Sue and Sam Around The World..Guidelines and Features

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam

2016 is an a year filled with fun and surprises all year long here at Seams To Be Sew. So many great things are happening in 2016, and I hope this block of the month will celebrate one of the best events that will come in 2016.

2016 is a summer Olympics year, I absolutely love the Olympics, each year that we have one, whether it’s winter or summer, I am an avid Olympic fan. My tv is on watching them day and night and I can honestly say I get very little sleep during the time that the Olympics are being held. My block of the month this year is dedicated to the over 10,000 Olympians that will descend on Rio De Janeiro, Brazil this year. For their hard work and dedication and the spirit of participating in an event that allows countries from the world to come together and enjoy the spirit of competition, I hope you will enjoy Sue and Sam Traveling The World.

Sewwwwwwww without further ado, Welcome to my 2016 Sunbonnet Sue and Sunbonnet Sam Travel The World Block of The Month. (that’s a lot of title to write.. I will definitely be shortening it at some point)

The artwork for Sue and Sam was commissioned exclusively for Seams To Be Sew at Clipartopolis.

Barring any issues with real life events, Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Travel the World will take all 12 months to complete. Two blocks per month will be released. The first block will be released the first monday of every month, the second block will be released the 3rd monday of every month.

Free blocks are only available freely until the next block is released. No exceptions.

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam offers a total of 52 blocks, however only 24 of them will be released as free blocks during the year. The rest will be sold separately or you can earn a free one by creating and uploading a picture to the Flickr group of your block from one of the 24 offered freely during 2016. This offer is good during the year of 2016. This offer is good for each block you make, so if you make 12 blocks, you can choose 12 of the other blocks. If you finish all 24 blocks, I will give you all of the blocks free. You may claim one free block for each unique individual block you make, in other words, if you make 2 of the same Sunbonnet Sue’s or Sam for the same country, you still only get to claim 1 free pattern. The purchased patterns will be released as each month’s choice is voted upon… In other words, February’s vote allowed for Mexico to be released as the free block of the month, the purchased block will be France. France will be the first block you can choose as a choice for one of the patterns you uploaded to Flickr.. Details on how to claim a block will be noted here once patterns are available.

The permanent menu page will be located here, also with a top menu line, and a side menu logo, so it will always be easy to find the next released block. All releases will also be announced on my Facebook page, my Google page, my PInterest board, and in my newsletter. You can also follow via the various other Blogging platforms such as Blogluvin, Google’s Feed, etc..

Join My Newsletter if you haven’t already.

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What The Pattern Includes:

All templates will have the reversed shapes with no seam allowances added to the templates.

I will offer machine embroidery files with this project like I did with Little Treasures and Oh Holy Night. Machine embroidered formats offered will be .art (version 3), .hus, and .pes. Any other format you need will need to be converted in your editing software.

Cutting files will be available to purchase, but will not be added to the free pattern of the block. Once the block is no longer free, the cutting files will be combined with the block that goes up for sale and the single cutting files will no longer be available. SVG packs will include the free pattern as a convenience when they are sold during the free release, but will go up in price once the pattern is release for sale.

Fabric charts will not be created for the free pattern, but because this is applique, you may just want to use scraps, color your Sue and Sams in the costume traditions of the country they are traveling to. I’m doing my quilt entirely in batiks.

All of the patterns will be offered in a 12×12 size.

You should feel free to use the applique technique that you feel most comfortable with. I use various applique techniques depending on my mood for the most part as I like to play/experiment with techniques, so I don’t always use the same technique. While you can use fusible techniques for this pattern, please understand that my applique shapes are drawn for hand/machine blindstitch applique so their are overlaps on shapes that lay under another shape. I do not add seam allowances to my shapes.

This pattern will be free via this blog only during it’s release, but may go up for sale on Craftsy at the same time, but will never be available via Craftsy as a free pattern.

No tutorials for each release of the block will be done, this is a simple block of the month and if I decide to write some helpful tips about the block I will add it to that release.

This post was written December 28, 2015, it is not the “first weeks” post. It’s was written to let you know the guidelines and features of this block of the month.

