Sue and Sam In Switzerland and Sweden Released

Sue and Sue - Sweden and SwitzerlandIt was a tough choice to decide which is the Free block and which is the Flickr Reward block. There are so many wonderful things about both countries. I’ve personally never been to Sweden, but I have been to Switzerland… 

Bernina’s are made in Switzerland, Viking in Sweden… those are two good reasons, I own both brands of machine, but the Bernina’s are and always will be my favorite. Bernice is finally home with me after fourteen years with my mom and my sister taking care of her for me. She’s in the shop getting cleaned and ready to sew on a again.. Bernice is a 1230. Bertie is my 530 and she was purchased in 2015 specifically because she has the BSR ability and because my Viking D1 was acting up, I decided to go ahead and purchase a machine I knew had been good to me in the past….

At the same time, I have as a child always loved the story of Heidi.. this to story happens in the backdrop of Switzerland, my favorite is . movie adaptation which featured Shirley Temple. 

However, I chose Sweden as the free block this month in honor of my friend Peter. Peter was a friend I played backgammon with daily for many years in the 1990’s when we first got our first desktop pc. I got the opportunity to meet Peter when he came to the states in 1999. I traveled by train to see him and the friend who he also played backgammon with and it was my first opportunity to stick my feet in the ocean.. I’d never bothered with it before that time. It was a fun experience and one I’ll never forget. Peter has since moved on, but I still play backgammon whenever I get the chance. These days it’s mostly on Facebook. Backgammon is still my favorite all time game and at the same time playing backgammon is how I met my husband Frank also… I was playing his room mate in a bar at the Hilton Hotel at the time… I think he only introduced us because I was whipping his … well you know 🙂 hehehe

So, enjoy Sue and Sam In Sweden as your Free Block for December, and turn them in for Sue and Sam In Switzerland.

by now you should know to click the images.
Available Free on Google Drive
Patterns will be free until December 27, 2016
or purchase with the cutting files at 
Craftsy / Payhip
Sue / Sam at Craftsy / Sue / Sam at Payhip

The FlickR reward block is Switzerland

or purchase the full pattern with the cutting files at 
Craftsy / Payhip
Sue / Sam at Craftsy / Sue / Sam at Payhip

The winners for the Island Batik Fat Eight Bundles have been drawn and they are:

Renee H
Billie K
Margaret D
Cheryl N
Laurie W

All winners have been notified.

Today I have another wonderful giveaway for you.

Samuel at Calibre Arts

has give me some of his newest rotating cutting mats for my visitors to try out. 

I have 3 mats left to giveaway, feel free to come and enter daily, the only requirement is that you are willing to pay for shipping. Cost of shipping in the states is 10.75, To Anywhere outside of the states is $40.00 (I was shocked to).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Three winners will be drawn January 01, 2017

There were several people who turned in blocks in the Flickr group, in the past few weeks. If you haven’t visited to see the blocks, be sure to go and see the other blocks. Sometimes it helps to see what others have to do to get your own creative juices flowing. I love each one of them, it’s amazing to see what other people do and how they interpret their own colors to use.

When you finish and post/upload your block to the Flickr group, you’ll get one of the blocks that will go up for sale free. If you end up finishing the 24 released in 2016, you will get them all free. It’s a great way to get a “missed” block also. Details to turn in blocks is below the download images below, and will also be added to the Guidelines and features post. I will also add it to the menu page here.

Please note: You can finish any of the blocks at any time during 2016 and upload them to the Flickr group to claim one of the blocks for sale. For every block, you upload to the Flickr group you can get 1 free. The one exception to this is if you make as an example 2 Sam In Brazil blocks, you still only get 1 free choice.

I am working on the FlickR Rewards, you should be seeing them already in your emails. Please do not “repeat” the blocks you ask, this is slowing me down and I will not send any more out to people who are duplicating. You know who you are, I really mean it, this is hampering my ability to get caught up.

I will announce on my blog when they are caught up, if you then didn’t get one you requested, you can ask for it again.

Please note, the FlickR rewards for this block of the month are coming to an end. If you’ve never turned a block in and want to get in on any of the rewards, you must do so by December 31, 2016, any requests before the 1st of January 2017 will be honored, after that, they won’t be. If you did 22 free blocks so far, they must also be done. Just because I’m behind on Flickr blocks doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have 22 blocks done currently.

I’ll release the next blocks soon that you will receive when you finish all 24.. The 24 blocks must be done by February 28, 2017.

Other than some last minute things with the FlickR rewards, this release officially ends the 2016 Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Free Patterns Block Of The Month

Added November 14, 2017

Switzerland and the Netherlands have been added to the Flickr Rewards list, you should be able to request them as your 23rd and 24th blocks, that makes all blocks now released, making that 48 blocks, in 24 countries.

Once all 24 of your blocks are done, please write me in email for me to check your blocks, I will send you coupons for the last country to be released. The last country to be released only as a reward for finishing all 24 blocks are a choice between Thailand and Scandinavia. This will give you a total of 50 blocks, in 26 countries. I do not expect to have these blocks done before the first of the year.

The following countries will be released early next year: Finland, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Tahiti, The Phillipines, Turkey, and Vietnam. These were all requests during the year, and I now have the artwork to create them.

I wish you all a warm and wonderful holiday season, with best wishes for the coming New Year.

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

9 thoughts on “Sue and Sam In Switzerland and Sweden Released

  1. I love Heidi with Shirley Temple movie too! Watched it as a kid over and over! Backgammon is a great game of wits-love it! How lucky you are! Thank you for all your hard work, I am enjoying these blocks-what a fantastic quilt! Hope to get started on it after the New Years!

  2. I am new to your blog and have really enjoyed the Sue & Sam Around the World. They are soooo adorable. My daughter travels a lot and I’m looking forward to using these to make her a new quilt. Since I found this just recently I will definitely be going to Craftsy to get the blocks I missed. Thank you so much for using your precious time to make these blocks available–and for free! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. Many hanks. When do we have to get pictures of finished blocks to you for reward blocks and is Switzerland the only one still available? I’m hoping for a camera for Christmas

  4. Thank you so much Marian. I hope that by now your furniture has arrived and you have gotten settled in your new home. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and the best in the New Year.

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