Summer Animals – EQ Applique’d Animals Blog Hop

Caterpillar LessonThis is the first block I have designed in Electric Quilt. Thanks go to Bea for letting me join this Blog Hop, The tutorial at DoYouEQ called Tracing In PatchDraw, Electric Quilt who creates this software for us to play in. The Graphics Shoppe who’s images I used to create my blocks for this blog hop. Today I have created for my Summer Animal a Caterpillar block. If you’d like to learn how to create the block yourself, you can watch the video how to, otherwise, feel free to just download the pattern and enjoy.

Feel free to download my videos if you prefer to view them offline.

As a note here I did discover that my overlaps are a little wide, but because this is a applique block for hand or normal machine methods, (Not Machine Embroidery), I felt it was ok to just leave the overlap in place.

As an additional note here, if you create something with my block, I have created additional blocks to go with the three created for the blog hop, you need to send me an image to display on my site of your finished block. (No need to put it in a project or even finished project, just seeing how you stitched it out would be awesome), I will send anyone who sends me a image of the finished block the entire suite of blocks to go with the Summer theme. 

Download link Removed

Huge Thanks To Electric Quilt who is giving away 1 copy of Quiltmaker 6 for visiting and commenting during this blog hop.

These are one of my favorite addons for Electric Quilt, I know you will love it to.

Quiltmaker 6 Quilting Designs

Note: There is 1 copy for the 3 days I am part of this hop. Not 3 copies. I will take names from the comments and draw them from the numbers generator when the Blog Hop is done with. Please be sure I have your email address to contact you with as well.

If you are a no-reply blogger, please either contact me via the contact form on this site with your email, or place it in the comments like   name @

You can see the rest of the schedule for this Blog Hop here.

Enjoy The Lesson,


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54 Responses to Summer Animals – EQ Applique’d Animals Blog Hop

  1. AvatarKarrie Smith says:

    I love the cute caterpillar!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. AvatarMara says:

    I like your caterpillar the best, so cute and cuddly looking.

  3. AvatarKaren Propes says:

    I love your caterpillar, that’s why I want a Electric Quilt program. I do a lot of my designing by paper and then try to figure out the patten on graph paper. It takes so long when I do it that way. I’m kinda picky about my quilting and since I do a lot for donations, I want it to be perfect. I’m going to try your pattern by hand, its just so adorable. I love making different animals for each of my quilts. Thanks for your ideas and thanks for the chance to enter.

    removed your email so it wouldn’t get spammed.

    • AvatarMarian says:

      Hi Karen, you can also just use the pdf pattern. That’s the great part about EQ, we can print patterns for people who don’t own the software and that’s why I’ve provided a 6-inch block. However if you need a different size, I’m happy to print off the size you need as well for it. Should you stitch the block out, I’m planning to send each person the entire series of blocks I made and you can request the size of blocks or I’ll provide the EQ project file so you can resize them in EQ yourself. Cool eh!!

  4. AvatarKd Brown says:

    Adorable caterpillar, Marian. You did a fantastic job on this project! – I can’t wait to see what the whole summer series looks like! Thank you so much.

    removed your email so it wouldn’t get spammed.

  5. AvatarElizabeth says:

    Thanks for the cute idea. I am inspired to try something new.

  6. AvatarSharon says:

    Thank you for sharing your cute caterpillar.

  7. AvatarBari in MO says:

    Your caterpillar is awesome! So cute!

  8. AvatarJocelyn says:

    The caterpillar is TOO CUTE!

  9. AvatarCheryl Greenleaf says:

    What a darling caterpiller it reminds me of Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.

    Thank you for sponsoring this Blog Hop giveaway.

  10. AvatarShawn J says:

    Your little catapillar is such a cute design. Thank you
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  11. AvatarKaren says:

    That is sooooo cute! Adorable. Thanks for the chance.

  12. AvatarKatie says:

    How cute! This reminds me of one of my favorite childhood books. 🙂

  13. AvatarDebbie P says:

    This is a very cute design!! Thanks fr the easy and informative tutorial!!