Now for some fun stuff, normally I post previews of what’s coming, this year, I’m going to let you decide what’s released for the next month. Each month I’ll post two different countries, the one that gets the most votes will be released the next month. You must decide this during the first release each month, When I release the second block in the month, I will announce which block will be released for the next month.

In January, I will release Brazil, because this BOTM is dedicated to the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, I want them to be first, and I hope I see lots of blocks show up on the Flickr group.

First Release January 4, 2016

Sue In Brazil
Sue In Brazil

Second Release January 18, 2016

Sam In Brazil
Sam In Brazil

Let’s Start The Voting For February’s Release

Mexico or France

This poll ends January 17, 2016

If your still having problems voting with both polls, please leave a note in comments. I’ll still get a good idea of what to do. I do read all comments.

Layout Ideas

Now, if your going to stitch this along with me this year, you really need to have some kind of layout planned before you go about creating your blocks. I have created 3 layouts, but I am having a hard time deciding which I like the best, Wanna give me a hand?

Note, picture shows only Sue and Sams in the layout that are finished drawing. The rest of the blocks will be added as I go along, but I do need to decide on a final layout.

I’ve narrowed the field to these three layouts

Which do you like best?

Their is also some layouts same as above with a slight difference.

with a medallion block in the middle of the planet earth and people surrounding the earth.

So tell me, which do you like?
This poll ends January 1, 2016
The poll will open in a popup window, because of issues voting earlier, I’ve moved this poll off the page to prevent errors.

Additional Info:

How To Upload To Flickr and Add To A Group

Flickr Rewards For Addon Blocks

If you are looking for the older Block of the Months I’ve offered:

Oh Holy Night 2015 can be found here.
Little Treasures 2014 can now be found here


24 thoughts on “Sue and Sam Around The World..Guidelines and Features

  1. Marian, I was wondering, since I’m doing a black background should I be using black batting? I’m doing the Quilt as you go method and have my Brazil Sue all finished and was just about to start Sam and thought….hmmmmm I wonder. I’ll wait to hear back from you. I’ve never used black batting before but really haven’t used black as my background either.

    1. I think that would be up to you, but, I will tell you that I love using black batting and when I’ve made darker colored quilts in the past, I’ve used black batting. While their really isn’t a lot of difference in black batting, the most noticable difference for it is when your at a quilt show, and the quilt is being displayed. When the light hits the quilt just right, with white batting, it’s almost as if you can see thru it.. not that you can see through it like eyeglasses, but if you were standing at the back of the quilt and the light were in the front, you could tell that light is shining on the quilt. With black batting, you don’t see the light.

      Sometimes when their are little stickies showing up thru the batting also, you will know it’s white, the stickies don’t show up as much if your using dark fabrics with the black batting.

  2. I love all your patterns and will be doing sunbonnets. Iam 69 years old and trying to figure out how to use computor. Can you explain how to post pictures on flickr? THANKS for all your great patterns. Reta

  3. Hi Marian, I love the examples you already showed and I can’t wait to start with them.
    I have a piece of fabric with a map of the world on it and if I don’t end up using one of your layouts I think I will make a border for the world map with your lovely Sue and Sam figures. Thanks you very much for this BOM.
    Have a happy and healthy 2016, Annette

  4. That’s interesting. Yesterday, I would have picked a different layout. We were having a lot of trouble with internet because everything was soaking wet (AT&T says that doesn’t affect it, but when it happens every time it rains, one has to wonder!), so I thought the issues were me. Today, I’ve taken a closer look, which I couldn’t do yesterday, and I think I like 1 best. Simplest. =) Any of them are great, though! I really wanted Mexico, but it’ll come along eventually. =)

    1. I have that issue also, whenever it rains, or even just thunders. On my personal Facebook page a couple of months ago, I posted a few pictures of how fast the area where we live can flood. It’s my understanding that even a few years ago, the flooding was so bad that it leeked into the base housing area and many homes had to be redone. I live so close to the fence area that it probably would have affected me at that time. When it does rain, I always shut the computer down because we are also susceptible to power outages, and even tho I put a backup system on my pc’s a few years ago, I still shut them down, it’s just nice because if a power outage does occur while I’m working, I don’t lose my work because the backup system kicks in for the few moments we have no power.

