Silent Night Nativity Row 2 and Mardi Gras Released…

Silent Night 02

Hi Everyone, I’m home early today from PT and happy happy happy to be home. It’s a grueling process but they are finally seeing some progress and I am finally feeling it… LOL

Today is the release of my 2nd panel/row in the Silent Night Nativity. It seems like such a long time since I did a once-a-month botm but happily this one just makes me happy. As some of you know I love nativity scenes, so once I can sew again I to will be putting this one together as I am loving every panel thus far.

Silent Night 2021 is a block of the month of vertical rows/panels. It comes in 12 x 24 and 18 x 36. Both sizes are in each pattern. There are no free blocks in this series, this is a for-purchase only block of the month.  The one caveat tho is the 25% discount on the pattern being released that month. The discount is good all month, you’ll just need to use the coupon code when checking out at Payhip. Please do not forget it, I can’t always refund these so it’s easier for me if you remember to use the code itself.

I’ve also found a few more created patterns for Mardi Gras from last year that never got released, so am also releasing those today…


Clicking on linkable images at this point will take you to the pattern page.

Silent Night 02

The coupon code for this panel/row is: SilentNight2021R2

Artwork for the Silent Night Nativity series is inspired by Limited Edition Artwork from Clipartopolis.

Mardi Gras 2021

This year Mardi Gras is still being held in New Orleans and I truly commend them for celebrating one of the funniest events of the year. Yes, events during this time are limited, but I believe New Orleans will find a way to still make it fun for everyone.

See info below to buy both patterns and SAVE

Since there is no way I can go, I had created these last year to be there in spirit…

Mardi Gras TruckThis is actually 2 patterns in one, remove the Mardi Gras decor and you have the plain truck. Thus a way to decorate down the road for other fun holidays and events.

Sizes for this pattern included in the pdf are 12 and 15-inch.
Do not resize this pattern to a smaller size.
The text is included with the pattern.

and because I’d want to be like everyone else, I’d put my mask on and go as a gnome… 🙂 snicker, snicker, snicker.. 🙂

Mardi Gras Gnome

Mardi Gras Gnome

This pattern comes in sizes 12×15 and 15×18.

The artwork for these two patterns is inspired by Bizzy Hands Creations

When you add 1 of these patterns to your cart at regular price, the 2nd pattern is available via the popup on the page for 25% off. This is slightly different from my normal intro off price but I wanted to be fair for both patterns so went with a slightly higher discount offer to help you save more money. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Coming In March for the Silent Night Nativity


Cya tomorrow with Quilt Block Mania’s February Release

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2 thoughts on “Silent Night Nativity Row 2 and Mardi Gras Released…

  1. WOW, Catching up with my favorite bloggers and I find 4 patterns I missed from you. I don’t know how but at least I can catch up. Thank you for allowing me to do so.
    Seems like quite a few designers have had their free detailed patterns “stolen” then sold on FB and Etsy under new names as you probably already know. So I don’t mind the fee, but very glad for the discounts. No one should complain since your patterns are approx 20pg. That is a lot of work!
    Glad to hear you are feeling better. I just got my first Covid vaccination. In 28 days I’ll get the 2nd. Hope you got yours. My pharmacy and pharmacy at my grocery store gives them. I just made an appointment on-line. I hope EVERYONE gets it. All my specialists gave me a thumbs up. Still need a mask to leave the house.
    Thanks again for the patterns along with starting a BOM again.

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