So, do ya’ll remember Bertie ?

Bertie has come homeI am loving Bertie, she just sews so nice and smoothly, she listens when I chat with her, she doesn’t ignore me when I take care of her and she’s always happy to be cleaned, given a new needle and a lovely rub down…

She’s so happy she just coos when I buy her a new toy. She has lots of extra bobbins now, some great new feet to be used and now, she even has new lighting.


Yep, that’s right, my post is all about the lighting and how happy Bertie is with all her fabulous lighting abilities now.

I thought I’d show you some comparison lighting on my Bertie. While the lighting that comes with machines is good and generally is sufficient in normal circumstances, I think we can all agree that additional lighting can come in handy.

On my Designer 1 and my Brother Ult2001, I also used additional lighting. I really like and still like the Bendable Bright Light.

Lighting 2

This is a really great light for the money, it’s easy to attach to your machine and can be moved around easily. The biggest con on this light is that the cord doesn’t stay in place as nicely as it perhaps should. They should improve the hooks for the cord. I ended up just using some packing tape to hold my cord in place on my machines. When I got Bertie, I took the one I had on my D1 off that machine and moved it to Bertie.

A cool thing is this has the ability to add another base so you can move the light from machine to machine if you wish. I originally purchased two of these but because I’m not using the D1 that much anymore I didn’t see the need to keep the light for that machine in place. The base is still their if I need it again so that’s not a big deal

Bright Light BaseThis is the base/bracket kit for the Bendable Bright Light, it is considerably less in price than just buying a new light so it makes sense to move your light around if you have the opportunity to do so.

Last year during one of the blog hops I participated in, I had the opportunity to read about a lighting kit that attaches on the inside of your machine in the main base area. People were literally raving about this light. I took a look at it and thought hmm doesn’t look like much and it was so expensive, at the time I just couldn’t justify the cost of it.

When I was in Salt Lake City, I saw this light being demonstrated on a machine and I was sold. They didn’t have any more of the lighting kits at the store, so I waited till I got home and ordered one off of Amazon.

It is called Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit created by Inspired LED

Lighting 1

So, you might ask yourself, what’s the difference. Well I’m hoping I can show you that.

These examples are on Bertie and I took them just after I installed the Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit. I tried to keep the lighting in the room all the same.


This is Bertie all by herself.


This is Bertie with just the Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit turned on.


This is Bertie with her lights turned on and the Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit.


This is Bertie and the Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit and the Bendable Bright Light turned on.


The following is the Bendable Bright Light

2015-07-stbs-sml_06and last but not least is the Bendable Bright Light and Bertie’s lighting.

I know that it may not seem like their is much of a difference and in some ways their isn’t. However, I will say that their is no need to run both the Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit and the Bendable Bright Light at the same time. The difference in the lighting amount is just not that much different.

The differences between these lights are that the Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit can’t be moved around, so once you stick it in place it appears to be that way until you pull it out. I don’t think it can easily be replaced like you can do with the Bendable Bright Light from machine to machine. However, the LED kit does allow for the possibility of a second kit purchase for considerably less than if you bought two kits separately.

I also appreciate the amount of light that the LED kit offers, but again, because it can’t be moved around that does make a difference. The Bendable Bright Light has a movable part of the light that lets you move the lighting to where you need it. You can’t do this with the LED kit.

Another con about the LED kit is that while it does stick to the machine well, I have to wonder how it is when free motion quilting a big quilt. If the cord is coming down into the base side like on my Bertie, I worry that it won’t take much to have it pull off. I’m thinking I’m going to need to put some packing tape over that cord to keep it in place. I can already see it coming off just a bit and I’ve only owned the LED Kit since about mid-May.

What one may not realize about the Bendable Bright Light is that it is also LED lighting. So it will last just as long as the LED Kit will.

The mounting base for the Bendable Bright Light is also stuck very well on the machine. I’ve never had one come off of the machine and I’ve never worried about the lighting cord being in the way other than when my brackets fell off from the cord and as I said, I easily put them back in place with some packing tape.

The Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit does have great brackets for holding the cord and it doesn’t look as tho it will fall off any time soon like they did with the Bendable Bright Light. Currently I do have the brackets on the cord again on Bertie, as the base extra comes with additional brackets, so I’m trying them out again on Bertie.

