Sunbonnet Sue In Egypt and India Released

India & Egypt Sue

First, Thank You so much for bearing with me as we got the movers to take our possessions last week.. They are gone, but they are definitely not forgotten. Worse, they said it could take 60 days to arrive at our new home… I’m telling you when they say it’s on the slow boat to China, they really mean it. 🙂

However, Hooray, I did manage to get this released today!!! I bet you were skeptical? 🙂

This weeks release is Sue In Egypt and Sue In India, with India being the Free block and Egypt being the Flickr Reward. Speaking of FlickR rewards, I know, I know I am very late getting them out to those of you who have requested them, but I will get them out by the end of this week and caught up. Feel free to request any others, I will do them all by the end of this week to get caught up.

If you’ve just found this Block Of The Month, each month at the first of the month, you get to choose what will be released for the next month. The winning block is released as the Free block, the other is the FlickR Rewards block.

There were several people who turned in blocks in the Flickr group, in the past few weeks. If you haven’t visited to see the blocks, be sure to go and see the other blocks. Sometimes it helps to see what others have to do to get your own creative juices flowing. I love each one of them, it’s amazing to see what other people do and how they interpret their own colors to use.

When you finish and post/upload your block to the Flickr group, you’ll get one of the blocks that will go up for sale free. If you end up finishing the 24 released in 2016, you will get them all free. It’s a great way to get a “missed” block also. Details to turn in blocks is below the download images below, and will also be added to the Guidelines and features post. I will also add it to the menu page here.

Please note: You can finish any of the blocks at any time during 2016 and upload them to the Flickr group to claim one of the blocks for sale. For every block, you upload to the Flickr group you can get 1 free. The one exception to this is if you make as an example 2 Sam In Brazil blocks, you still only get 1 free choice.

I know, you’re waiting for the download, so let’s get right to it.. Here you are…

Note: I know some of you are experiencing issues with the pdf download, please do NOT use a android like device to download the files with. Use your desktop, or laptop to download the files. I’ll see what I can do to improve this when we get into a hotel tomorrow.

I still can not upload to Craftsy, so, Payhip is the only site
available to download for this release.

FlickR Reward

How they Look In A Background Square

I should be able to release Sue In Russia and Sue In Iceland on time, by that time I’m thinking I will hopefully be in our new home instead of a hotel room, of course I’ll have to buy a table and chair to sit on.. haha

We are on a plane all day Wednesday.. Colorado, Here We Come!!! Hope your ready for us!!

Cya Soon,


9 thoughts on “Sunbonnet Sue In Egypt and India Released

  1. Marian, I have an idea what you must be going through. My husband and I are in the process of cleaning out his mother’s home and I don’t think they make enough boxes to pack everything. I keep saying – one box at a time. I give that advice to you- one box, one carton at a time. Thoughts and prayers are with you as you get settled. Hope everything arrives safely from ‘China’. 🙂

  2. Moving is always a challenge. Thank you for sharing your talents with us quilters. When your blocks come up I can hardly wait to get to work on them.
    My computer blocked my downloading Sue in India through Payhip. The message read – This website contains a known threat and has been blocked.
    Please email me the pattern or send me the instructions on how I can get the pattern.
    Thank you. Loretta

  3. Fabulous to see that you are almost on your way – well, with the time difference, you might be really close to airport! Thanks for the beautiful India block. I appreciate all you do. The hop is going so well! All your background work, and now the help of Sew Incredibly Crazy, really paid off.

  4. Many thanks. I remember when we left Germany and had to wait for our HHGs, seemed like forever (and then the plane lost my suitcase so I had none of my clothes for over a week–thank goodness for thrift shops!) Hang in there, safe trip, and wave ,”hello” to Colorado for me.

  5. I’m telling you, I have no idea just how you manage to get as much done as you do! Your amazing! 60 days without your things!!!! That’s a long time. I know you will make the best of it.

  6. Hi Marian. Hope you have a safe trip.
    After you are settled, and have a minute please email me. I could only get the embroidery files to download from payhip, but not the PDF. Thank you

    1. Faith, if your using a small device, like an android device or iphone, possibly even an ipad or kindle, you may have issues. Payhip doesn’t like those devices, I think they may possibly block them. Please try with a desktop or laptop and see if that resolves the issue.

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