Sunbonnet Sam In Ireland Finally Released!!

Ireland Sam

I am truly sorry it’s taken so long for me to get these done. I have no really great excuse other than I just have way to much software to have to reinstall. I’ve been busy with some other things that needed to take precedence, so I really do apologize that you’ve had to wait these extra few days.

Today’s release for Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Travel The World is Sam In Ireland. Available in a 9×9 and 12×12 size.

The is the eighth block in the series for this block of the month.

Sam In England is also available as the Flickr Reward Release for those of you who’ve uploaded new blocks that are previous Free releases. If your not participating in the BOTM, you can purchase the block here at Craftsy or here at my Payhip store..

The last release for Sunbonnet Sue In Ireland was a voting week. The winner of that vote is: the USA, but only by one single vote.. AMAZING!!!

stbs-close vote USvsCA

Their were several people who turned in blocks in the Flickr group, in the past few weeks. If you haven’t visited to see the blocks, be sure to go and see the other blocks. Sometimes it helps to see what others have to done to get your own creative juices flowing. I love each one of them, it’s amazing to see what other people do and how they interpret their own colors to use.

When you finish and post/upload your block to the Flickr group, you’ll get one of the blocks that will go up for sale free. If you end up finishing the 24 released in 2016, you will get them all free. It’s a great way to get a “missed” block also. Details to turn in blocks is below the download images below, and will also be added to the Guidelines and features post. I will also add it to the menu page here.

Please note: You can finish any of the blocks at any time during 2016 and upload them to the Flickr group to claim one of the blocks for sale. For every block you upload to the Flickr group you can get 1 free. The one exception to this, is if you make as an example 2 Sam In Brazil blocks, you still only get 1 free choice.

I know, your waiting for the download image.. 🙂

Purchase for Cutting Files On Payhip.

If your wondering why I switched to Craftsy. It’s just easier for me. As much as I love love love Payhip, it’s extremely difficult to have to track purchases at Payhip and until they improve that system, I needed to switch to Craftsy, because I don’t need to track free patterns, but sometimes I need to find a pattern that was sold and doing that at payhip is nearly impossible with all the free files I offer, so I’ve decided to switch. I realized this problem when I did my taxes, I just need to have an accurate way to track those sales so I can pay my taxes properly.

The pdf file is in the zip file when you download at Craftsy.

FLickr Rewards
Request Sam In England
(Click Image Below)

UK Sam
Use For Your Flickr Reward or pay 4.50

Purchase Sam In England (PayHip) here.
Purchase Sam In England (Craftsy) here

Artwork for Sunbonnet Sam and Sam Travel The World was created exclusively for
Seams To Be Sew by Clipartopolis.

To request the patterns for any of the past blocks, click here.

To see past blocks or addon blocks that are now available, click here.

Coming In May

The USA is Free
Canada will be the Flickr Reward Block

Cya May 2nd with the release of the USA’s Sunbonnet Sam or Sue and Flickr Reward Sam or Sue In Canada.


Of course, Craftsy is having another sale, this means new classes are also on sale, I’m not big on doing these promotions, but they do help earn a little bit of money if you click the link on the image below and purchase a class. 

Craftsy Sale 2016-0421

I don’t get these posted to often, I just can’t see creating a post for a sale, I need to be creating a post in order to help advertise classes, so that’s why you don’t see me advertising Craftsy classes to often, yet I love the classes, I take many classes at various spots on the web, because I love learning new techniques and getting ideas from those teachers. It’s also a wonderful way to learn about notions, and sewing machine how to’s that you may not have an opportunity to know about and sometimes, that 20 or 30.00 you paid for a class turns even a quick tip about a notion into the class was worth the money. That has happened to me personally.

7 thoughts on “Sunbonnet Sam In Ireland Finally Released!!

  1. Thanks for that Sam! I’ve put it in my cart, but I’m collecting a few that are paid, and when it gets to $10 total, I pay, so it won’t be downloaded for a few days. I don’t think you are terribly late. I’d bet most of us are behind anyway, or … ahem, haven’t started yet. I hope your taxes weren’t too horrible to figure out!

  2. You needn’t apologize for “taking care of your life” before giving us you FREE patterns. You are most generous. Ummmmm a side note, I didn’t know they wore kilts in Ireland. Hmmmm

    1. Naaa, I have felt weird ever since doing my first botm, I really learned my lessons with that one, but at least I got it done. 🙂 I don’t let them annoy me anymore like that first one did.. I think it was all about learning the ropes. Anyway.. ya know, your right, and I left it up to the artist in that respect.. but according to: .. They are the #2 country that wears kilts.. so I guess it’s ok, that Sam is wearing a kilt. 🙂

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