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Butterfly LessonThis is my last block for Bea’s EQ Applique’D Animal Blog Hop, but is definitely not my last block to ever be made in EQ. This has been such a wonderful and a truly great learning experience for me. I’ve learned from the other bloggers who have also participated in this hop, and my deepest appreciation for your kind comments about the blocks I’ve done has been just really wonderful. Thank You so much. Thanks go to Bea for letting me join this Blog Hop, The tutorial at DoYouEQ called Tracing In PatchDraw, Electric Quilt who creates this software for us to play in. The Graphics Shoppe who’s images I used to create my blocks for this blog hop. Today I have created for you a butterfly block. It specializes in using the shapes tools in Patch Draw instead of the freehand tools. One part of this block uses the freehand tools, but everything else was created via the shape tools. I hope you will enjoy it. The other part of this lesson discusses motif versus blocks. In the video, I mention a second lesson, it will be uploaded to this page once I have it edited and uploaded to youtube later today. I just didn’t have time to get both done. I made the decision yesterday to change my block because I got to thinking that the flower block I was going to do was using the same techniques as the first two blocks I had already done and I really wanted to give a different technique for my last block. So I ended up having to make a new video, getting it edited, and uploaded. I hope you will enjoy this block.

Feel free to download my videos if you prefer to view them offline.

Huge Thanks To Electric Quilt who is giving away 1 copy of Quiltmaker 6 for visiting and commenting during this blog hop. These are one of my favorite addons for Electric Quilt, I know you will love it to.

EQ Quiltmaker Designs 6

Note: There is 1 copy for the 3 days I am part of this hop. Not 3 copies. I will take names from the comments and draw them from the numbers generator when the Blog Hop is done with. Please be sure I have your email address to contact you with as well.

If you are a no-reply blogger, please either contact me via the contact form on this site with your email, or place it in the comments like   name @

You can see the rest of the schedule for this Blog Hop here.

Enjoy The Lesson,


33 thoughts on “Summer Stuff – Bea’s EQ Applique’D Animal Blog Hop – Butterfly

  1. Love this little butterfly, would love to make her mine. Thanks for the chance to win.

    removed your email so it wouldn’t get spammed.

  2. I love your adorable butterfly. Contact info in my profile. Thank you for the time you put into making these great learning tools!

  3. I’m really loving all of the great ideas and tricks that I’m learning on this EQ blog hop. Your butterfly is wonderful! My contact info is in my profile. Thanks for all of the time you have put into these tutorials and videos.

  4. The bee and the caterpiller were so cute but the butterfly is adorable. Love the video tutorials ~ thank you.

    Thank you for sponsoring this Blog Hop giveaway.

  5. Thanks for sharing and thanks for having your comments section set up so anyone can comment without having a spcial account.

  6. Love the block. Thanks for sharing. I would love to win the add on software – EQ7 is on my wish list for Mothers Day.

    removed your email so it wouldn’t get spammed.

    1. Hi Bea, I’m sorry I meant to answer this the other day and then forgot. I use Techsmith’s Camtasia software to create my videos. I tried quite a few before I settled on buying it. It’s a bit on the pricey side for your first buy, but upgrades are way lower what you originally paid. I like it because it’s easy to use, Techsmith is quite quick to reply if you have a question or need help, they have an extensive lesson area on there site, and there’s a support forum as well. There’s also tons of people on the web who have sites or even youtube videos that show you how to do things with it. There is a freeware version called Camtasia out on the web somewhere as well, but I never tried that as I wanted something that is still being upgraded. I was a Snagit user for many years, so it just helped with that purchase of Camtasia as well since I love snagit. I’ve always wanted to use my Camtasia to get the money out of it I paid for it, so to me it made sense to make my tutorials out of videos since it’s my favorite way of learning as well. I believe tho that both Adobe and Corel have software that make videos as well and there may be other lesser known software to. I also use a headphone microphone for my audio. The cost of the microphone was around 30.00, but it’s way better than having a microphone stand right in the way if your trying to show something with your mouse.

      I meant to add that originally I purchased Camtasia because I also have a recipes website for Living Cookbook software. I make how-to vidoes on the that software as well. So I’ve owned Camtasia for about 5 years now.

    2. I don’t know how awesome it makes me, I could look pretty silly to. 🙂 However, I look at it this way, a year from now, I can come revisit these videos to see how “off” I was or how close to reality I really was. The one thing I know right now is there is still so much to learn about EQ that I still don’t know. 🙂

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