Sam In Mexico Is Now Ready..

Sam In Mexico-

The third block in this series is now ready to go.

Sam In Mexico.. I love these colors for him, although I like the original color set I previewed him in also.

This is a voting for March release week also, and your choices are: Africa and China Be sure to stop in and vote for your choice for March’s release.

This week’s release is Sunbonnet Sam In Mexico. Available in a 9×9 and 12×12 size.

Their were several people who turned in blocks in the Flickr group, in the past few weeks. If you haven’t visited to see the blocks, be sure to go and see the other blocks. Sometimes it helps to see what others have to done to get your own creative juices flowing. I love each one of them, it’s amazing to see what other people do and how they interpret their own colors to use.

When you finish and post/upload your block to the Flickr group, you’ll get one of the blocks that will go up for sale free. If you end up finishing the 24 released in 2016, you will get them all free. It’s a great way to get a “missed” block also. I know I said I’d have these up a few weeks ago, but it’s been such a hectic few weeks I simply haven’t had the time. I will get to it this week and try to get them posted by early next week.

Please note: You can finish any of the blocks at any time during 2016 and upload them to the Flickr group to claim one of the blocks for sale. For every block you upload to the Flickr group you can get 1 free. The one exception to this, is if you make as an example 2 Sue In Brazil blocks, you still only get 1 free choice.

I know, your waiting for the download image.. 🙂

Sam In Mexico

Another Color Choice

Sam In Mexico

It’s now time to Vote:

Which do you prefer? Africa or China?

The artwork for Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Travel The World is exclusive to
Seams To Be Sew.
It was created specifically for use for this Block of the Month by Clipartopolis.

I look forward to seeing which you choose, and will announce the
winner February 15, 2016 with the release of Sue In Mexico.

I also look forward to seeing your blocks show up on Flickr group, I will get the free patterns you’ve earned ready this week. I do apologize for the delay.

Cya Then,


17 thoughts on “Sam In Mexico Is Now Ready..

  1. Hi there: I have the 1st block “Sam in Brazil” which was FREE. Are the rest of the blocks going to be for sale? I want to make a decision how to move forward. Your work is phenomenal.

  2. thanks Marrian, I’m really enjoying this project. It gives me something to look forward every 2nd Monday. then in time I hope to get the others every other Mondays. then ill have one to do each week.

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