Sue In Ireland – Update

stbs-2016-Sue In Ireland-large

I know some of you are having issues with the download for this file, but the pdf is inside the .zip file.

I’ve put this file on Craftsy this week as a test, I do apologize for the inconveniences it has caused, that wasn’t my intention when I decided to try it.

Just unzip the file, and the pdf will show up in the folder.

I’ll be posting this saturday and sunday due to obligations I’ve made for those dates, I hope you’ll stop in, and if you don’t on sunday, come see me Monday.


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5 Responses to Sue In Ireland – Update

  1. AvatarHeidi says:

    Thanx so much, got the patern from Craftsy, can’t wait now to sew.
    Planning to use it in a Irish wedding gift.

    Sooo xcited.

  2. AvatarBonnie says:

    I love that you put it on Craftsy can’t wait for the Irish lad for I,m finally caught up decided to change background when three were done so started over, I know my family think I,m nuts to,but like them so much better with new background. Keep up the good work.

  3. AvatarAnna says:

    I didn’t have any problems either. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

  4. Avatarsusan says:

    I didn’t have any problem at all opening the zip file. I just clicked and it opened and there it all was. =)

  5. AvatarSandy says:

    Thanks for your explanation but I would much prefer the method you had used for the first 3 months. Thanks again for offering this BOM..

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