Sew… Perhaps You’d like a Sneak Peek!!

What’s Up Everyone, are you coming into the New Year like it’s a brand new day and wanting a fresh start? For me, it’s just another day in my little house in Italy. I’m enjoying the breath of fresh air we had today with lovely 70 degree weather. It was a gorgeous day to go and get our car inspected.

That said, I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek at the coming BOM I will be posting next Tuesday. This is very special artwork to me. I have enjoyed Gabry’s artwork for years, she is a very gifted artist with a great talent. I love being able to offer this to you in an applique block of the month series.

I won’t tell you this BOM is for beginners, it’s not. There are many pieces with each block, but if you are a beginner, you can use the cool techniques I’m going to show you for this block of the month to help ease the transition in learning applique and making this quilt or wallhanging or whatever you choose to make with each months block.

My block of the month is called Little Treasures, it comes from the artist known to me as Gabry and her website where you to can see her beautiful artwork. It is located at Graphics and Graphics.

Wanna See!!! Are you ready 🙂 Come take a peak!!

Little Treasures

Isn’t she adorable. this is the first of at least 12 blocks to come. This series has a total of 20 blocks, but the block of the month will only run from January 2014 to December 2014. I will offer some of the series on my Facebook page, and at Electric Quilts project page and as bonuses here during the year, perhaps as give-aways for blog hops I participate in.

I am not planning to do this project in a black background. I ordered this Moda 108 Sentiments Tonal Parchmentbeautiful fabric from the Moda Sentiments Tonal collection and it is not here yet. If it’s not here tomorrow, I’ll have to just show you my sample block on Tuesday and then put the finished one up when the fabric arrives. I will be using bright colored scraps of fabric for my fabric choices. It is also available in a backing fabric which I also ordered since I love the fabric print so much I thought it would look gorgeous on the back of the quilt.

This series will cover learning applique by machine. Learning applique with an embroidery machine (for those of you with embroidery machines) and it will also entail learning hand techniques for embroidery to embellish your blocks with the little extras like eyelashes, and creases, and lines, even additional designs. I am someone who likes embellishments, so I’ll add some buttons and ribbons to the various blocks.

With the first block of the month, we’ll stick to the basics tho, so you can learn the techniques I’ll use most often each month and enhance upon them each month with a new technique or two. I’m sure some of the techniques you’ll already know, while others may be new to you.

This block of the month is not a “finished quilt” in the end. At the end, it will be up to you to decide on how you’d like to lay it out. I’ll give you some example layouts, but I’m not going to tell you how it should be laid out. I personally think that should be your choice.

Machine embroidery formats offered in this block of the month will be in .pes, .dst, and .hus. I will not be offering any other formats, it will be up to you to have software to convert the format on your own for your machine brand. This is not machine applique in the traditional sense of how it’s normally done. This is my own technique that I have developed and will be using for this block of the month. It offers a different take on how you can use your embroidery machine to first embellish, highlight and then create your applique block. Unless you want to zigzag, no zigzagging will be shown.

This is also a limited block of the month. The block being featured for the month is free, but once the next block is up, the previous block will go on sale at Craftsy.

If you want the EQ format for the block instead of a .pdf file, I will be charging for this as well. Having the EQ project file allows you many options that a normal .pdf file will not give you, so I’ve decided to charge a small fee for the EQ project file. The EQ project files will always include a block format and a motif format.

I can’t tell you fabric amounts. I love doing scrap type projects where one fabric is usually featured and the rest are scraps and that’s my plan with this project. I ordered 5 yards of the Moda background fabric to be on the safe side and I’m fairly sure that’s more than enough fabric.

I made my first few blocks in 12 inch, 14 inch, and 16 inch. I want them to be large so that you can see all the details added to the block itself. When they are small, you can’t notice the little lines and additional design parts so easily, so I’ve chosen to make these in one of these sizes. I’ll make a final decision in the next day or so, but for now I’ll let you know to expect these blocks in one of those sizes. They won’t be smaller than 12-inches and I wouldn’t recommend making them in less than a 12-inch block (ask me how I know, come on, I dare ya) .. hehe

I hope you will be joining me in making these absolutely adorable blocks into a quilt project, and I hope I will get to see your blocks. I do not have a flickr account and have no plans to have one, but if you email your blocks to me, I will feature them here on my site.

I will be posting Little Treasures on the first tuesday of each month. Only 2 months during 2014 fall on the first of the month.

Cya Tuesday!!


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