Sunbonnet Sue and Sam 2017 BOTW Preview and Attn: Susan E..

S&S Logo 2017Last night I had the good fortune to receive the first set of artwork from Clipartopolis for this years Block Of The Week.

So, I’ve drawn up what would have been this months blocks to give you a preview.

I’m also going to change the release date…

Now that I have some artwork to get started, I don’t see any point in waiting till February for it to start, so instead, I’ll release two of the patterns on January 23, 2017 and then January 30th, with weekly releases starting in February. Every release will happen on Monday. Their will be a release every Monday for the entire year. One week during the month will offer two releases, one of which will be the Canadian pattern.

So, wanna see a little preview of what’s coming a week from Monday?

Please note, that this day is also during the A Fresh Snow Blog Hop hosted here at Seams To Be Sew, so that day will offer two postings, one for this release, and the other for the blog hop.

So, here’s what’s coming on the 23rd..

I’m so happy to have some artwork to finally work with, and I also have February’s except for Canada, but I hope to have that very soon.


There are some obvious changes this year, I know some of you may not like them, but this is best for me in order to get Flickr Rewards out faster, and because once the block is released, I do not want to be giving out free patterns in later months for a pattern that is long past the release date, so the following is this years guidelines.

This is a weekly event, every Monday a free pattern will be released, and offered for download for one week only. Once the week is done, the new release goes up and the previous pattern will no longer be free.

Once a block is released, it must be turned in within 30 days for the FlickR reward. The email I receive must be no later in other words if a block is released on February 6, 2017, the request for the FlickR reward needs to be in my inbox by March 6, 2017 at midnight my time. (Which is Mountain Standard Time) After 30 days, you will no longer be able to get the block Free for the FlickR reward. Your pattern will include the expiration date, and it will also be on the release post.

This year, patterns must be stitched around the shapes. No more ironed on blocks without the stitching in place. It’s not necessary to have the embroidery outlines in place. If you upload your pattern to FlickR and the stitching can not be seen, it will be disqualified, and you’ll need to upload part of the pattern that lets me see the stitching to get the FlickR reward block. I can understand some special circumstances, but to many people never stitched a single stitch last year, whether others did the full block, so this year, I’m sticking to my guns on this one… every block must be stitched.. consider it a test block if your doing a special layout, or a block you’ll do something else with.. I just think it’s unfair for others to do all the work that was ask/required and others did very little just to get the free pattern.

Between the USA and Canada, their will be 63 Free patterns. There will be 63 FlickR rewards, but FlickR rewards are also the block that can be purchased. This block of the month pattern set has a total of 126 blocks/patterns that will be released.

No Free patterns will contain .svg cutting files or the machine embroidery files. It is strictly the pdf pattern.

The FlickR reward block is the opposite block of what was released. If Sam In Hawaii is the release block, Sue In Hawaii will be the FlickR reward.

The end result of this Block of the Month if you don’t purchase or turn in your release block for the FlickR reward for the opposite block is that you’ll receive 63 free blocks. If you turn in every free release pattern for the FlickR reward, you could have 126 blocks. I will release even blocks, 25 Sue’s, 25 Sam’s, and the same for Canada, 6 Sue’s, and 6 Sam’s and will worry with the 13th block later, thus you have a variety of the blocks.

While I’m sorry that some may feel it’s harder to get the free FlickR block, I honestly think it’s possible. This event has a lot of blocks to it, if you plan to get the FlickR rewards, you need to stay caught up, it’s just that simple.

I reserve the right to change any of these guidelines at any time, although it’s not my custom to do so. I will give notice if I decide to change a guideline.

The FlickR group is located here. If you don’t know how to upload to groups on Flickr, this is a how to from last year. It’s the same process, just a new group.

Layout options for this botw will not change, you can still get some ideas from last year’s pattern. They are downloadable here.

The FlickR reward block and purchased blocks may not always be released on the release day, but they will get released during the week of the release. However, I will make every effort to release these on time.

I hope you will enjoy this years Block of the Week.

Attn: Susan Earnhart, I hope your reading this post. I tried to reply to your email, but yahoo is bouncing the email, so I am not sure you’ve received my response. I feel it’s ok to answer that email right here as it can benefit anyone who doesn’t know…

When you purchase patterns at Craftsy, be sure you are logged in under the profile you purchased the patterns under, they will be under your profile at Craftsy, then clicking on “My Patterns” should bring you to the patterns you’ve purchased you will see an ugly arrow to download the pattern, that is what you want to click. They also offer the ability to download right after you pay with a download button, (this seems to be new) and that would be the best time to download, but the other way is noted above.

Susan, if you write to me with an alternate email, I can respond to the rest of your email, I felt that was private so didn’t wish to post the entire email here, just the above is something I think is ok to do.


16 thoughts on “Sunbonnet Sue and Sam 2017 BOTW Preview and Attn: Susan E..

  1. Is it too late to start this BOTW? I LOVE the Sun Bonnet Sue patterns and I so want to make a quilt with them.

    1. There is a link to the flickr rewards form on every page that releases a new pattern along with the deadlines they need to be uploaded by.

  2. Hi Marion,

    I too have missed the Sam/Sue block. I haven’t seen it on Craftsy either. Is there something special that I need to do? Looking forward to starting

  3. I haven’t been able to download the 2017 SB Sue and Sam.Could you please point me in the right direction for downloading the blocks. Thank you.

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