their proudest achievements, or showing us their first projects, or their own inspirations for quilting. I’m going to really enjoy reading and learning more about what’s our featured bloggers over the next week. I hope you to will take the time to get to know these bloggers just a little bit more to.

Many sponsors have graciously given their products for the bloggers to offer during this blog hop, so I hope you will send them a thank you, whether it’s just saying thank you on their facebook page, or visiting their site, and sending a thank you thru their contact forms. They appreciate hearing that you appreciated what you won, and please remember, it’s not just the amount of money they give up that they could have received by selling it, most all pay for shipping it also, the cost of workers, all go into the expense of offering giveaways, so I ask you to please take a few moments and say thank you.

During this blog hop, the Fat Quarter Shop is giving everyone who purchases something at their shop at 10% discount.

Winners For Friday March 18, 2016 are:
12×18 Calibre Art Mat
Claire S. won at Seams To Be Sew

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Cat and Teddy Bear Pattern – Diane B
Fat Quarter Shop – Pam M

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Quilting Affection
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It it not good on gift certificates, so if you happen to win one of the $25.00 gift certificates, the 10% off will not be given. The coupon is good for 1 purchase for each customer.

Today’s giveaways are available here at Seams To Be Sew and also at the featured bloggers today. After you leave a comment on each featured bloggers post. So once you visit each blog, stop back here and enter for a chance to win a Calibre Art 12×18 mat.

Each blogger has their own giveaways to give away also, While I will announce winners on my blog also each day.

At Quilt Shop Gal today
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Timeless Treasures

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20 fat quarters from the 885 Bali Dot Collection

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1 12×18 and 1 18×24 Calibre Art Mat

You will need to leave a comment at each of the featured blogs today which are listed above. Once you’ve done that, come back to enter for this wonderful mat giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners of either mat size, will receive a coupon code to be used for the product they won.
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Once you receive the mat, be sure to go to the Calibre Art website, and with your Amazon ID order number, enter to be able to get your additional 90 day warranty.

The email you receive will include your coupon code, and a image on where to enter the coupon code at Amazon.

My gift for you today
Click The Image To Download

stbs-block 2-ppc

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This pattern is free until Tuesday March 22, 2016

Machine Embroidery and Cutting Files will be available later today for a small fee.

Artwork to create the pattern is from DigiScrapKits

I hope you enjoy the Quilt Qwazy Queens Blog Hop

Sunbonnet Sam In China will be released later this morning.


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60 Responses to Quilt Qwazy Queens – March 21

  1. AvatarDebra Kay Neiman says:

    hey the heart price is $100???

  2. AvatarAmanda Best says:

    Today’s blogs have been great I have enjoyed each one. Thanks for hosting these!

  3. Congrats to the winners! Great giveaways today too!

  4. AvatarAmy says:

    Marian, the heart is just adorable. Thank you for the hop and the pattern.

  5. AvatarTina Jeo says:

    Love all the stories. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. AvatarDebby says:

    This has been fun! Thanks for all you are doing.

  7. AvatarDoris Rice says:

    I’m loving all the wonderful stories with this hop.

  8. AvatarLisa Johnson says:

    I always love collecting you pretty designs. Thank you for your hard work! Without you we would not be a group but just individuals, thank you for organizing us together again!

  9. AvatarPam S says:

    Thank you for this wonderful blog hop! It’s great fun to read the different posts.

  10. AvatarCarol Hofstetter says:

    I am enjoying all of the bloggers post. Great job in rounding them up Marian!

  11. AvatarWendy says:

    Am enjoying the hop. Some quilters sure lead interesting lives. Thanks for giving us a chance to peek in on them.

  12. AvatarLaura says:

    I have so enjoyed the hop, the great stories, the wonderful quilts. Thank you all so much.

  13. Avataremily c says:

    Love the hop. So many fun quilts, great inspiration.

  14. AvatarVicki Seals says:

    Thanks for hosting this inspiring hop. I really appreciate all the work that went into it. vickise at gmail dot com

  15. AvatarEdith says:

    What fun to read all the stories of how they started quilting, and seeing some of their quilts.

  16. AvatarPat B says:

    Thank you, Marian, for another wonderful and inspiring day of blog hopping … 🙂 Pat

  17. Avatarsusan says:

    Thanks for another very cute design! I love anything with hearts.

  18. AvatarNancy says:

    I am really enjoying all the “trunk” shows. Thanks so much for organizing and doing all the giveaways…I know it’s a lot of work!

