Spring Cleaning…

DSCN3156I didn’t need to do too much to clean my sewing room. While I’m not a sloppy person I don’t let little things bother me either… I also am not someone who just throws things around, when I’m done working with a project everything gets put back into place when I am working on something it’s stored in a little bin by my machines or cutting areas. I’m currently working on two blocks of the month projects, so those parts are hanging about my sewing and cutting areas.

A few years ago I did a blog post about my sewing room and at the time I loved the design of it, but over time I grew to dislike it intensely. I love sewing in front of my window. I do not know why I just do. Perhaps it’s because it’s contact with the outside world since I am home so much of the time I don’t get a lot of contact outside of this house. Last year we were trying to move over the summer months, we had a home all picked out, and ready were all packed and ready to move and then I found out that our realtor/property manager was pretty much a crook. They took all our money but gave us no keys to move into the new home. We lost not only our money but had to scramble to try and renew the lease where we still currently lived. It was not a fun experience and I hope I am never so gullible again. The only nice thing to come out of it is when I unpacked my sewing room I gave it a new look something I really like much better and feel comfortable working in.

So below is my sewing room.

The Old…

Stbs My Sewing Space 2017 11This picture was taken from just inside the doorway.
It wasn’t a terrible space to work in, I just really disliked that my Bernina seemed so far away and when I needed it everything else was to difficult to reach. It is not like that anymore.

When I walk thru the door today, this is how I see my sewing room.

DSCN3157I love how this lays out now as it’s easy to sew cut and work on the desktop all by moving my chair around versus getting up or reaching all of the time. Call me lazy, but I love a U-Shaped design. I like everything to be in reach also.

DSCN3156Three years ago, I did a post of my sewing room also, it’s in the old layout of the room, but one of the most popular comments was about my little coffee nook area. I am a major coffee drinker. I drink coffee all day long. I usually brew 2 pots per day, when the hubby is home we usually brew 3… I do have to share ya know. 🙂 At night I like to drink tea, so the Keurig actually sees more tea action than it does coffee action. This is behind the door where you enter the room.

DSCN3173As I walk to my little work area from the doorway I pass the cutting area first. There is a shelf here where I keep cutting supplies, pins, my cutting machine, ironing supplies and other needed things for this area. I store rotary cutters and scissors in old coffee cans or Milk-Bone plastic jars. My part in the recycling world I guess you could say. This current project is from the Helen Godden Midnight Magic botm that I’m currently doing, thus everything is right there for me to work on it. It’s mostly painted on fabric type technique and I use an older rotary mat to paint on and not my current good mat.

DSCN3172The shelves to the left of the picture are filled with things like basting glue (Elmers washable) rotary cutter blades and other things like rulers and such.

DSCN3167This is where I spend my nighttime hours because my sewing room has no overhead lighting, so there are lamps everywhere in this room but they don’t produce the same kind of light that an outdoor window will give me, so if I’m sewing for the day I am doing it in the daytime. Oops, I forgot to take yesterday’s coffee cup downstairs but it will get there later this morning. 🙂 You might wonder why the laptop is there… well I need noise while I’m working so if the tv isn’t on, then I am usually listening or watching lessons on youtube or the video classes I’ve purchased or my block of the month lessons for painting on fabric or machine embroidery. While I could watch these on the tv, even with my new glasses I still can’t see the fine print, so having my laptop where I can zoom… makes a world of difference for me.

DSCN3168When I look to my left, I have the sheet-fed printer, bins with paper, pens, etc for the desktop and a label printer. Yes, there is also a coffee pot there as we had to move one of the coffee pots over to a different area last year after to much use on the coffee nook blew out a power plug, so it got moved. It’s definitely more convenient. My beloved Bernie is right next to all of that and as you can see it’s a quick slide on over to that area in the chair to start sewing.

DSCN3163Between Bernie and the other sewing machine (my Pfaff), I keep a shelving unit for sewing supplies, and needles, anything i need for the machines will be found here.  I have my cotton thread in bins underneath this table and the Pfaff table. The sewing table that my Bernie is on is a very old Viking L-shaped table that I picked up at a Viking store for a whopping 25.00 back in the 90’s. while it doesn’t fit the arm area of my Bernina, it does let me use the bottom space to quilt with a bigger space.

DSCN3161When I turn to the left, here is my Pfaff. It is always set up to do machine embroidery. I rarely use it for anything else. I keep my hoops on the shelving unit that is by the cutting area since it is better to have a nice flat area to hoop your fabrics in.

DSCN3159If I look to the right behind my Pfaff area the closet is there and this is mainly just storage, I keep fabric paints, and sewing supplies in here… things like buttons, elastic, zippers, etc… I wasn’t always a quilter, my first glimpse of sewing was in the world of clothing so my fabric stash isn’t just cotton it’s many kinds of fabrics as I do still make my own clothes to this day.

DSCN3165Right behind my Pfaff is the book nook, all the books and patterns are here along with a few odds and ends. The bins contain stablizers for machine embroidery.

DSCN3158My fabric area is all on these wonderful shelves I got at Amazon, I love these shelves, and the bins are what I can normally find on sale since bins are quite expensive with no sale. When we were in Italy I mainly purchased Sterlite bins, but I really love the Ziploc bins if I were to be totally honest.

Currently, I wrap my fabric into rolls and place it in the bin, yes it does cause a bit more wrinkling, but I fit more into a bin by doing that over just laying it in the bin and calling it a day. I’d still have to iron it so for me rolling it works very well.

DSCN3170Of course, my sewing room wouldn’t be right if Boo weren’t here just sleeping and snoring away… In the morning this is where she usually is while I sew, and…

DSCN3145by night time she’s moved her bed and her blanket into the area where my Bernina and Pfaff are… I guess she just wants to be closer to the action. LOL!!! Three years ago when I last did this Boo wasn’t part of our family, we got her a month after that post was created.

If you had a look at the old post, you might wonder if I still have all the fabric from the 90s I showed.. yes… but it’s now in the garage instead of the basement where it won’t get flooded upon by a broken window.

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6 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning…

  1. I love how you’ve converted your space into a U shape making the most of natural light. Although I don’t see much, my home office is set up in a U shape in front of a window as well. When I do want to sew, I trade out the laptop with the sewing machine and it works great for me. Sending much love to you sis and all the best to Frank and Boo. xo

  2. I love how you’ve made your space into a U shape. Although I don’t see much, I find the same setup useful in my home office as well. When I want to see. I just move the laptop and put up the Pfaff you so generously bestowed me. Much love to you sis. All the best to Frank and Boo too. xo

  3. Lovely tour! I also like sewing in front of a large window I think it is the day light to sew by that I prefer.

  4. So much going on in your studio, Marian. I love your coffee station, mine is a short walk to the kitchen, but if I had the space….how special to have Boo hanging out with you, sounds like he knows the routine.

  5. I love how you’ve made this work for you! I’m a big coffee drinker as well. The coffee is downstairs in the kitchen, so a few years ago I bought a heater and I sit my coffee cup on that to keep it warm while I work. Thanks for sharing your studio!

  6. This will be a fun hop to follow. I have a slider so I have lots of full natural light for my studio. I keep my projects in Ziplocs because they take up very little space. Remnants are in stackable plastic drawers and yardage reside in the drawers of a dresser.

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