      It doesn’t matter to me which layout is chosen, I like all of them and I honestly couldn’t decide on which to choose, so I thought I’d let people choose their favorites, but the end result is, they don’t have to use any of my layouts either, they could come up with their own.

    1. I really wanted a “fur” set of people, but when they did the original artwork for what was suppose to be Iceland (and not Antartica), they didn’t do them in Fur.. so I asked him to redo them, and I’d just give them Antartica as the country, so that’s the story on the eskimos… 🙂 That is the reason their is 52 blocks also as my original order was for 25 countries, 1 in each Sue and Sam so I’d have 50 blocks.

  5. I love the first choice, but then I love the world with the little ones around it too.
    Decisions decisions…. so hard cause they are all great!

    1. Lol, ya know on layout 1, it would not be hard to place a long rectangular block in the middle and put the earth in that… that’s what I would do if layout 1 wins the vote.. I just didn’t lay it out that way, because it’s one of my original layouts, and I didn’t think to add the medallion until later on, but I like that layout so much that it stuck around amongst all the others I tested/tried out first.

      I’ll add the earth and people no matter what layout is chosen, cause I to like it.. I’m still working out the border, but I think it would be kind of cool to either put a paper pieced set of people in the border, or do applique people around the border.

  6. Hi Marian, I tried to vote twice but it the icon just kept going in circles. The Sue and Sam blocks are all so precious but my vote is for Mexico and layout #1, it seems that the colors of the costumes would show up better in this layout. Thank you for being so generous in sharing such a gorgeous quilt with us. Happy New Year!!!

    1. That is what others are experiencing also, and I have no idea why. I tried to separate the polls so they are on separate pages, but it’s not working either. There are not many options for voting in plugins for wordpress that are working and such, so I’m just going to stick with what I have and hope people will comment. I can get an idea to by reading the comments of what people think.

      I agree that layout 1 is the most likely choice if your wanting them to show up better, but, I also think that depending on how you place the colors in your background in the first place with Sue and Sam will also impact the look. Since most batiks play around with lots of color, I will be using scraps, no matter what layout is chosen, but I’m going to keep the background colors in a deep rich color set, and the Sue’s and Sams will play on brighter fun colors, so that they will play well together. Having a wall to layout your colors will also help if your going to separately piece the blocks, whenever I work in scraps the design wall is the most important part of piecing process.

  7. Hi Marian, I love Sunbonnet Sue and Sam. I don’t think that my vote in the poll registered so just in case I am voting for Mexico and Layout Number 4. Also when I registered my email address for Newsletters it came up as undefined so not sure if it registered. Very excited about this project, Thank You…

    1. Hi Chris, I put your votes in for you.. thank you for taking the time to comment about the polling issue. On the newsletter, I can’t find the problem, it is possible you have already subscribed. I will send a newsletter out today and we’ll see how it goes. I did test it to see if it would give me the same problem and I didn’t get the problem, so I’m thinking you are already subscribed. I’m excited about it to. 🙂

  8. LOve the Sunbonnets and am happy to see your current project. I voted for Mexico and layout number 4. I like the world applique in the center of the quilt. I am just deciding where my quilting energies will go in 2016 and this definitely makes the list.
    Happy New year 2016.

    1. Frances, I really like it to, and am thinking I’ll add the world and people whether people choose layout 1 or not, so that pattern will come at some point in the process, probably as a bonus. I’m glad to see your excited about the project to.

  9. Marian, you just made a rainy day very bright. I just love Sue and Sam. These are my favorite of all quilt blocks. I voted, but not sure it worked. I like the Sue and Sam in Mexico and the first quilt layout. I am really looking forward to next year. Thank you so very much!

    1. Awesome Joyce, I don’t know why it didn’t work for you, I went ahead and put your votes in for you. I did have to refresh the page between the polls, maybe that’s what has to be done, so I’ll add a note on the post itself, so others will to. I’m glad your looking forward to Sue and Sam, I have some other things planned involving them next year also, but will announce those later on. 🙂

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