  19. AvatarPat V. says:

    This hop is fantastic! I’m really enjoying hearing everyone’s stories.

  20. AvatarMara says:

    a really great hop, getting to know everyone!

  21. AvatarPam McDonald says:

    This is such a fun hop!! Thank you for that cut heart pattern too!

  22. AvatarDonna W says:

    Fantastic hop – looking forward to the rest of it! Thanks for putting it together for us.

  23. AvatarFrances says:

    What a great hop. It is so interesting to visit other quilters journies. 🙂

  24. AvatarQuilting Tangent says:

    Great seeing all the quilts everybody has made through the years.

  25. AvatarSally M says:

    Oh my, how very generous! wonderful mat (loved your review). I’m having a ball seeing all these wonderful quilts and reading such heart-warming stories. thanks for doing this one!

  26. AvatarMarjoriesbusycorner says:

    Thanks Marian

  27. AvatarDebra Kay Neiman says:

    Love the family tradition of quilts, trying to continue it in my family. Love blog hops they let me meet so many new quilters. crystalbluern at tds dot net

  28. AvatarDelaine says:

    I am loving this blog hop. Thanks!

  29. AvatarSarah J says:

    Thank you for organizing this hop– loving all the stories!

  30. AvatarJanet says:

    Love the hop! Thank you.

  31. AvatarCelia Ambrose says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. This mat is something I need as my other ones are getting worn. (celiaambrose@hotmail.com)

  32. AvatarKaren A says:

    I’ve been enjoying the blog hop. Thanks so much!

  33. AvatarLJ_Linda? says:

    Thanks for the pattern. Always a fun day on the hop; I love hearing the stories and seeing quilts.

  34. AvatarTonia Conner says:

    Marian, Meadowbrook has Brambleberry listed on the visit list, I did not know if you caught it or if it mattered.

  35. AvatarTonia Conner says:

    Another good posting day. It is really nice to learn a little bit more about some of the ladies I have been following, it really brings the term blogging friends into meaning.
    Have a blessed day

  36. AvatarLINDA says:


  37. AvatarLINDA says:


  38. AvatarSummer says:

    This has been a really fun blog hop! I’m loving seeing photos of family quilts and learning about all the family members – grandmothers, moms, and aunts – who inspired the women quilting today!

  39. AvatarCindy M in Oregon says:

    I love the hops. I get to meet so many new quilters and hear their stories-which is great fun! Thanks for the hop.

  40. AvatarAllison CB says:

    Love the blog hop – so many interesting participants! Thanks for organizing it!!

  41. AvatarVicki H says:

    Great blog stories today. Thanks for the hop.

  42. AvatarChris says:

    I had fun going to all the blogs. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  43. AvatarHeather says:

    What a fun blog hop!!!!!

  44. AvatarJoan says:

    Thanks again for an adorable little sewing image. These will make such a sweet sampler! Oh and thanks for the chance to win those fabulous mats! 🙂

  45. AvatarJill says:

    Sew much fun. I am loving the stories and beautiful quilts

  46. AvatarJanie says:

    A great showing today. Thank you for sharing.

  47. AvatarMary says:

    These have been such fun posts. I’m still having problems leaving comments on Darlene’s blog, but I attempted.

  48. AvatarLori Smanski says:

    thank you for the cute heart. i really enjoy learning what causes others to start quilting and then continue

  49. Avataranna brown says:

    I’m crazy about fabric i just love fabric and all the things you can make…. happyness04431@yahoo.com ps great hop….

  50. AvatarSara Arno says:

    thank you for the hop!

  51. AvatarDoris McCarty says:

    Thank you for the blog hop and great prizes. Have a great morning!

  52. AvatarAnnmarie says:

    This is sew much fun. Can’t wait for tomorrow to hear more stories!

  53. I am Quazy about looking at the quilts of others. This Hop is terrific!

  54. AvatarRhonda says:

    You are a great hostess. I’m very much enjoying reading everyone’s quilting history & a little about their lives!!

  55. AvatarPatricia Cash says:

    Love blog hops, introduced to new quilters and wonderful ladies.

  56. AvatarRenea says:

    thanks for all the wonderful giveaways today. I love reading all the great blogs.

  57. AvatarDorian says:

    Another great day on the hop, thanks Marian!

  58. AvatarClaire Sutherland says:

    Really enjoying this hop, as a new quilter I have definitely caught the quilting bug already x

  59. AvatarCarol says:

    Hi Marian. You really outdid yourself THIS time. Thanks for hosting the hop. I love the stories the quilters are telling.

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