Stripes and Strings… All About Strings Today At Seams To Be Sew…

String Along Blog Hop ButtonTis quite funny as I prepared for this hop with my project, I kept thinking Stripes and not Strings, but quite by accident my project fits into both words… A big thanks to Carla for hosting this blog hop theme and I must say I am looking forward to what everyone created.

I once made a striped quilt, back in the 90’s, Jinny Beyer did quite a few lines with border type stripes that became popular to fussy cut your shapes out of and then combine them to create a new look to the print. It was an awesome technique and I did make one of these quilts. I don’t have a picture that I know of for the quilt, I gave the quilt to my mother-in-law and have asked many times for a picture, but it occurred to me today as I was writing this that she has never sent me a picture of that quilt. It is an 8 point star quilt with the insets, and every other square was a blank square that was filled with a quilting design. It was the first quilt I ever hired out for a hand quilter for. It turned out really pretty… So when this blog hop came along I had my mind on that quilt, but I no longer like to go to all that work with the cutting and such, if I’m going to fussy cut I’m going to do it with my cutting machine. 🙂

While I’m sure it’s probably hard to imagine I also like to paper piece, and so my strings and stripes project is a paper pieced block. I like to paper piece on water soluble stabilizer. I print the pattern on my Brother SNC, and then cut around the edges, I then head to my sewing machine and start sewing with the flip method. I do not precut fabric sizes for paper piecing, I just like to lay the fabric down and then sew, flip, cut to fit, then add the next piece.. call me lazy, but that’s how I like to paper piece.

I took  a block out of Electric Quilt that reminded me of “stripes” because as I said my mind was on stripes and not strings … 🙂 set it on to print foundation style, put my settings in and off I went to the printer.

This is the kind of block I absolutely love. While Log Cabin has always been my favorite quilt block, it really is more of a block that allows you to layout your quilt with different variations. I love love love these types of quilts and will always want to pick one of these to make over something that has no variation for display.

The quilt block itself qualifies as strings of strips that get laid out and set in the block. The stripes come in the way I laid my fabrics. I didn’t want to use a stripe fabric itself, so I decided to lay 2 fabrics next to each other, thus I sew my own stripes into place.

All of the fabric except the purple dot is Island Batik Fabric and the cream colored fabric is from there Lobster Bake line.

The project was completely made with Aurifil 50 wt grey thread, and black to quit it.

The quilting pattern is straight lines going the opposite direction of the stripes.

As you can see, I didn’t finish this and that’ s because once I decided on a layout I liked better than the one I’d drawn in EQ, I decided I was going to need 8 more blocks. Because I currently have an ulcer on my foot, I couldn’t do the blocks quick enough to finish this project, so they will have to wait until I can use my sewing machine pedal.

Either or, I hope you like my Strings and Stripes project
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Monday, March 25th
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37 thoughts on “Stripes and Strings… All About Strings Today At Seams To Be Sew…

  1. I like your strings/strips pattern and the fabrics you chose! Looking forward to seeing it finished and hope you can get back to using your machine soon! xx

  2. I hope you heal quickly and are up and running (no pun intended) in no time. I like the blocks you got done. Very pretty color choices. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Aren’t strings fun? I think once you get started it’s one of those quilting projects that just makes us want more. Thank you so much for joining the All About Strings Blog Hop. I hope your foot is better soon, Marian.

  4. I like squares turned on point. Very pretty fabric choices. I didn’t notice your quilt looked unfinished. I thought it was finished. I think it looks great. I hope your foot is back to health very soon. I know it’s so hard to be motivated when it hurts to walk.

  5. I hope your foot heals quickly!! I also like making my own stripped fabric and paper piece them. I’m looking forward to seeing your completed quilt.

  6. Those darn injuries that get in our way! I would be very interested in seeing some of the quilts that you spoke of that Jinny Beyer designed in the past using fussy cut stripes? Does the design have a name? I haven’t been quilting that long so I missed out on some of the past trends. Your block is going to make a really fun quilt!

    1. Well, I can’t remember the book it was in but it was in a book and I simply don’t remember, it would have been a book released sometime in the late ’80s as that quilt was made in a class I took in September 1988. At the time, Jinny Beyer had released quite a few border prints in each of her newest lines at RJR… Perhaps if you visit Jinny Beyers site or RJR fabrics there history or archives might show somem of those fabrics. They weren’t your average stripes, they mainly had like a thin border, a little wider border, then a flower border, then back to the wider, and then the thin… The entire width of the fabric had probably 6 to 7 rows of the border so you got a lot of border for your money instead of the average border print that gives just 1 row and you have to buy tons of it. To make blocks you did have to fussy cut with a template (no electronic cutters back then) if you wanted to create a new look to the block. Each block tho got you a different print based on how you cut each of the shapes for that block. I remember when I made the templates, I used a plastic stencil type quilters used back then, and marked them with a sharpie so I could get them aligned properly for each template, when I started a new block, I sprayed the template with hairspray to get old sharpie off, and remark the lines to cut the next block. That really helped to align the fussy cut on the fabric and get the fabrics to align properly when stitched, since these were diamond shapes for the print you were also working with a bias cut so that helped to fudge when you needed to. 🙂

      1. Interesting pattern. Carol and I seem to feel the same…
        we want to see it finished. Will you use any of the suggestions given here in the comments?
        You poor thing, you always seem to have problems with your feet or lower leg. Do you have diabetes or just bad luck? I worry about you! Since you don’t live near me to nurse you, I’ll put you in my prayers for a quick recovery, foot ulcers are notoriously slow to hear. Do you or your doctor know how it started?

  7. Nice colors and will be beautiful when done. Hope your foot gets better soon. I have been itching to sew/stitch something for days now. My son is on his 10th day in the since with nothing to do except checking on this blog hop and an embroidery shop hop that also started today.

    1. I think I saw that shop hop thing advertise on FB is that where yours is? I promised myself I would sew each day during 2019, and while I haven’t been able to get to my actual sewing machine so much this year I’ve learned a lot about what my embroidery machine can really do. Yesterday I was working on an idea and it occurred to me that I should take the time to learn how to hook my Pfaff up to the computer so I could just automatically send the files instead of continuously using the flash drive and I was flabbergasted at how easy it was to hook up. I stitched a cute little bag up from that.. I was very excited. 🙂

  8. Oh my I do hope your foot will heal nicely and quickly.
    I love the fabrics you made for this project. It is coming along lovely. Cant wait to see the finished project. Thanks for sharing today.

  9. This is a neat pattern. I will enjoy seeing the whole piece when you finish. Sure hope your foot heals quickly! Thanks for sharing!

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