Summer Sensations!!! Yum, Yum, Yum!!

Summer SensationsWhen asked, most people will tell you that their favorite season of the year is Summer.

Why, I have absolutely no idea, to me, it’s to hot, it’s sticky, it’s just all around misery every day I have to live it. I just don’t like the Summer.

There are a few good things about summer, ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream.. Here in Italy, Pistachio is my favorite flavor, I look forward to it, and pair it with dark chocolate and you have a very yummy taste sensation.

If I were living back in the states, I’d be planting my gardens. A flower garden in the front, because I love the flowers and the smells right outside my window of the beauty of summer. A veggy garden because their is nothing better than the taste of fresh vegetables and fruits right out of the garden.

So, when thinking about Summer Sensations, my thoughts go straight to ice cream and gardens, what about you?

That’s the reason for this new fun blog hop. Yep, I know I’m risking it, doing the unthinkable, but I think people still read blogs during the summer and they will be looking for ideas for August and September to create for themselves.

So, lets get our acts together and create something fun that is your favorite Summer Sensation.

This one is a little different a few requirements.

You must make something new. No old projects or previous projects. If you have a UFO that needs finishing that fits the bill, that’s fine, but please make something new.

Keep it small and fast to put together. In the summer time, most people want to be outdoors, but still like to get in a bit of sewing time. So make us something that you would use during the summer, whether it’s a picnic basket ruffle, cover, picnic items, baskets, placemats, 

If you want to join us, the following guidelines/rules do apply:

  • As long as it’s made with fabric or is sewn in some way (hand or machine), you can create anything you like. Technique doesn’t matter, it’s your choice.
  • You do not need to run your own blog to enter, Your participation can be hosted and I will help guide you thru writing your post for your day.
  • If your interested in joining, there are now two ways to join us; Click here, fill out the form and send it, or send an email to:, include your name,your blog name, your url, and if you need a certain scheduled day in the blog hop dates. I like knowing this, you might think it’s a bit more work for me, but I’d rather schedule you where you want to be versus where I want you to be. (Schedules are done on a first come, first given basis.. some dates are more popular, so you may want to give me a second option if you choose the first or last day of the hop).
  • You must be willing to add the logo to your own blogs if you run a blog. A downloadable text file with the logo will be provided for you to download the logo text to link to.
  • If you end up not being able to show on your featured day, please write me, I’ll either work something out with you or cancel your featured day. This is important because I don’t want to visit then find out you were a no show. If you are a no show without a notification to me, you may not be able to enter future blog hops. Please know, I know emergencies do happen, I am pretty understanding about those types of things.

You can download the logo and linkage info right here.

The PInterest Board for this hop is located here.

Want to hear about future hops, join us in the Seams To Be Sew Events and Row Alongs group, where announcements are made for current events here at Seams To Be Sew.

Because of The Road Home Row Along in September, the next blog hop will not be until Halloween.

Thanks to The Fat Quarter Shop, they are generously sponsoring this hop.

Fat Quarter Shop

Cya There!!


5 thoughts on “Summer Sensations!!! Yum, Yum, Yum!!

  1. No, I’m more of a fall lover myself, and spring, maybe. I don’t like the two extremes so much. But when I lived in the desert, I loved winter!

  2. I think most people love summer because it’s easier. No bundling up to leave the house. Simple indoor clothing without layers. No worrying about snow covered highwaysor slippery sidwalks. That said, excess heat and yard work gets old too. I’m not really sure what season is my favorite, but fall seems to have the most charms.

  3. I’m with you Marian, I hate the summer! I think most people like it because they remember being kids and being off from school. In any case, I think a summer blog hop is a great idea and I will be signing up!

    1. I’m sew happy to know I’m not the only one… I agree, as a kid, your off from school for the summer.. Got your email, looking forward to what you will come up with.

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