Sunbonnet Sue In Spain and Italy Released…

Italy and Spanish Sue

Sunbonnet Sue in Spain is the 18th free block offered for the Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Travel the World botm and Italy is the 8th country to be released as a Flickr Reward block, making the Sunbonnet Sam in Italy the 16th Flickr Reward block offered.

Looking to know who won October’s release? Have a look inside to find out.

If you’ve just found this Block Of The Month, each month at the first of the month, you get to choose what will be released for the next month. The winning block is released as the Free block, the other is the FlickR Rewards block.

There were several people who turned in blocks in the Flickr group, in the past few weeks. If you haven’t visited to see the blocks, be sure to go and see the other blocks. Sometimes it helps to see what others have to do to get your own creative juices flowing. I love each one of them, it’s amazing to see what other people do and how they interpret their own colors to use.

When you finish and post/upload your block to the Flickr group, you’ll get one of the blocks that will go up for sale free. If you end up finishing the 24 released in 2016, you will get them all free. It’s a great way to get a “missed” block also. Details to turn in blocks is below the download images below, and will also be added to the Guidelines and features post. I will also add it to the menu page here.

Please note: You can finish any of the blocks at any time during 2016 and upload them to the Flickr group to claim one of the blocks for sale. For every block, you upload to the Flickr group you can get 1 free. The one exception to this is if you make as an example 2 Sam In Brazil blocks, you still only get 1 free choice.

I know, you’re waiting for the download, so let’s get right to it.. Here you are…

Click the image that pertains to you to download or purchase

Vat Users, please purchase at Payhip

Sue In Italy (Flickr Reward)

October’s Release
won by an amazing margin
So the Free block next month is India
and the FlickR reward is Egypt
Due For Release On October 3, 2016
with a possible late day release of October 5, 2016
The Road Home Row Along is just keeping me very busy
and I feel lucky that I even got today’s release out on time.


Have You Seen This Fabric?

Island Batik Holiday Poinsettia Metallic Gold

This fabric is Island Batik’s Holiday Poinsettia Metallic Gold

I am looking for this fabric, would anyone have any they would let me purchase from them, or perhaps your LQS has some. I would like at least 3 yards, but I need about 1 1/2 to finish a current project I am working on. If it weren’t already in my project I would change it to something else, but I thought I had enough and it turns out I don’t have enough fabric.

All FlickR rewards are caught up, please be sure you check spam folders for your coupons to redeem rewards.


4 thoughts on “Sunbonnet Sue In Spain and Italy Released…

  1. Hi Marion
    I have not been able to download or find Oct and Nov patterns. Are they available or are they discontinued?

  2. Hi Marian, FYI this morning the Crafty iPad app had a warning on the BOTM pages for Sue saying patterns could not be purchased via the app. I don’t know if it’s just my iPad, if the issue would also happen on a PC or Mac, etc. Just an FYI. I live in Northern California and will keep an eye out for the batik fabric for you. 🙂

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