Row By Row Free Pattern Updates & Black Friday Sale…

Well, Jalapeno-Popper-Wontonhere we are, one day before Thanksgiving. I’m guessing most of you are making your preparations for the big day tomorrow. I’m making a simple meal this year, bought our favorite part of the turkey which is the legs, and am just planning to roast them. I’ll make a sweet potato casserole in the morning along with a pumpkin pie.  I’m thinking I might do some Jalapeno Poppers in a wonton… I saw these on Facebook the other day and thought I liked the idea of a putting the popper in a wonton crust so am planning to try them.

So today, I have finished updating the row by row free pattern page, which you can always find under the Events menu above.

I’ve also decided to offer a sale on my patterns at my Payhip Store only.
Craftsy doesn’t let us offer our own sales, so until I get my new cart open (early next year) it will just have to be at Payhip

From today until Sunday the 26th of November, I am offering 25% off my patterns.

This is a good time to get any patterns you have wanted of mine at a good price. I don’t do sales very often, this is the 2nd time this year I’ve had a sale on my patterns, so it doesn’t happen often.

Use the coupon code:


at my Payhip Shop

This sale is on all patterns released prior to October 31, 2017.
To my knowledge, all patterns that are in the Craftsy shop are also in my Payhip shop with the exception of the new recently released patterns for November 2017.

I thank you for visiting my blog this year, buying my patterns, creating the Sunbonnet Sue and Sam’s along with Twas The Night Before Christmas, or even seeing older patterns being created. I can remember so wanting to see patterns be created and now it’s coming true and I love seeing it, so a HUGE thank you for making me a proud quilt pattern designer and blogger.

Please note, all Flickr Rewards are caught up, if you didn’t get your coupon code in the email last weekend, please write me.

Coming next Friday, December 01, 2017

Happy Turkey Day To You All


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2 Responses to Row By Row Free Pattern Updates & Black Friday Sale…

  1. AvatarSusan says:

    Thanks, Marian! I hope those poppers turned out even better than you hoped! I’m looking forward to the 12 Days of Presents!

  2. AvatarBeverly Gunn says:

    Thank you for hosting the row by row of all the different wonderful Christmas Rows. I am finding your designs to be very interesting and will probably start playing with some of them after the first of the year. God bless you and Grant you a great year so that next year your Thanksgiving will be more filled with grateful thanks.

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