The on/off switch on both lights is easily accessible also. However, the Bendable Bright Lights on/off switch is right on the top of the lamp, so it’s easily turned off. The Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit is based on where you put the little black box that you hook the cords into. I’ve placed mine by where I turn Bertie on also, so both can be turned on and off at the same time.

You might ask which I like better, right now I’d have to say I like my Bendable Bright Light better. I like that I have more control of where the light falls.

Time will tell how much I will use the Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit, but I do as it is use it, I just also use my Bendable Bright Light in conjunction with it because I have that control over the lighting that you don’t get with the other one, so I can move the light around as I need it and when it comes down to it, I guess you could say, that’s what I love the best about that light. It’s the entire reason I choose it as my favorite at the moment.

Do you own either one of these lights?

Which do you prefer?

I’d love to hear your opinion, leave me a comment, I’d like to know what you think.

Updated 2020 – Over time, I found I used the Inspired LED light more than I did the Bendable Bright light. This year I have been concentrating on getting better at Free Motion Quilting. I have to tell you that my opinion earlier in this review about the Inspired LED light has totally changed. I liked this light before because it offers a great deal of light with no shadowing. During the years I’ve owned this light, I’ve broken the on/off switch but it was easily taped onto my machine table to use. The on/off switch didn’t break, just removing it from the machine broke. I’d recommend if your moving and you have your original box, don’t put the on/off machine attached to your machine, tape it to your table instead or just let it hang if possible… I keep my original boxes and when we thought we were going to move last year I had to break the switch off the machine to allow it to fit in my box. The box is more important to me than the on/off switch is because I am protecting a 3000.00 machine versus a 30.00 light… Back to my opinion now…

We have been lucky to have Inspired LED as a sponsor each year of the row along but this year I have really put that light to test with quilting especially. The difference between the Bendable Bright Light and the Inspired LED is vastly different. With the Inspired LED light, you can still see what your quilting, with the Bendable Bright Light, there is a shadow that makes it hard to see especially if you’ve marked your quilt to follow a quilting line. The shadow isn’t there when you used only the Inspired LED light. Another note, the Bendable Bright light apparently will get to flouncy after a lot of use. I constantly move mine around to get the best light where I need it, but after doing this many times it starts to not hold it’s place in the holder and the light will separate from the holder with the slightest touch even moving a quilt around can take the light off the holder. With the Inspired LED light, that doesn’t happen because the light is permanently attached to your machine where you’ve attached it and the lighting surrounds the area versus with the Bendable Bright Light and constantly having to move it around.

I have removed the Bendable Bright Lite from my machine at this point because the cost doesn’t justify itself and I won’t be replacing it. It’s possible you have had a different experience with this light, but for me, I won’t be buying anymore of them. I do like the light and it was great while it lasted but I’ve owned George for less than 5 years and Bertie for 6 years at the moment and my Inspired LED has definitely overworked itself compared to the Bendable Bright Light. I have an Inspired LED light on all of my machines but it gets the most use on both Bertie and George.

A small note, neither of these products were given to me, I purchased both of them at Amazon. This tooltip review is solely my opinion of the products.


3 thoughts on “So, do ya’ll remember Bertie ?

  1. I think it’s really hard to show the difference in photos, though you did about the best job I’ve ever seen. There is a difference. I don’t have any enhanced lighting on either the Viking or the Bernina, but I usually sew in a room with a lot of light, and with a window in front of me. I’ve been wondering about getting the LED light that Sentimental Stitches advertises for the Featherweights.

    1. Even in a well lighted room you still get shadowing, so I think lighting that is concentrated on what your doing helps, especially when it’s necessary for you to really concentrated on what your doing. In cases like blind stitch applique, or free motion, the enhanced lighting really helps you concentrate in those areas where you might otherwise get shadowing. I have found that I don’t use both the lights at once, but sometimes I will turn the other on when I’m concentrating on certain sections of a project.

      The Bendable Bright light has the ability to also come in handy if you drop something on the floor. If your machine is near the edge of your desk/table, you can actually move the bendable light or take it off the bracket to move it around the floor to find the object you dropped. (I can’t tell you how many times that has saved me, but even something as simple as a straight pin that I dropped that light has come in very handy). 🙂

  2. Love this post and will come back and read it again soon because I want more lighting for my machines and work space. Age seems to require more light for my eyes.


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