Quilt Qwazy Queens – March 23

Quilt Qwazy QueensYesterday we saw our first featured bloggers tell us their wonderful, and amazing stories of inspiration and tales of what continues to make them quilt today.

Note: We are having a huge amount of “no-reply” bloggers in comments with this blog hop. If you are a No-Reply blogger, we have no way to contact you if you win a giveaway, instead, we have to re-draw on the giveaway. Please consider changing your settings if you are a no-reply blogger.

Daylight Savings in the US has been wreaking havoc with my scheduled posts. I’m trying to figure out why they are posting so late, but even adjusting the time to post has caused conflicts. My apologies, I’ll get it figured out hopefully soon.

Please Read: We seem to be having some issues with this blog hop. I can’t fix problems I don’t know about, but I do read the comments, and I do read the email sent to me via the contact page or for those who know my email address. I’ve tried to fix issues quickly, but I’m not a mind reader, I don’t enter the giveaways, I don’t have issues at every blog I go to, so I need to know when you are having issues. I’ll do everything possible to fix them, but please be patient if you run into  a problem. Problems can’t be fixed if we don’t know about them to fix them either. Leaving me a message that your having an issue, without telling me the issue doesn’t help, it only takes longer to fix the issue.

Today is a continuation of that celebration of International Quilting Day which was this past Saturday March 19th. Today, five more bloggers will tell us what inspires them, and keeps them going with their quilting experiences.

This blog hop isn’t about creating new projects, it’s all about celebrating International Quilting Day, which is traditionally on March 19, but it’s hard to see and visit 30 blogs all in a day, so, we are celebrating for the next week. Bloggers were asked to show us their love of quilting, by telling us their proudest achievements, or showing us their first projects, or their own inspirations for quilting. I’m going to really enjoy reading and learning more about what’s our featured bloggers over the next week. I hope you to will take the time to get to know these bloggers just a little bit more to.

Many sponsors have graciously given their products for the bloggers to offer during this blog hop, so I hope you will send them a thank you, whether it’s just saying thank you on their facebook page, or visiting their site, and sending a thank you thru their contact forms. They appreciate hearing that you appreciated what you won, and please remember, it’s not just the amount of money they give up that they could have received by selling it, most all pay for shipping it also, the cost of workers, all go into the expense of offering giveaways, so I ask you to please take a few moments and say thank you.

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I hope you enjoy the Quilt Qwazy Queens Blog Hop


32 thoughts on “Quilt Qwazy Queens – March 23

  1. What a fantastic thing you are doing – loving the designs and the give-a-way is superb! Thanks for sharing all that you do.

  2. I think you are doing a great job! This has been lots of fun and I am finding a ton of new blogs to check out! I know I am a “no-reply” so I have been adding my email address to my comments. I hope that is ok. Thank you.

  3. Thanks so much for all the background work you are doing on the hop. No problems today! I love your little barefoot stitching girl. Thanks for sharing that one free!

  4. I love this hop and your free patterns are so cute, also getting the machine embroidery. crystalbluern at tds dot net

  5. Tytyty for this blog hop …..I mean crazy blog hop…..The storys are pretty nice……And from the heart,,,,,, happyness044312yahoo.com

  6. All I can say is the very idea of setting up and running one of these beasties gives me heat papulations… thank you for the chance to play and the work to create something this big and this much fun.

  7. As far as I’m concerned there hasn’t been a bad hop day yet. I have either found a inspiring story, artist or a new friend. Having a great time, thanks Marian.

  8. Thanks Marian again today. I’m sorry I didn’t report the problems I noticed yesterday, I thought that I was on the site too early.

  9. this is such an adorable pattern. thanks for sharing. i am enjoying how everyone came to be a quilter.

  10. I am loving the blog hop. Sew nice to hear other quilter’s stories. And thanks for the email helping me out with the pop up yesterday.

  11. You are organizing an amazing hop!! I love reading everyone’s incredible quilt journeys and taking great pleasure in all the eye candy!!

  12. Thanks for organizing the hop. It is fun to learn more about the bloggers. The Rafflecopter on Quiltartdesign isn’t working. Says there are 33 hrs left but there is no way to put an entry.

  13. Thanks so much for all the time and work you put into this great blog hop. I have really enjoyed all the inspiration.

  14. I think there are always kinks. Grandma never did show up but perhaps that blogger had life things to deal with. No reply bloggers can be a function of how complicated setting their account can be. I know my Google account as GranChris should be fine but maybe it isn’t so I gladly will put my name in. Just tell people to do that. They can hide it with the () if they are worried about scammers. If I knew a way to check our settings now that would be the answer. I’m enjoying the journey. Thanks for the hard work.

    1. It’s actually very easy to change your settings for google. No-Reply bloggers only happen on google accounts. I usually don’t encounter the problem, because Rafflecopter giveaways ask you to put in an email address when you login But when your not using a rafflecopter giveaway, the blogger has to depend on the commenters to either have put their email address into the post or be logged in with there google account. I have a little tutorial in my blogging how to’s section that shows how to change those settings, but at the same time it’s not like I go around advertising it’s their also. Many bloggers have shown how to change those settings. I tell the bloggers to just redraw, and not worry about no-reply bloggers. It’s not like we have all day to try and track them down.

      As to Grandmama’s stories, I hope it was just an accident, or forgetfulness, I wouldn’t have wanted anything bad to happen to her.

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