  14. AvatarSallie says:

    So cute! Thanks for sharing!

  15. AvatarKris Jacobson says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I have used other graphics programs and I can see EQ is pretty much the same so I am anxious to get started

  16. Avatarapple blossom says:

    cute caterpillar nice

  17. AvatarBillie K says:

    You little caterpillar is so cute. Great job!

  18. AvatarGladys says:

    It’s so cute! Thanks for a great design! Have a nice day!

  19. AvatarKris says:

    What a cute little bug! Thank you!

  20. AvatarVictoria Miner says:

    Really cute caterpillar. Thanks for having this giveaway.

  21. AvatarCecilia says:

    That is such a cute bug! Thanks for the directions.

  22. Love your caterpillar! Just adorable!

  23. AvatarElizabeth says:

    Cute little caterpiller! Thanks for the pattern.

  24. AvatarVicki says:

    Cute caterpillar. Thanks for sharing.

  25. AvatarJennifer says:

    What a seriously cute caterpillar. I’m going to have to check out this software as I do a crazy amount of applique and have designed a few animal applique quilts by hand already.

  26. AvatarSharon L. says:

    Wow! this is so cute. I have to learn how to and start practicing.

  27. AvatarPamela says:

    The caterpillar is delightful! It reminds me of my granddaughter’s book, the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

  28. AvatarLinda Erickson says:

    Really cute caterpillar!! thanks

  29. AvatarBrenda Hulsey says:

    Love the little caterpillar! My grand daughter would love this on a shirt!

  30. AvatarRina says:

    Your little caterpillar is just the cutest! I have a niece that is having a baby in a month and I think this is perfect for a quilt for him.

  31. Avatarbonnie says:

    so cute,

  32. Avatarhueisei says:

    Love this software…

  33. AvatarLou says:

    What an adorable Caterpillar!!!! I have seen a few around here but there will be more as the weather stabilizes here in Texas:)

  34. AvatarSherryB says:

    Cute little guy…and looks easy to do as well! Thanks for the nice giveaway.

  35. AvatarFelicia Few says:

    I just love what you have done with EQ on the catapiller, this is a great way to learn new things.

  36. AvatarLori Smanski says:

    Your catapiller is just too cute. Perfect for spring.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  37. AvatarNancy M. says:

    This is cute and I will have to make the block so I can get the other blocks you designed. With the blog hop this will be a fun way to make a child’s quilt.

  38. AvatarSandra Visser says:

    You caterpillar is so cute. Thank you for the chance to win the add on.

  39. AvatarTammy says:

    Great job. Love the catepillar. Thank you for shareing him with us.

  40. AvatarNancy of IN says:

    So cute. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Avatarcarla bynum says:

    Hi!!! I love it!!!!

  42. AvatarConnie says:

    What a cute little caterpillar! Thanks for sharing!

  43. AvatarDebbie Rogowski says:

    Your caterpillar is adorable. I’d love to win a copy of Quilting Designs, thanks for sharing

  44. AvatarBea says:

    WOW! I can’t believe you did a 39min video! how cool. I need some tips on how to do that one day…. lovely catapillar 🙂

  45. AvatarLisa Marie says:

    Oh boy, I would love some new quilting designs! Great hop, thanks for sharing!

  46. AvatarMargaret says:

    Very nice. I love this hop.

  47. Avatarfunthreads says:

    Wow! The video is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  48. AvatarJoyce Mitchell says:

    Thanks for sharing your cute caterpillar pattern.

    removed your email so it wouldn’t get spammed.

  49. AvatarVirginia says:

    What a cute caterpillar and a great tutorial. This would be so cute on a onesie.

  50. AvatarAmy C says:

    What a great hop – I love the feet on that little guy!!!

  51. AvatarSewCalGal says:

    Your caterpillar block is so cute. I love it! Quite whimsical and fun. I definitely want to make a quilt project with this cute design.


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